How to launch a payload#

If you are a Mariko user, make sure the payload supports your device. Not all payloads support Mariko. If you unsure on what type of device you may have, click here.

Erista (Unpatched):#

Step 1.

  • You can either buy a jig off eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish or make your own with tinfoil.
    • The tinfoil method is not recommended as it could damage the pins in your rail.
    • If you have AutoRCM on then you can skip this step.
  • Place the jig inside of the right railing.
  • Hold the VOL + button and press the power button (⏻).
    • Your Switch display will be black, do not panic, this is normal.

Step 2.

Make sure to follow the documentation for your desired payload injector.

Step 3.

  • Pick your desired payload with your payload injector of choice and connect your Switch to your PC.
    • If you use a portable payload injector, then you only need to connect your payload injector into your Switch.
  • You should now launch into your desired payload.
Erista (IPatched) / Mariko:#

If you use an IPatched device, then you can launch payloads by using either SXOS or Hekate.
If you use a Mariko device, then you can only launch payloads through Hekate.

Hekate (Erista & Mariko):

Step 1:

  • Download the following files and extract them into the root of your SD card:

Step 2:

  • Rename hekate_ctcaer_x.x.x.bin to payload.bin.
  • Place your desired payload in /bootloader/payloads/.

Step 3:

  • Press the power button (⏻) and you will launch into Hekate.
  • Once in Hekate, press the payloads option and pick your desired payload.
  • You will now boot into your desired payload.

SXOS (Erista ONLY):

Step 1:

  • Place your desired payload in the root of your SD card.
  • Boot into the SXOS boot menu by holding VOL + while booting.

Step 2:

  • Pick Options and then pick Payloads.
  • Pick your desired payload and you will boot into it.

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