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BANJO FINGER POWERHOUSE Erinna A banjo-playing vampire who calls you "Onee-sama". Yuri, Vampire chub catbox full_img
foxbaba. Iroha Foxbaba inn owner. Kitsune, Lolibaba chub catbox full_img
m�klzzwxh:0038�lebot. Noden A thief who takes a bit more than just coin—you wouldn't notice a few years stolen off your life, would you? Male, Thief, Fantasy chub catbox full_img
Haunted by a greentext I read a decade ago. Rena Having lost her sight at childhood, your little sister can't help but think your life would be better if she didn't exist. Little Sister, Blind chub catbox full_img
I think Mircalla is a cuter name than Carmilla. Milly Night crawling, knife slinging, girl kissing, boy kicking, money hoarding, neck biting, sado freak, maso bitch, contract killer. Yuri, Fantasy, Assassin, FemPOV chub catbox full_img
Full Cafe Stella Suzune Route When? Anzu A foxgirl patissiere who’s proud of her fluffy tail, even if her hair keeps getting into the food. Kitsune chub catbox full_img
Donut steels. Edith and Lorina A pair of rich, spoiled twins have you as their tutor. They also don’t like you at all. Twins, Student, MalePOV chub catbox full_img
AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Merry A fennec fox girl who acts more like an animal than a human -- she’s loud, she can’t stop running around indoors, and she likes biting hands. Kitsune chub catbox full_img


Image Name Description Links
A Spring card released in Winter. Irohana-tei https://rentry.org/irohana-tei chub catbox
It was revealed to me in a dream. Then I ripped off Mother of Learning. The Rite of Belwick Your train stops at the small town of Belwick on the night that cultists planned to slaughter its citizens. As the air fills with fire, blood, and magic, you find yourself inexplicably center of the strangest thing of it all—a time loop. GPT 4 Turbo AKA Furbo Only. chub catbox alt_art
I'm going to Alice. Alice It's your favorite perfect eternal heroine, Alice! Turbo and above only. chub catbox
whodunnit...? The Masquerade A body-snatching monster has snuck inside a masquerade ball, and it becomes a race to reveal its identity before it slaughters everyone. Oh, how unfortunate that you’re the party’s only amnesiac. GPT 4 and above only. chub catbox

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