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PinkiePinkiePie She/Her Black/puerto Rican Loser who loves horror and gaming Nothing too special here sorry Divider DNI if rude, homophobic, racist, ect Some links for more info Github Patreon Guestbook AppleJackLuna Hearts

My interest are Umbrella

Cry of fear, Resident evil, Dead island, Dying light, CoD, Left 4 Dead, Silent Hill, poppy playtime, TF2, anime, a little bit of MK, DBD, DBH, The Boy's, analog horror videos, Skyrim, Fallout, Creepypastas, Stranger Things, MLP, Evil Dead, Fnaf and mostly all horror movies

I have a loving girlfriendNyanLesbian PrincessLuna A little bit more about me I have ADHD I also suffer from depression and anxiety I'm a bit chubby😖 and sometimes have self doubt but enough of that, I love to draw and make ponies, reading and watching YouTube. I want to become a streamer, last thing I love to hang out with people and make friends so if you want to hang out I'm usually in spawn or cafe ^^

RainbowCrash The characters I syn and kin or just love 💖 *Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Astarion, Simon Henriksson, Dwight fairfield, Nick Valentine, pinkie pie, dogday, glam Freddy, Bonnie, Michael Afton, stu macher, Nathan Prescott, Gale dekarios,karlach, applejack, Ellis, nick, fansics, Zoey, bill, Amy rose, shadow the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog, knuckles, glados, Wheatley, chell, gordon Freeman, maria(silent Hill), James Sunderland, cheryl/Heather Mason, many cod characters, Dante sparda, Neko, Trevor, Franklin, gavin Reed, R800, RK900, Hank Anderson, ji woon hak, carmina mora, Jessica Rabbit, Arthur morgan, the scout, medic, sinper, arcade gannon, John Hancock, ash williams, Ellen Ripley, Brett hand, Sadie Adler, cybil bennett, bayonetta, Dylan lenviy, Juliet starling, Eddie gluskin, postal dude, cloud strife, lady dimitrescu, Albert wesker, Luis Sera, Ashley Graham, rouge the bat, Lara croft, Joel Miller, ellie Williams Jeff the killer, slenderman, laughing jack, eyeless jack, Laura Kearney, Max Brinly, Travis hackett and Sebastian Castellanos* Okay that's all thank you for stopping by bye💖 Ada

EvilDead But wait these more here pages to my awesome friends please go check them out PinkieHug Pookie 1 Pookie 2 Pookie 3 lil pookie :3 Ok now that's it sorry bye 💖

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