FAQ - Fidelis Bot

1-) Who are you? How can we trust ?
We are two friends who have been using such bots for years and dreamed of having such a crypto bot one day.
2-) Can we look at your and your friend's steam profiles?
Ofc , me and my friend
3-) Is there an address you can reach if you have a problem with the bot? Or do you have any suggestions?
You can contact me or my friend or join our discord
4-) Will your prices always remain like this or do you plan to change them in the future?
We will continue to offer the best prices we can while maintaining a minimum level of profitability.
5-) Why is the number of key purchases very limited? Do you plan to increase it in the future?
Right now we are still in beta and we may encounter bugs, so the number of key purchases is limited, but we also want to see the current demand.
6-) What features will be added to the bot in the future?
We are currently working on support for stable coins like USDT and USDC and multiple networks, as well as fixing some issues with internal transfers (now we fixed it) for Binance.
7-) The minimum trading limit is 14-15 dollars ( 10 keys ) , will it change in the future?
Problems occurred when trading with a low key amount, so we had to increase the limit to 10 keys., but in the future, when we move to a different system, it will be possible to trade with only 1 key!
8-) And finally, why Fidelis?
While searching for a name with my friend, we were mixing Latin words and the word Fidelis, which means trustworthy came to our minds, one of the things we are aiming for!

Join our discord to find out the details of our first major update! There are exciting updates awaiting you.

We look forward to even bigger changes and surprises in the future! If you want to support us you can leave a comment on the bot or leave a trust rating on our page, it helps us out a lot and only takes a few seconds!

Pub: 08 Feb 2024 21:50 UTC
Edit: 20 Mar 2024 00:08 UTC
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