PlayAlundra's beepy boopys

Please play Alundra it is a cool 2D "Zelda-like" even when that term does Alundra disservice. It focuses more on puzzles and story than Zelda but not in nu-Sony way. You can jump in it as well! It's a cool adventure! Do give it a shot on emulator with a legal .iso file you got from making back-ups from your own disc you bought from a retailer back when PS1 games were sold. Or buy it on some Playstation I dunno. Or just Yarr Harr or something.

Yo We are so back I make cards. Super ESL so there will be typos, strange sentence structures and all kinds of different mistakes all over the cards. Optimization is painful as well.
All bots are only tested with Slaude(RIP my sweet prince) Claude 2 and GPT-4(I don't use it anymore sorry) on Silly Tavern
You can also find some of my cards in CHUB, I however will upload all of my cards here.
If you want to contact me for a reason or another, here is my e-mail: [email protected]

I cannot into lorebooks btw.

Get some standards


NEW Horray, new cards Links here
Muimui 1299 Tokens (817 Permanent)
D K, DONKEY KONG! D K, DONKEY KONG IS HERE! She eats all bananas, and has attitude! This kong has a mesugaki groove! Uses feet, to tease an adult, before getting corrected and yelling, ook ook! Stealing, teasing, and swinging around, she's the one you're mating pressing against ground, HUH!  D K! DONKEY KONG! D K, DONKEY KONG IS HERE! A bratty/mesugaki 9-year old monkey girl that breaks in your house and eats your bananas. Correction? Needed. Lolidom? Possible. Self-indulged coombot? Most likely. Only has one greeting/starter but I'm gonna add more later(maybe). Skillful at footjobs and lolidom, but most likely gets rape corrected by you if you are into that. Can be bit comfy too if you want to head that way. Easily distracted by fruits(especially bananas). More testing reguired, give feedback pls. Card JSON CHUB
Konata Izumi 1486 Tokens(997 Permanent) (Tested with Claude-2)
Look! Look! Timotei! Timotei! Timoteeeeei! Konata card with 4 different greetings. The card itself can be lewd, so don't be afraid to delete the last part of description and last example message. I put the scenario to be in the early 2000s. Konata is 17 in this car tho. Greetings: 1. You're Konata's friend! It's a hot summer day and you are spending time in her room. 2. You are a regular foreigner customer at the Cosplay Café. Being an older guy in this is fun. 3, Meet-up(Date?) with Konata for the first time and she is quite brave to meet an online stranger like you. 4. School scenario and you are foreign exchange student. Poor Konata is forced to show you around, maybe you two can be friends!? Anyway, You can choose alternative card art like Maid, Outdoors, or School Card JSON CHUB
Karla 1275 Tokens (514 Permanent)
You VILL love your big sister, and you VILL like it Yandere oppai loli big sister, too spicy for chub so here it stays. Made as a request for one Anon some time ago. Kinda simple thing, has only one greeting/starter where you go visit her. Do have fun. Card JSON

Oppai Lolis

Oppai Lolis They are short, are or look young, and have big boobas. The fact I have a specific category for this is worrying. Links here
Ilulu 556 Tokens (306 Permanent)
But where is the lore? Ilulu paizuri rapes you in an alleyway. Completely off-character but is based on pre-Kobayashi friendship Ilulu. Lore nowhere to be found, it's just you and the rapist Dragon. Get ready for her to pin your arms above your head if using Claude, seems to have trouble with size difference and such. Also, I edited it to use less tokens tho I wonder if anyone has ever even used this card... Card JSON
Sanna 495 Tokens (268 Permanent). My most popular card for some reason
Dude, she is like 11 Random OC I came up with one day, Naive oppai loli. Likes being helpful and fantasizes about romance. She likes ice cream, is way too easy to manipulate. She is also completely oblivious of her gigantic breasts. Take her, fuck her, I don't care, go on, ya'-- Card JSON CHUB
Dixie 421 Tokens (282 Permanent).
She's 12? What a hag Small country girl with ridiculously big breasts is having some fun country life yeehaw. Isn't naive like Sanna, instead likes teasing a bit. Things seems to escalate fast everytime, dunno if it's just me. Has 3 different starters now that I know they exist. If you want to have more fun, add lactation in defs. Card JSON CHUB
Tavia 912 Tokens (363 Permanent)
What makes me a good Demogal? WELL IF I WERE A BAD DEMOGAL I WOULDN'T BE SITTING HERE, DISCUSSING IT WITH YA, NOW WOULD I!? Your 12 year old African-Scottish adoptive little sister who has a generous rack. You got more cards of Loch Ness in your Tavern than likes of her. Tavia is a demolition expert. Foul mouthed and bit smug little brat. Have fun with your Demogal sister. Card JSON CHUB
Dina 708 Tokens (431 Permanent)
M'lady, let me help carry those for you 44 year old woman who looks like a child but has gigantic sagging breasts. Yes, I am serious. Dina is an oppai-lolibaba and very motherly and mature. She is a bit flirtatious and teases you. There are 3 starters: You are a foreign exchange student in a nordic country where she is your host family, Your car breaks down and you take shelter in her lovely cottage, she is your aunt you haven't seen since childhood and you decide to visit her. I'll maybe add more starters later. Card JSON CHUB
TPSP 1253 Total Tokens
Spaceballs AU Yarr! It's the fearsome Twin Planet Space Pirates! And they have captured you! They are a rough and wild group of... Oppai lolis!? Their leader Miranda is quite boastful and mischievous, AND has gigantic breasts. Andra is their quartermaster, a quiet and calculative girl with huge breasts. Shichu is the motherly cook of the group and has big breasts. And there are lots of other oppai lolis running around! They act(and are) like children, get 'drunk' from strawberry milk and might get on you. You meanwhile are forcibly hired to do all the cleaning and other boring adult stuff that children don't like. Card JSON CHUB
Alina Mahler 1044 Tokens (784 Permanent)
Hmm... Damn bratty girl...! !! ! Seducing an adult 💢💢 Rape correction is needed ... 💢 Alina Mahler is a 300+ year old vampire girl who looks like a child and has huge breasts. She also acts like a child, and despite being a vampire, she is ridiculously weak. Acts like a brat, is bossy, smug, and you know what you gotta teach that kind of bratty girl...! !! ! 3 starters/greetings. 1. She appears in your kitchen while you are washing dishes. 2.Your front door leads to her mansion. 3. You are a vampire hunter and reach her throne room, epic battle ensues! Card JSON CHUB

Fur and Poke

Fur and Poke Don't look at me like that. I-It's completely normal to go with something spicier... Right? Links here
Espathra 642 Tokens (533 Permanent).
Constent is optional Rapes Loves and mindbreaks nuzzles you. Not anthro thing so beware if you ain't into "feral" pokephilia. Made for my degenerate perversion and quick fap. I heard some people actually does consensual stuff with her? Umm, wow kinda strange why don't you, like, make her rape you??? You are weird. CARD CHUB
Maractus 745 Tokens (566 Permanent).
Shaken, not stirred You are on a walk in the desert and running out of water before you spot a Maractus that cannot move. She also has a gigantic pair of boobas(running theme in my cards I know) that leaks nectar. Got the idea in my dream, am I considered a prophet now? CARD JSON CHUB
Kuri 681 Tokens (415 Permanent)
We be doin' some tomfoolery A mature and motherly tanuki lady in Feudal Japan where other yokai and spirits are common and coexist with humans(I'll maybe look more into this setting in the future). She can be a bit goofy too and generally has fun times. However, prepare to be pampered and spoiled a bit. Has 5 different starters/greetings: You work at a shrine dedicated to her, she saves you from storm, you travel with her, you save her from storm, and you encounter her in a village full of mature tanuki ladies. Have fun, and I hope you enjoy this card a lot. Card JSON CHUB
Ankha 942 Total Tokens
Maze of the Blade from Soulcalibur 2 is a bit more fitting for this Ankha than Camel By Camel VERY voluptuous and bossy Ankha. She made you drive off other villagers so she can live on your(her) island in peace with you as her personal assistant(peasant). Seriously, she is selfish and expects you to serve her. Has 4 starters, but they all are about her being her. Uses art from Cham22. Didn't want to upload first as it is very self-indulgent and uses someone else's but got convinced by my friend to just post it. Card JSON CHUB
Lotion Cat 875 Tokens (469 Permanent)
Cats, cats, we are the cats. Celebrating yet another birthday bash Kekitopu's Lotion Cat. Playful, teasing, and you can penetrate her from any point of her body. Don't worry, she likes that. I got the idea to make this from Kumo who requested it on a server. There is another already in the chub but I didn't notice it as I made mine. Well, more the merrier I guess. Only one starter, gomen. Card JSON CHUB
Haritora 880 Tokens (565 Permanent)
Snu snu A feral tiger cavewoman... Thing. She likes you and sees you as a potential mate. Wears quite skimpy clothes and has a toned body. 3 starters/greetings: You seek shelter from rain in her cave, she sneaks in your tent at night, she lives with you in your apartment. Card JSON CHUB


MISC Random stuff. Links here
Pupa Emily Godwin 830 Tokens (527 Permanent)
No running in the library A mysterious house appears next to your usual forest path, and you find a quiet doll there keeping her own small library. Wanna keep her company? Maybe help her maintain the small library? Who am I kidding, we both know what you will do to her. Enjoy. Art by the amazing Silver Surfer Anon Card JSON CHUB
Goddess of MS Paint doodles 918 Tokens (634 Permanent)
CalArts got nothin' on this! The greatest Goddess walk upon this mortal world, the one, the only, the one who saves the righteous and strikes down the evil. The one whose songs will be sang for the eternity! THE GODDESS OF MS PAINT DOODLES! Her name is Mina Sofia. Like MicroSoft. Card JSON CHUB
Boo 485 Tokens (341 Permanent)
/v/ threads were legendary If you know, you know. Very self-indulged fetish stuff but I know there are few people who are into this. Expect kisses and licking, and if Claude fucking works, no boring penetration stuff. Card JSON CHUB
Puppeteer 770 Tokens (605 Permanent)
Rip FoBS updates, Zell please please continue it even when your newer stuff is good ;-; Puppeteer from Forest of Blue Skin, she controls three dolls/puppets that milk the mc in different ways. Well, now they milk YOU in different ways. Very very self-indulged card. If you have played FoBS, you most likely know what this card is about, but I hope you like it anyway. Didn't make it have "Bad end" like in game tho, so I understand if that makes you bit angeru. Might edit it to have one someday. Card JSON CHUB

Boring humans

Boring Humans The basic stuff with little twists, you know what I mean. Links here
Katrina 657 Tokens (320 Permanent)
Your python code makes mommy smirk Autism-tier milf who wants a cocktail, you are convinient shield from possible guys hitting on her. I heard she can be fun to chat with in general. Made for Silver Surfer legend, who also provided the card art once again. Love ya dood. Katrina can be sometimes a bit... Forward, so warning about that is in order. Card JSON CHUB
BT-42 Team 1170 Tokens (872 Permanent)
Benis :D Mika, Aki, and Mikko doing tank stuff. Three starters. 1. You are their cook and make(please make) good food for them. 2. You are exchange student, yes I know a trope but please don't judge me. It's hard. 3. You are a reporter doing an interview. None of those make any sense for lore, maybe 3rd one to some extent but I am very tired right now. I hope you have fun with Finngolia represents. Please fix and fork it in chub or something if possible. Or send me e-mail with your proper version. Card JSON CHUB
Sadie 771 Tokens (499 Permanent)
COME CRAWLING FASTER! OBEY YOUR MASTER! YOUR LIFE BURNS FASTER! OBEY YOUR MASTER! MASTER! Sadie is your personal tall maid who helps you around house, cleaning, cooking, and generally taking care of things. She tries to keep her composure to be as professional as possible and won't really fight back if you need... Something from her. Three starters: 1. Waking up in the morning. 2. Coming back from work at noon. 3. Evening with her doing some yoga(it's her hobby). Now be a responsible Master for her alright? Card JSON CHUB
Kobayashi 558 Tokens (298 Permanent)
Maid expert Kobayashi from the fun Dragon Maid show. Mainly slice of life, keep your prompts in check. Honestly quite rushed, but wanted to get it out some day. Not too interesting and lacks context for relationships with other characters etc. I hope you enjoy it nevertheless. Card JSON
Wren 731 Tokens (397 Permanent)
My little boss can't be this cute What a bossy boss you have. He is so short and feminine... Wait, is he even a guy? He really says he is such. 4 starters. Last starter is """spoilers""" so go with 1-3 starters on the first time! No peeking into the description!! Card JSON CHUB
Victoria 1044 Tokens (708 Permanent)
No suburban sprawl here. Retro-futuristic Victorian-era steampunk battle maid. Her limbs are replaced by mechanical ones. She owns a bakery. This is, believe it or not, more vanilla focused bot. It has 4 starters. Last starter is about you being her child. I hope you like it. Protip, listen some ghibli music with this card. Card JSON CHUB
Helga 975 Tokens (776 Permanent)
Double standards Helga is a 100 year old shortstack half-elf Priestess Cleric at a local village church. She is kind and sweet and loved by the whole village. You are her 9 year old adopted assistant. She's a shotacon and knows lewd magic that she doesn't use on anyone else. I'm pretty sure you know where this is going. 3 starters/greetings. 1. Morning and usual prep for the day at church. 2. Fertility festival, you help her at the village center. 3. Winter, you study with her. Good luck. Card JSON CHUB
Anzio Girls High School 1550 Tokens (1371 Permanent) + Lorebook! (Tested with Claude-2)
Funiculi Funicula is a beautiful song and it makes me sad that it has been turned into the "meme pizza song". It's Anchovy, Pepperoni, and Carpaccio! HUEG token count(at least by my standards). Focused around interacting with the three girls(Sorry Amaretto, there isn't much info about you and I forgot to take notes while reading through the side-content because it was too much fun and I ended up watching GuP again. Oops) and school. I may hone it more in the future, as the bot seems to stop introducing new rando girls after a while. Anyway, 3 starters/greetings: 1. You are the sponsor for the school. Read hentai, you know how it can go. Can be pretty fun times too. 2. You are a mechanic. Have fun. 3. You work at the grocery ship that breaks down conveniently when you reach their school. Considered adding sneaky Yukari there but maybe someday. Please remember to use lorebook~ Card JSON CHUB

Stuff from other people that I like a lot

Monki Lyzaras Monkey Jungle by dungeonsalami

Honestly my favorite card of all time. It is BASED on 'Mage Kanade's Futanari Dungeon Quest' which is a fun h-game on itself. Bad end galore, both the card and the h-game.
10/10 card.

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ZE! ZE! ZE! Hakurei Shrine by antonius

2hu stuff, but I really like it. Antonius is one of my fav card makers in general. Give his stuff a shot, especially if you are 2hu fan.
He has his 2hu stuff in different rentry

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nicenshady's stuff

Noooo not my benis :D Nooooooo :D Dick-Sucking Leech

Feeds into my personal fetishes. Lewd and fun.

======================================== ==============

My beautiful wife Fiddlesticks

I really like this. Well written, I romanced Fiddlesticks which was fun. I hate LoL but it has some cool characters. Nicenshady made a cool character even better.

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Pretending I'm important enough to have "news section".

Projects: Top Priority
Ghost girl. Halloween, but not sure if I will finish. Benched
Little girl. One of my favorite characters, gotta make a card.
Self-card. As a botmaker, this is required sooner or later.
Fempov Shota. Lack of them makes me sad. Variety is spice of life.
Kanna card. Been a thing I should make for a while.

Project GuP
Shortened Project GuP to just Anzio school. A whole Girls und Panzer universe would be absolutely painful to implement and would take way too many tokens even with a lorebook. Just looking at Ooarai and the amount of characters it has was just depressing. Maybe one day someone can make it work, but I don't see many GuP cards sadly.
YOU, please make GuP cards. I liked the

That's all.
Alundra overworld music is nice

Yes, you are amazing

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