Full Kaspersky Products (Internet Security, Anti-Virus, Total Security, etc) Installation & Cracking Guide


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This guide will show you how to fully install & crack Kaspersky products, currently the best Anti-virus in my opinion. Let's get started!
(This is highly edited from the Original)

Installation Part

(1) The first part in this guide, is installing the product, for this guide is choosing the product you want to install
(I recommend Kaspersky Internet Security)
(2) Go to https://kaspersky.com/downloads
(3) Choose click the Try free Button of the product you want (a red big button, you may need to scroll down to see it).
(4) Once the download of the .exe is done, run the .exe and follow it instructions.
(5) Once Open, Go thought the Introduction
*Note: The Original Author recommends to not Sign in, Editor will like to note that you COULD sign in but its risky

Cracking Part

Link - https://mega.nz/folder/LRpSwCxJ#3bBytQkEen_KtyMCQ0i1eA
(1) After you finished the installation part of the guide, you should download the files from the link above
(2) The LIC used ahead will depend on your product, Refer to the codes below to understand the Naming of files

Code Product
KTS Kaspersky Total Security
KIS Kaspersky Internet Security
KAV Kaspersky Anti-Virus

(3) Go to Kaspersky Settings -> General -> Untick The Checkmark Of "Enable Self-Defense"

(4) Close & Exit Kaspersky in the system tray.
(5) Run KRT_CLUB as administrator (time will change, It is normal
(6) Choose the second option in the software (Icon of Arrow up with the text "LIC" &)
(7) Click "Reset Activation" and choose the .lic file
(8) Let it work, once done Kaspersky will start
(9) Ignore Errors in Kaspersky to do the following -
1. Quit KRT Club
2. Open Task Manager, open location of Running KRT Task
3. Kill KRT Task
4. Delete KRT Files from Downloads and TEMP
(10) Now in Kaspersky
1. Run a Database update
2. Click on Red License issue text at bottom right
3. Click refresh License Status (it will go green)
4. Now run a full device scan


Enjoy Kaspersky!
More guides and Links - https://rentry.co/Mega-Rentry

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