Full JDownloader 2 Installation & Debloating Guide


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This guide will teach you how to fully install and debloat JDownloader 2, A software that splits the file you want to download to make the file download speed much faster (A goal similar to IDM), Aight, Let's begin!

Installation Part

You need to go https://jdownloader.org/jdownloader2 And click on the button of your operating system, the setup file button now should being downloaded, once done run it and follow installation instructions

Debloating Part

(1) Once finished installing the software, open it and go to Settings -> (⚠️) Advanced Settings,
(2) In "Filters Settings", search for the following and disable all of them (by clicking on the check-mark button)
Values to edit are -

  • "premium alert"
  • "oboom"
  • "Special Deals".
  • "Donate"
  • "Banner"

(3) After you finished disabling all of them values above, you have a debloated Ad-free JDownloader.


You should no longer see ads like "RAPIDGATOR PREMIUM" and more other annoying ones.
Enjoy JDownloader now!

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