S2 ROUND8 changes (v4, 2021-10-22)#

Round of Probes (1 round experiment)#

  • every probe will yield 1 money (all income and research bonuses will not be applied) per tick
  • probes income will be limited by land based probes cap - 24
  • probes cap changed to 24/land
    I want to give few arguments for:
    • Low probe kingdoms still can make more money than heavy probe kds
    • It should help to justify high probe strategies
    • It should increase average player probes defense and make robbing/aggro probes more expensive (better average probes and long lasting impact to your future income)
    • It may make rob raping worse in some situations (needs discussion)
  • Probes spy missions made easier (probes land defense is only 1 probe/land instead of 4)

Initial setup#

  • 4 weeks round
  • start with 7 sectors
  • 10 kingdoms per sector to freely join (might be increased, if other sectors are close enough)
  • Sectors NW scores are not hidden anymore during signups period

PT changes#

  • Jagged: military cost discount -15% to all units, remove buildings disbonus
  • Mystical Lands: boost return time bonus to -25%
  • FW: change barracks capacity bonus from 30% to 20%
  • DW: offensive units discount is reduced to -25% and is applied only to Dragoons and Troopers

Races changes#

  • Removed all cons (Gist, Mafi and Terran races affected)

Defensive loses#

  • Change defensive loses base (DLB) from 10% back to 5%
  • Defender loses are never less than 5% in case of successful grab
  • War state increases DLB by 5% (e.g. 5% + 5%)
  • Peace state decreases DLB by 2% (e.g. 10%-2%, or 5%-2% remains 5%)
  • War-Peace and Peace-War states partially cancel each other, so DLB = 8%
  • Defensive state decreases loses by another 2%
    • regular | DEF+No war | DEF+PEACE = 5%
    • DEF+WAR+PEACE = 6%,
    • DEF+WAR | PEACE+WAR = 8%
    • WAR = 10%
  • Change defensive loses calculation based on land difference between attacker and defender
    • this only can make difference in the War relation (never less than 5%)
    • DLB remains at maximum efficiency if target is not smaller than half of your land.

Food changes#

  • unlock 1M cap for food's bank limit, keep food exit at approx 500K
  • food kds will yield extra 50K income per hour
    • should help to avoid sub 20K robs at the beginning
    • should enable high probe start strats
    • should reduce need to do tick robbing
  • at the very first tick food exits with ~1M bank

Other changes#

  • War/Peace minimum duration changed to 24 ticks (used to be 48 ticks)
  • Energy missile cost decreased to 1M
  • Allow multiple Peace statuses (change is not confirmed yet)


  • Auto delete unbuilt (very low) defense kds 1 tick before newbie mode exit
  • Kill shot yields 50% probes gain (used to be 75%)

Won't be implemented (mostly due time constrains):#

  • Allow to declare Peace state only if War is declared on, and remove limitation of single peace state
  • Tfs discount for DW
  • sectors in war protection against other sectors.
Pub: Oct 21 2021 22:31 UTC
Edit: Nov 19 2021 09:26 UTC
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