Toonami Non-Alcoholic Drinking Game
(because no human could survive WITH alcohol)

Take a shot every time:
-Toonami original content (promos, music videos, game reviews) finish
-Drink twice if a game gets an 8/10
-One of the following commercials airs:
-Trojan condoms
-Upcoming/current video game
-Any commercial you feel out of place airs
-♪ Hooot Pockets ♫
-Random upcoming genre movie
-Someone trying to sell you insurance
-Any anti-smoking (two if it's REALLY annoying)
-Sonic shakes
-Steve Blum Fast Food/theme restaurant
-Someone mentions how one of the drinking games is fatal

Blade Runner Black Lotus:
-there's a noodle stall
-L dodges a bullet
-there's a flashback to L's past
-a scene looks particularly PS2-esque
-there's a holographic waifu
-blatant pandering reference to something iconic in the movies (nose bandage, k's fur jacket, geisha hologram)
-MC asks a question that involves prior knowledge of Blade Runner

Yashahime Half-demon princess
-Towa talks about the dream butterfly
-Moroha loses a bounty/gets shitty pay
-Setsuna doesn't give a shit about Towa
-Moroha's unable to fight
-Myoga goes "boing"
-A villain is defeated in less than 3 minutes
-Towa discovers a new power and saves the day
-A flashback of [characters I remember] begins
-A character's name is shown on screen
2 drinks when:
-inuyasha or kagome say the other's name

Food Wars:
-someone says "delicious", "umami", "gastronomy", or "glutamic acid"
-there's a food reaction, two shots if it's highly sexual three shots if it's clearly impossible
-victor says "vkusno!"
-erina is tsun
-alice pouts
-megumi freaks out
-the director gets naked
-a character gets a cooking nickname
-there's a shot of meat's meat
-there's VERY fast chopping at incredible hihg speed
-soma makes some weird ass experimental food
-nobles look down on food peasants
-whoever goes first in a food war loses

Naruto Shippuden:
-Sasori sleeper agent meeting flashback
-Someone sighs or facepalms at Naruto's antics
-Naruto mentions ramen
-Sakura misses a chance to be useful
-Somebody runs with their arms trailing behind them
-There's a flashback
-Jiraiya does something perverted
-Sharingan activates
-A rasengan is used
-Someone gives a speech on friendship
-A kunai, shuriken, or paper bomb is used
-A nature based jutsu is used
-A hokage is shown or referenced
-A ninja walks on water, up a tree, or side of a mountain
-Someone does/uses something overly impractical

Fena: Pirate Princess
-fena is inappropriately bubbly or spergs out
-Fena comes up with a dumb plan
-Fena flashes back to her past
-The dog makes a minecraft villager noise
-The ninjas save everyone else
-Ninjas do some clearly impossible hayai bullshit
-there's other japan wanking
-there's a historical anachronism
-fena pines for yukimaru
-Yukimaru doesn't give a fuck about fena
-nobles are assholes
drink twice when:
--there's a nonsensical plot twist
--some invention is powered by springs
--fena gets bonk'd

Doctor Soap
-they invent something new
-senku explains something
-senku is unrealistically smart
-senku gets excited
-taiju shouts for no reason
-taiju unga bungas a problem
-kohaku gets called a lion/gorilla/etc
-someone mentions 10 billion
-there's a flashback to someone's life
-take 2 drinks whenever a character brews or imbibes alchohol

Dragonball Super:
-Someone complains that it's not like DBZ
-The jokes don't work
-A character from Dragonball or another Toriyama work shows up
-Goku is even more of an idiot
-A powerful character from DBZ gets BTFO by a new enemy
-Someone panics over offending Beerus
-Someone promises Beerus food
-A character from original DBZ is embarrassingly put down in Super
-Goku fucks up another chance to resurrect King Kai
-Yamcha plays baseball (2 shots if he gets wrecked)
-Vegeta loses any shreds of dignity he has left
-Flashback to DBZ Kai, with Kai's animation
-Beerus and Whis react to Earth food
-Whenever the whole Pilaf Gang show up
-Some character who's been forgotten forever gets a bullshit powerup
-Dragon Ball callbacks
-A character is knocked off the fighting ring (2 drinks if they're from Universe 7, 3 drinks if they're a Saiyan from either universe)
-Goku has a close call
-Jiren does absolutely nothing
-Animation is reused, and it's obvious
-The Zeno Twins are annoying
-Down the rest of your drink when a Universe gets erased.

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