Concrete Countertops - Are You Serious

I recently learned of this growing pattern towards concrete as an indoor building material. I have to admit to call we skeptical would put it lightly. I just couldn't imagine why anyone would want the skyscraper search for inside their home. I mean to each their own, but I just couldn't get a mental picture. I recently learned that I was totally off-base.

Designing with solid today is nothing similar to one would imagine. What originally stunned me was the versatility of cement. I have a companion who is a mason. He started explaining to me about all the superb things you could create our of cement. I continued blowing him off until he indicated me his latest work. He had quite recently installed custom solid ledges for a customer.

The expression on my face probably betrayed my feelings because he insisted that I proceed to take a gander at them. I was quite skeptical actually own the ride over. When we entered the kitchen, I was amazed. Not in any event, something like granite could look the way these ledges did. The solid had a warmness I definitely was not expecting. It was the warmest kitchen I may have ever been in. The craftsmanship of these counters really stuck out. Dissimilar to any other building material cement has amazing customization. Being that I live at the beach and a favorite Outer Banks pastime is collecting seaglass on the beach, he recommended that I have him install custom solid ledges with a vein of polished seaglass. It seems like a good idea to me.

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Pub: 31 Dec 2020 05:33 UTC
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