Open Rule List - Not final - Don't treat this as end all be all

----Battle Rules----

Evens hit, Odds miss.
Dub evens are 2x damage, dub trips are 3x damage, so on.
Odds dubs and so on will count as a miss. I know we like doing self damage but for the sake of avoiding memes we can avoid that.
If a player hits a dubfail and wants to write a fail state they may. A responder should treat it as a failure to hit and avoid implying self damage unless OOC consent is given. I'm not trying to be a retard here but y'know try to respect people since I'm trying to make this as fair as possible.

Everyone has 3.0 HP max to start.

Neutral moves do 1.0
SE does 2.0 moves that are double SE such as fire on grass/bug would be 4.0 damage
Not very effective does .5
STAB moves do not do any extra damage. The ability Adaptability will add +.5 to all SE moves.

Any effect such as paralyze or poison that comes from a move will have its percent converted into a number to be rolled in second to last.
A ten percent move will activate on 1, twenty percent on 1 and 2, etc
The move must also hit for this effect to happen.

Lowering and raising stats will add or subtract .5 for each stage. So two stages of swords dance would give 1.0 damage for physical attacks

----Item Rules----
Items should follow their effects as closely as possible.
Wide Lens makes 1 hit
critical hit effecting items will make any even picked before the battle starts function as dubs.
While I like the one off from dubs rule that kinda just rewards missing in a way
etc, etc

----Effect/Status Rules----
Paralyze will stop an attack on 1-2 of second to last number.
Poison does .5 damage each turn.
Badly Poisoned starts at .25, moves to 5, 1, 2, 4, etc
Frozen; totally unable to act, thaw at 1 or 2 at second to last
Burned does .5 damage each turn and halves physical attack damage unless you have Guts
Sleep lasts 1-3 turns. A pokemon can wake up early on any even.
Confusion; if a pokemon rolls 1-3 from their second to last number they will do .5 damage to themselves

Things like Hail/Sandstorm will do .25 damage per turn barring they effect the pokemon

For sake of fairness and not making these cancer parafusion cannot happen. Confusion will replace paralyze if they both happen because fuck that shit

-------Hey how do we decide who goes first-----
If you're having trouble deciding who goes first, either the organizer of the event or a player can call an even or odd. Think of this as a coinflip.
"If Odd I move first" and on an Odd the player would move first. Otherwise if they roll an even they would move second and the opposing player would move first.
Of course people are free to determine their own method whether that be speed or a preagreed movement.

check out this moth

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