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Our housing system isn’t just broken,
People are dying....

I don’t work with tossers
By Homes England chief executive Nick Walkley
Homes England chief executive Nick Walkley has used colourful language to make clear the body will only work with developers and contractors that prioritise diversity, sustainability and inclusion.

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House building record is surely unacceptable
By Helen Jones MP Warrington.

Analysis shows that at the current rate of build it will take over 130 years to house everyone on council house waiting lists.

Here in Warrington only five council or social homes were built in 2017-18 to cater for the 3,300+ households on the waiting list.

This is surely unacceptable when these homes are so badly needed.

Changes to complaints system for tenants
In the feedback received by ministers, tenants said that complaints procedures were confusing and overly bureaucratic.

It has become obvious that housing associations social housing and community benefit society's are incompatible.




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