Screen magnifier demo with Grant: Video transcript

Jacinta: Screen magnifier demo with Grant

Visuals: 'Screen magnifier demo with Grant' is displayed on screen in yellow text on a blue background, Vision Australia, Blindness. Low Vision. Opportunity. Logo is displayed in bottom right hand corner. The video changes to show Grant sitting facing the camera smiling. He has white hair and is wearing a blue collared shirt and a black headset. Behind him is a grey wall with a window on one side.

Grant: My name's Grant and I'm the regional client services manager here at Vision Australia.

Visuals: Grant is sharing his screen while on a page of the Vision Australia website. There is a thumbnail with his video in the top right corner of the screen.

Grant: I tend to use Windows' built-in one, Windows Magnifier. I just find it has the least number of overheads where some of the other programmes are very demanding on the resources on the computer. I also typically use a large screen. I find that it's really overwhelming, there's just so much glare. Personally, I invert the colours, which means I then have a black background with white writing or yellow writing or something, but basically it reduces the glare.

And you can also use Screen Focus. You keep the screen roughly where you're typing or where your mouse pointer is.

For me, I just go into Windows Magnifier and I would typically reverse the colours.

Visuals: Grant zooms in on the webpage and moves to the left hand side of the page, now only a few words of the title can be seen.

Grant: At the moment, the colours are as they were, but I would typically reverse them...

Visuals: The colours on Grant screen invert. The text now appears as light text on a dark background. Grant moves to the right of the page to show and image of two children that now have blue skin and white eyes and hair. It looks like an x-ray.

Grant: ...which does pretty ordinary things to people's photos, often you have to go back to not inverting, but it just means all the writing for me is much easier to read because it's black background, obviously with the contrasting writing.

Visuals: Grant moves back to the left side of the page to show a menu where the writing is white on a black background. Selected items are black on a yellow background.

Grant: Yeah, and I guess if I go into what my settings are, I’m on what, 300% at the moment is the amount that I'm magnified.

Visuals: Grant opens his Windows Magnifier settings. A small window pops up on the top-left side of the screen. Grant closes the window again.

Grant: But I do change it quite often depending on the text size that I'm working with. With using a screen magnifier, I have to have it magnified to a point that I can read the text. Down here, we're looking at about 300% magnified so I can read the text that's below the main heading.

Visuals: Grant is zoomed in on a paragraph of text below the main heading on the page.

Grant: Now, as you can see, I'm only seeing a very small portion of this screen. Beyond what I'm seeing now, because it's a brand new page to me, I would have to then go looking around to try and get a bit of a feel for what's here. I can tell it's got a main heading saying, "Primary school years."

Visuals: Grant scrolls to the right again and we see the photo of the two boys.

Grant: Over here, I'm seeing photos and not much else so I'll probably ignore that part. What I'm really trying to do is build a mental image of the website.

Visuals: Grant moves back to the left of the page and begins to scroll down the page.

Grant: I can see there's a button there about some more services. And I'm scrolling down here and finding there's a whole lot of menus.

Visuals: Grant’s screen shows part of menu on the left of the page. There is a small glimpse of more content to the right at the edge of his view.

Grant: Now, as you can see here at the moment, I've got one menu showing with a black screen to the right of them. It's just by chance and the way this website's been done, I can tell instantly there's something else here on the right-hand side.

I'll now go looking over here and see what else is there.

Visuals: Grant scrolls to the right and finds another menu.

Grant: I'm always looking for hints to take me to different areas.

Visuals: The top of the letter K is visible in the bottom left of grants view.

Grant: I can tell there's a capital K in the bottom left there. There's obviously more data below. I'll go and look down further and there is, "Keep on growing," and other options like that.

Visuals: Grant scrolls through the main text content on the page

Grant: It's very much about doing that, but even now, when I go left, for instance, I've got completely black screen.

Visuals: Grant scrolls left. His screen is completely black.

Grant: It's only that I knew there was stuff before that was higher up that I go looking for it.

Visuals: Grant scrolls up to the content towards the top of the screen again.

Grant: As you can tell, being a brand-new screen and only seeing a small part, you spend a lot of time initially just working out where things are and hopefully finding what you're after.

Jacinta: Prepared by Digital Access, Vision Australia

Pub: 28 Feb 2023 03:36 UTC
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