How to Upgrade/Downgrade your system#

Before you upgrade your devices firmware, make sure you're on the latest
CFW version. Click here to find out more on how to update your CFW.

What you'll need:#

  • Firmware Files
  • Daybreak

Upgrade/Downgrade Process:#

You will first need to create a folder named firmware on the root of your SD card
Then you can place your firmware files in your firmware folder.
Afterwards, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Launch Daybreak from the homebrew menu
  2. Select Install
  3. Select the folder that contains your firmware
  4. Select Continue
  5. Select Perserve settings
  6. Select Install (FAT32 + exFAT)
  7. Select Continue to proceed

Once the upgrade/downgrade is done, you will need to reboot in order to finish the process.

If you get the following error after updating:

[ERROR] Fatal error: [NXBOOT] Failed to determine mariko warmboot firmware

then click here to learn more on how to fix the error.

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Pub: Jan 17 2021 21:57 UTC
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