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SuperGroupies x Gawr Gura Collab

US / Canada

Omocat × Hololive English

Restocking 2022-03-28 and 2022-04-25
Track jacket, t-shirts, baseball cap, acrylic keychain & stand, button, Myth lanyard, catalog:

Anime Expo

Calendar, clear file, can badges, smartphone stand, B2 tapestry, temporary tattoos:



Unofficial merch illustrated by Gura and other EN members
T-shirts from November EN collab:
CCG cards from Myth party outfit collab:

Dakimakura covers

Unofficial dakimakura covers
All ages and R-18 covers illustrated by Chintora:
All ages cover illustrated by Zeroillya:


Unofficial patches. Patch vendors often have designs that come and go, so it's worth searching around their sites to see if there's anything new.
Gawr "Jaws" parody by PK Patchworks:
Gura shrimp and shark warning sign patches by Woodpatch:
Hololive patches by Aho Works:

Sold out

Gawr Gura 3rd Anniversary Celebration

hololive English -Myth- 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Gawr Gura sushi small quilt iPASS Card and tail pillow

Gawr Gura figma pre-order

Gawr Gura Birthday Celebration 2023

hololive English 1st Concert -Connect the World- Concert Merchandise

hololive English 1st Concert -Connect the World- Digital Message Board (text) (image)

hololive AIRLINE

1:7 scale figure

Hololive English -Myth- Gawr Gura 1/7 Complete Figure(Pre-order)

hololive English -Myth- 3D Debut Celebration (Gura shoulder bag)


Gawr Gura 4 Million Subscribers Celebration (Daki + Holographic Acrylic Panel)

hololive English 3D Acrylic Stand

Myth Pop Up Parade figures

Tsukumo plushie

Orders closed 2022-04-15

Hololive Super Expo 2022/3rd Fes

Orders closed 2022-03-31
T-shirts, muffler towel, tapestry, event program, can badge (random), acrylic diorama, clear file, acrylic keychain, playing cards, Weiß Schwarz card sleeves, deck holder, acrylic card holder, playmat, card binder, acrylic card stand, mini signed board (random), penlight, silicone wristband, windbreaker, tote bag, sweatshirts, messenger bag, ballpoint pens, Weiß Schwarz premium booster pack, baseball hats, logo cushion.

Concert tickets (live stream/VOD):

Groove Coaster × Gawr Gura wireless earphones

Orders closed 2022-03
Bluetooth wireless earphones with custom voice prompts:

Umisea commemorative goods

Orders closed 2021-11-15
B2 tapestry, enamel keychain:


Orders closed 2021-10-21

Myth first anniversary goods

Orders closed 2021-10-18
Myth hoodie, ceramic mug:

Bloop plushie

Orders closed 2021-09-13
Bloop plushie from Myth half-year goods series:

2021 birthday goods

Orders closed 2021-07-26
T-shirt, mouse pad, illustrated postcard, alarm voice pack:

Myth half-year goods

Orders closed 2021-04-12
Acrylic stand, enamel keychain:

Myth t-shirt

Orders closed 2021-01-25
Myth t-shirt illustrated by Takanashi Kiara:

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