Filter Stalker

@LukeThighStalker's Filter List To use, simply select "import" at the bottom of uBlocks "Filter lists" tab. default lists that you may enable :
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Anti Adblock Detection Lists

Add the Functionality of ClearURLs to UbO

Remove cookie pop-ups:

  • Enable EasyList cookie in UbO under Annoyances Section.

Bypass Paywalls

Medium Mode (breaks a lot of sites)

Setup your UbO in medium mode

Removed Filters:

Removed Webannoyances Ultralist breaks a lot of websites.

Removed I don't care about cookies due to the acquisition by Avast, EasyList Cookie is recommended as an alternative.

Pub: 19 Jun 2021 03:40 UTC
Edit: 28 Nov 2022 06:45 UTC
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