Merlin AI App/Extension Unlimited GPT 4 Exploit

Discovered by thelemonofall on Discord
Guide written by Damon

NOTICE: It is not unlimited per say, this exploit shows how to increase your query limit. This exploit can be repeated multiple times to a point you have 10k query limit or more. So yes it is unlimited by technicality since you can stack. You can also automate most likely.


  1. A base/main account (this is the account that will have the unlimited query or increase the query limit)
  2. At least two Chromium based browser (the extension is not available for Firefox based browsers)
  3. On your main browsers (the one you use everyday), have the extension installed and be sure to login into your base/main account.
  4. On another separated Chromium browser, have the extension installed but don't login (this is the browser you will use the exploit, you wont be staying logged into one account all the time)

Let's Exploit Shall We

  1. On the first browser go to your dashboard of the Merlin app/extension, you will need to locate your referral link, copy that.
  2. On the second browser (with no Merlin account logged in but with extension installed), paste the referral link and it will show you account creation page, with the referall code pasted in.
  3. Use this site to get a temporary @gmail email address (if it doesn't show one at first load just keep clicking "Generate New" till one shows up then click "Go").
  4. With temporary email you got, use that to create the account with referral link/code. Make sure to verify the account you create.
  5. Finally, simply sign into the extension itself with the account you made and your base/main account query should go up. You can check by going to the first browser click the extension and you will see this. example
  6. Repeat this over and over, and it will stack the queries. They won't go away at all.
Pub: 21 Sep 2023 08:24 UTC
Edit: 21 Sep 2023 08:26 UTC
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