How To Buy Items - Fidelis Bot

1-) Add bot on steam
2-) Get your trade link and paste the trade link to the bot with the !tradelink <your trade link> (without < > ) command ( Like that!)
3-) For security reasons, bot does not accept any money deposits without purchasing a key
4-) !cryptos Take a look at the coins we currently support and decide which one you want to buy keys with.
5-) Supported Networks
6-) If you are a binance user, you don't pay a fee when buying a key!
7-) Use !buy <key amount> [cryptocurrency] <network (just required for USDT/USDC)>
!buy 10 ltc
!buy 10 xlm
!buy 10 usdt bsc
8-) The bot will send you a message with the address and the amount you need for the coin of your choice. Don't forget to deposit the exact amount it asks for! Example
9-) You can track your !status <order_id>
10-) After your transaction is confirmed, the bot will send you the trade offer

Extra ->

With our latest update, we added internal transfers (for binance users) to our bot and now you don't have to worry about fees when buying&selling keys!!

*Make sure you are sending on the correct network for your USDT/USDC.Don't forget to add memo/tag for XLM/XRP.

Send the amount the bot asks you to send, no more, no less! (The amount you send does not include the fee you will pay.)

Leave a trust rating on our page , it helps us out a lot and only takes a few seconds!

If you have any problems or suggestions you can always contact us via discord and steam

Pub: 08 Feb 2024 16:34 UTC
Edit: 23 Mar 2024 12:09 UTC
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