Your Wish is My Command !


:: GORDON he love she + male femact turigirl Sexual & Persecutor fict-ive & kin agehaze ,, 30yr Human Puppyboy BENNY my lovely partner <3 !! 08.02.23 01 :: col rentry . 02 :: prnscc . 03 :: pk

do not interact, she's usually banned from front. holds harmful coping mechanisms and causer of internal trauma. - 🗜
not actually dating benrey anymore, keeping that part since she has an obsession with him. - 🗜
as mentioned im sourced from HLVRAI Gordon & HL Gordon u_u
im also kin of Y2KVR Gordon/Loverboy! much more important to my selfhood than my sources <3
uhm i talk in a "cringey" way i like to overexaggerate and use silly faces!! :D
the fact i'm a sexual alter is only listed for "lorekeeping", i never post about any NSFW <3 if you send me NSFW advances i will skin you Srs!
uhm please interact with care im a very sensitive person n_n

Pub: 04 Aug 2023 04:24 UTC
Edit: 24 Sep 2023 20:46 UTC
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