How to patch XCIs or NSPs for lower firmware (and how to add update files or DLCs to them)#

Doing it manually with NSC_Builder (for mounting XCIs in SXOS)#

How to patch XCIs or NSPs for a lower firmware:#
  1. Download latest master release of NSCB from (click the green "Code" button and then "Download ZIP". Executable and the rest are located inside the "py" folder).
    Since this is the Python version, you should run "install-dependencies.bat" after unpacking if you don't use Python and needed dependencies already.
  2. After that's all done, get yourself prod.keys by dumping them with Lockpick_RCM from (or from sending !keys in the #bot-command-spam channel on nsw2u's server) and rename it to keys.txt, place the file in the "ztools" folder of NSCB.
  3. Open NSCB.exe, first type in "0" and press enter, followed by "4". Let it update. After that go back to the main menu with entering "1", then "e".
  4. Enter "1" again. Drag your desired XCI (or regular NSPs) onto the window, press Enter followed by entering "1" again.
  5. Enter "2" to initiate the process, then "1" to enable patching. Afterwards, choose your desired keygeneration but it is recommended to enter "11".
  6. After the process is (successfully) completed, either enter "1" or press the X to close the window (or go back to main menu with "0") and you will find the patched XCI inside the "NSCB_output" folder, located inside the unpacked NSC_Builder folder.
  7. (Extra step: if the program outputs a xc0 file, go back to main menu, enter "0", then "2", then "9" and finally "1". After that repeat the process from step 4.)
How to add update or DLC files to a (patched) XCI file:#
  1. Complete above steps until you are at step 4 and before you enter "1" after adding the base game.
  2. Besides the base XCI/NSP (or the patched XCI (containing updates already)), also drag the latest update NSP or DLCs onto the window and press the Enter key. Enter "1" afterwards.
  3. Follow above guide from step 5.

Letting installers patch the games for you (not suitable for mounting)#

All you need to do for that, is to use any installer besides Goldleaf (outdated) or SX Installer (outdated aswell and does not work on Atmosphere).
Inside the installer settings, find an option called "Bypass minimum firmware required by titles" or something similar and enable it.
However, most if not all installers have it enabled by default already. DBI for example does and got no option for it anyway.

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