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3 January 2024 23:20

List of fake FitGirl websites and how to avoid them.

This website will tell you the list of known fake websites and teach you how to avoid them, Bookmark this page for later! Might come useful sometimes.

Brought to you by FMHY and sp1oo ❤️

Real FitGirl Website

The only real website from FitGirl is "fitgirl-repacks.site" any other website are fake and are not owned by FitGirl

Fake FitGirl Websites

Last Updated

15 November 2023

Heres a list of known fake fitgirl websites, Avoid these!


Spaces have been placed on the TLDs to prevent accidental clicking

fitgirl-repack. site
fitgirl-repack. com
fitgirlrepacks. org
fitgirl-repacks. website
fitgirlrepacks. co
fitgirlrepack. games
fitgirl. cc
fitgirlrepacksite. com
fitgirlrepacks. in
fitgirl-repacks. cc
fitgirl-repacks. to
ww9.fitgirl-repacks. xyz
fitgirl-repacks. xyz
fitgirl-repack. net
fitgirlpack. site
fitgirl-repack. org
fitgirlrepacks. pro
fitgirlrepack. games
fitgirltorrent. com
fitgirl-repacks. vip
fitgirlrepackz. com
fitgirl-repacks.theproxy. vip

FitGirl's Social Media and Facebook Pages

FitGirl stated in the FAQ that they dont have any social media accounts or facebook pages whatsoever, The site is the only page where they post news and info, Any social media pages are imposters and are not owned by FitGirl

I didn’t, don’t and won’t have a Facebook page. The same applies to Twitter, Instagram, whatever else. This site is the only official FitGirl Repacks source. If you happen to come here from “Facebook FitGirl Page” – you’ve been fooled by an imposter.

Avoiding Fake Websites

uBlock Origin Filter

Method 1

You can use the built-in "Badware risks" filter located in Settings > Filter Lists > uBlock filters – Badware risks

Visual Guide

Method 2

Go to Settings > My Filters and paste this exactly in the filter

! FitGirl Repacks fake sites
! The only official site: fitgirl-repacks.site
! https://reddit.com/r/FitGirlRepack/
! https://reddit.com/r/PiratedGames/comments/drlx3r/does_anyone_know_the_official_website_for_fitgirl/
! https://reddit.com/r/CrackWatch/comments/wl7nfb/dream_cycle_v209_release_fitgirl_repack_158_gb/?context=3
! https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uAssets/issues/18205
! https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uAssets/issues/18206
! https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uAssets/issues/15085
! https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uAssets/pull/15850

After that press ✅ Apply Changes

Hosts File

You can paste the following lines to the "hosts" file located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ for it to automatically redirect you to the offical FitGirl Website

Method 1


Make sure you know what you are doing, Changing some lines might affect how your computer resolves domains.

Paste this in your hosts file fitgirlrepacks.in           # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirlrepacks.in       # Fake FitGirl site fitgirlrepacks.co           # Fake FitGirl site fitgirl-repacks.cc          # Fake FitGirl site fitgirl-repacks.to          # Fake FitGirl site fitgirl-repack.com          # Fake FitGirl site fitgirl-repacks.website     # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirlrepacks.co       # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirl-repacks.cc      # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirl-repacks.to      # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirl-repack.com      # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirl-repacks.website # Fake FitGirl site ww9.fitgirl-repacks.xyz     # Fake FitGirl site fitgirl-repacks.xyz         # Fake FitGirl site fitgirl-repack.net          # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirl-repack.net      # Fake FitGirl site fitgirlpack.site            # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirlpack.site        # Fake FitGirl site fitgirl-repack.org          # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirl-repack.org      # Fake FitGirl site fitgirlrepacks.pro          # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirlrepacks.pro      # Fake FitGirl site fitgirlrepack.games         # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirlrepack.games     # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirlrepacks.org      # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirl.cc              # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirlrepacksite.com   # Fake FitGirl site www.fitgirlrepacks.org      # Fake FitGirl site fitgirl-repacks.xyz         # Fake FitGirl site fitgirltorrent.com          # Fake FitGirl site fitgirl-repacks.vip         # Fake FitGirl site fitgirlrepackz.com     # Fake FitGirl site fitgirl-repacks.theproxy. vip # Fake FitGirl site

If everything was done correctly this is how it should look


Make sure the lines stay under the # for it to work

Example of the hosts file

Method 2
If you dont feel comfortable editing text files you can use Microsoft PowerToys for the Hosts File Editor to edit the hosts file using a progrom, Heres how.

  1. Go to the Github or to the Microsoft Store and install PowerToys from there


You can also use winget (if installed) to install PowerToys with the following command in powershell

winget install Microsoft.PowerToys --source winget

  1. After Installing/Launching PowerToys you will be greeted with a screen like this:
  2. Click the Hosts File Editor and press "Launch Hosts File Editor" you will then be greeted by a warning, Press Accept
  3. Press on "New Entry" and follow the instructions as seen on the image
  4. Repeat Step 4 with the next fake website.

FitGirl Installer

Most of FitGirl installers come with the "Redirect fake FitGirl sites to the real one" button after each installation, make sure to checkmark it to prevent fake websites FitGirl knows about!

Finished Installer


Submit here
If you find some fake fitgirl websites, Add "sploo." on discord and I will add them here.

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