Voice control demo with Mary - Video Transcript

Narrator: Voice control demo with Mary

Visuals: 'Voice control demo with Mary' is displayed on screen in yellow text on a blue background, Vision Australia, Blindness. Low Vision. Opportunity. Logo is displayed in bottom right hand corner

Mary: My name is Mary and one interesting thing is that I've been to Uganda three times to do humanitarian work.

Visuals: Mary is sitting in front of her computer. She has short grey hair and light skin. She is wearing a red floral top and glasses with a black frame.

Mary: Physically I have three fingers coming from my right hand, my left hand is only good not even as a paperweight so all of my movement comes from my three fingers and my mouth.

I use my trusty beer glass that I rest my chin on so I can use my small hand with my uh - on my mouse.

Visuals: Mary demonstrates resting her chin on her beer glass and then lifts up the glass with her right hand to show the camera.

Mary: Voice control allows someone with limited mobility or professionals even use it to operate a computer it is able to do all sorts of things from typing documents through to opening up certain screens.

I've got two happening on my computer I've still got Dragon, I've used every version since Dragon version three, but more and more I'm using the internal software that comes with the computer.

Narrator: Navigating online.

Visuals: Mary is sharing her screen as she browses the Vision Australia Website. There is a small thumbnail of Mary's video in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Mary: Voice access wake up, scroll down, scroll down, scroll down

Visuals: Mary scrolls down the Access Technology Helpdesk page on the website.

Mary: Show numbers

Visuals: Small blue bubbles with numbers in them appear on the screen next to buttons, links and other interactive elements.

Mary: Click 44

Visuals: Number 44 is next to the 'Frequently asked questions' link. The link activates and the screen changes to the 'Frequently asked questions' page.

Mary: Click visit our shop

Visuals: The mouse pointer jumps to the 'Visit our shop' button and the button activates. The page changes to the 'Vision Australia shop' page. An advertisement reading 'Feel the time with the Eone Bradley Watch. The future of accessible accessories is here' is shown on the page's banner, with pictures of men and women wearing the silver tactile watch.

Mary: Scroll down, scroll down, scroll down, scroll down,

Visuals: Mary scrolls down the page to show various links under the heading 'Our wide range of products'

Mary: click in the home

Visuals: The mouse pointer selects the 'In the Home' tile. The page appears, with a new set of links to choose from under the 'In the Home' heading.

Mary: scroll down, scroll down, show grid,

Visuals: Mary scrolls down to a section with various home products. A 3 by 3 grid appears of the page with numbers 1-9 in each section. Number 9 appears over a Desktop Magnifying Lamp

Mary: Click nine

Visuals: The page changes to the Desktop Manifying Lamp product page.

Mary: Scroll down, scroll down, show grid

Visuals: Mary scrolls down the page, the numbered 3 by 3 grid appears again

Mary: Four

Visuals: A smaller, numbered 3 by 3 grid appears where the number 4 was. The number 7 sits on top of the 'Add to cart' button.

Mary: Click seven

Visuals: The mouse selects the 'Add to card button', the button loads and then provides a confirmation message 'Added to cart'

Narrator: Editing text

Visuals: Mary is screen sharing with a Microsoft Word document open on her computer. The small video thumbnail of Mary is still in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Mary: Australia is undergoing...a range of weather changes at the moment

Visuals: The cursor blinks and the words spoken by Mary appear in the document

Mary: Select 'a'

Visuals: Numbered bubbles appear on every letter 'a' within the text

Mary: Four

Visuals: The numbered bubbles disappear and the capital 'A' after 'undergoing' is highlighted

Mary: Lowercase, go to end.

Visuals: The uppercase 'A' changes to a lowercase 'a', the blinking cursor moves to the end of the text

Mary: There are so many areas, backspace, in our country that are experiencing...

Visuals: The spoken text appears in the document, Mary deletes an unwanted full-stop and keeps speaking. The last piece of spoken text doesn't show up

Mary:...in our country that are experiencing - very diverse weather -, backspace, - diverse weather conditions.

Visuals: The text shows up this time, Mary deletes another unwanted full-stop and finishes the sentence. The video cuts to Mary speaking directly to the camera again

Mary These days there's uh there's time out and things time out on you so you can be doing activities - an activity - on the computer when you think 'oh good finally finished' you hit the send button and it says 'sorry you have timed out'. So that's - people that are developing these sites really need to look at the timing out issue, but certainly it would assist as an accessibility tool for someone to say 'Hey listen I might need more time to do an activity'

Narrator: Prepared by Digital Access, Vision Australia

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