Switch Hacking Is Easy#

🦝 Guide Link
1 Is my Switch hackable? View
2 How to avoid getting banned View
3 How to launch Payloads View
4 Create/Restore a NAND backup View
5 Set up Atmosphere with EmuNAND on Erista (Unpatched) View
6 Set up Atmosphere on SysNAND on Erista (Unpatched) View
7 Set up Atmosphere with emuNAND on Mariko View
8 Set up Atmosphere on sysNAND on Mariko View
9 Migrate your SXOS emuNAND to Atmosphere View
10 Migrate your Atmosphere emuNAND to SXOS View
11 Migrate your EmuNAND to a new SD card View
12 Upgrade/Downgrade your switch View
13 Update your CFW View
14 Flash Spacecraft-NX View
15 Revert the modchip to its original Firmware View
16 Homebrew & Misc. Guides View
17 Switch Terminology View
18 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) View

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Pub: Jan 17 2021 16:05 UTC
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