Larva Comic Studio Credits:

Thanks To JacyWolf (CS) For Some Backgrounds!
Thanks To Heaven Boy 2 (CS) For Some Of The Yellow, Magenta, Oscar, Red & Wu Renders, Logos, THE BIG WATER, & FIRE, & Some Food!
Thanks To Akram (CS) For Some Logos!
Thanks To DiegoYtStuffHere (DI) For A Predator Chimera Render!
Thanks To 9ninecrown_26917 (DI) For A Mango Render!
Thanks to Peepyfan1422_jackmoo1047 (CS) For A Renders Of: Tan, Mosquito, The Little Fish, Yellow, Mauve, & The Swordfish, Spider, Wasp Larvae+Queen & Wild Wild World Kid!
Thanks To Mr_Elf (CS) For Some Blue Renders

Larva Kids:
Thanks To Jacywolf (CS) For Some Grey, Green,& Silvers Simple Sprites!
Thanks To AbedinIsBack (SC) For Providing Larva Kids Simple Vectors!
Thanks To DavidChanAndHanaChan (DA) For Some Red Simple Sprites!
Thanks To Wigglywobblywrinkly (DI) For A Red NFT Render.
Thanks To KoreanLarvaFan (CS) For Resurrecting Mango!

Larva Games:
Thanks To Heaven_Boy_2 (CS) For The Flying Larva Violet Renders!
Thanks To Jacywolf (CS) For The Flying Larva Mayfly, & Grey Renders, & Most The Sprites From Larva Notepad & Larva Friends!

Larva Merch:
Thanks To Heaven Boy 2 (CS) For A Red Plush!
Thanks To JacyWolf (CS) For Larva Hotel Images

Larva Misc:
Thanks To Jacywolf (CS) For The Simple Prism Renders!
Thanks To Heaven_Boy_2 (CS) For The Animatic Red Renders!
Thanks To Thistrollguy (CS) For The Concept Yellow Renders!
Thanks To Mr_Elf (CS) For The Epilogue Red Renders!
Thanks To DiegoYtStuffHere (DI) For The Hilarious Comic Mango Renders!

Larva In Mars:
Thanks To Jacywolf For Most Early Images!

Larva Memes:

Thanks To smellyknickknacks for "Molded_Rotting_Slowly_Decaying_Each_Pun_and_Each_Line_Was_It_All_Worth_Pretending_They_Are_No_Longer_Here_Oh_Buddy_Our_Legacy_Its_over.png"! (Amazing grace E E Ei I'm On Vacation Steak)

Thanks To Heaven_Boy_2 (CS) For Designing Early Bannerx, & Merplwe, & Musky Toe!
Most Images Where Ripped Using
Most Backgrounds Were Edited Using Cleanup.Pictures
Larva Game Files Ripped Using EzyZip

Feel Free To Submit Sprites! (Don't Worry, You'll Be Credited!)

Key: CS=Comic Studio SC=Scratch DA=Deviantart DI=Discord YT=YouTube MS=Misc. (Other S. Media)

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