4Chan in Pokeverse - Thread Primer

1. Quick Start

2. Do's and Don'ts

3. OP Template

Quick Start

Q. What is this stuff?
A. A bunch of anons pretending we're in the pokemon world, telling stories and making shit up to amuse ourselves and others.

Q. Can anyone join?
A. Sure, come up with a character with some simple history and then start by answering the thread question. After that, jump in and get your feet wet.

Q. Do I have to come up with a character?
A. Nope, you can post as an anon adding their two cents to whatever discussion you want to join.

Q. Do I have to stick with one character?
A. Nope. Change things up as much as you like.

Q. Can I post as a pokemon?
A. Yes, but try to keep it to pokemon that would reasonably have access to a computer and would waste their time posting here.

Q. Is ERP/Lewd stuff allowed?
A. Yes, but don't overdo it.

Q. Are hybrids, anthros or other such stinky hecking heck allowed?
A. NO. If you want to roleplay your furry OC, do it in an anthro thread.

Q. How do I talk OOC (out of character)?
A. (Surround your text with circle brackets like this)

Q. What's with the Evens/Odds rolling?
A. Because /trash/ lacks any dice we use the last number of a post to determine things with a level of randomness to it. An even roll is a success and an odd roll is a failure. For the sake of the thread we are counting 0 as an even roll. Dubs, trips, quads, etc are increasing levels of success/failure.
You can use the second to last number as well, but if you need to roll more than two things, one should keep that roll for their next post or determine it with the post below their post. Please state when you are rolling and what your intention is for a success or failure.

Do's and Don'ts

DO: Create a character and post stories about "yourself" and what you're doing in the pokemon world.
DON'T: Try to be special. None of us are the protagonists, so don't claim to have caught a legendary or that your mom is a pokemon. No one likes a marysue-ing idiot.

DO: Tell stories and anecdotes relevant to active discussions.
DON'T: Spam the same type of thing over and over. No one likes a broken record or a one trick pony.

Here's a thing for a name extension to 4chang. Use it if you want. It allows names on anon only boards via extension.

OP Template

ITT: Pretend this is Pokeverse's 4chan
<thread edition>

Previously: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/<previous thread number>

Question: <question of the thread>

Discord: https://discord.gg/dmSdakyDhe

[ Starting Guide: https://pastebin.com/u80bs0mD ]


Q: I want to [activity with pokemon I am unsure about] / [Pokemon] is making advances I am unsure about
A: Just talk to them already

<add more faq as needed>

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