Hi, my name is Michele. I'm in my mid forties, and a married mother of two. I'm not tall or skinny, but I'm not lazy either. I love hiking and camping and just being in nature. I always have. I don't know why, nor can I explain the sense of peace when I'm alone in the woods. Because of this I try to get a couple weekends per year to just go and relax in the woods at some remote place.

This last year work was just too much so I couldn't get much time off until mid September. By then the weather was getting cooler at night but the days were still fairly warm. I was able to get a full week off, and with my family's blessing I drove up to the north woods in Wisconsin. It was mid afternoon before I found the trail in to the remote camp site I located on the map.

I parked my car and headed in after collecting all my things. It was a two mile hike in before I found the site. The trail was overgrown and not much more than a six inch opening through the trees. Not having signal to my phone my GPS wasn't helping me, and I was soon cutting my own trail. It was almost dark before I found a place that was okay to set up in for the night.

I quickly set up my tent, made a fire, and grabbed a quick bite to eat before sitting back as the darkness closed in around me. I was tired and sore from the hike so all I did was watch the fire dozing off for a while before I crawled into my tent in my sleeping bag. The coolness of the night gave me a bit of a chill so I remained in my clothes since I'm too fat to fully zip up my bag while I'm in it.

Ever since I have birth I've never been able to get rid of my belly. The fat has stayed in my midsection and ass no matter what I've tried. It has given me a larger bust going from a 34B to a 42D. Since pregnancy I've also had a rather active libido. There are days I get so horny I can't stop fantasizing, and it makes me so wet that it looks like I've peed my pants.

The cool crisp air and the solitude is bringing me to that place on this night. My mind wanders as I try to sleep thinking about a man taking me for his pleasure all night long. My fingers wander down unzipping my jeans, and then slipping into my underwear until I hear myself moaning as I rub circles on my clit with my fingertip. It feels so good, so hot, and so wet. I quickly shudder as the pleasure overcomes me. A loud moan fills the air as my hips bounce in orgasm. Once it ends I fall fast asleep still thinking about being taken again.

The sun shines in my eyes waking me. I crawl from my tent to see my backpack has been unzipped, and my stuff laying all over. I collect it all repacking it as I go. The only things I don't find are my spare bra and underwear. I think it's odd, but I don't find any other footprints around except my own. I chalk it up as I forgot them. I've done that before, and once I get to where I want to be I'll probably just not wear anything anyhow. I pack everything before heading where I thing the camp should be.

After a few hours of slogging through bramble, thorns, and swamp I reach a small clearing. Setting up my solar charger for my phone I take a break. My legs and back are sore, but the ache between my legs is the most intense thing I can feel. My phone will need at least and hour to charge so I lay back unzipping my jeans pulling them with my underwear to my knees. My hand wanders finding my hot crotch, and my fingers take me away to my fantasy.

I slowly bring myself to the edge before letting myself calm, and then I repeat it over and over knowingly making myself all that much more horny. I know I have some time. My mind creates the perfect dream of being taken good and hard by a dark man that's well endowed. My eyes close tight after I can't stand edging myself anymore, and I bury three fingers deep into my pussy feeling it clamping down as my moans echo through the clearing. My body shakes and quivers feeling the ecstasy pouring from me until it finally ends leaving me laying there panting, but still wanting.

I wipe my fingers on the grass beside me before checking my phone charge. I'm about half charged, but I also need to get going so I pack it up heading out. I hike for a couple more hours before I find myself back in the clearing. I feel slight panic, but I know better than to let it get the best of me. I check to see that I have one bar on my phone so I bring up my GPS. The map barely loads giving me a split second to see where I am and need to go before losing signal.

On my way out I noticed where I was laying, and I remembered my fantasy which makes me very horny again. I also see that the spot I wiped my fingers is bare. Right down to the dirt. I see another place where the grass is matted down with what looks like dew on the grass beside it. I figure that must have been where I laid, but my mind is telling me it's not. The day is wearing away so I don't dwell on it. I just write it off as my mind getting confused, and I head off to the camp site.

The sun is all too soon low on the horizon. I'm confused since I should have been to the camp hours ago. With no signal, and an almost dead phone all I can do is hope for another overnight area. It's almost dark before I happen across a open spot just big enough for my tent and a camp fire. I start a fire bridge using the light from it to pitch my tent. I don't even bother to stake it down.

After supper I'm again left to my vices. This time my mind goes more toward the rough end of the sexual spectrum. I imagine being discovered and taken roughly. I pinch my nipples hard making my back arch while my other hand rams three fingers into my pussy as hard as I can. All I hear are my moans and the slapping against my crotch right up until I moan really loud as I orgasm hard. My ass lifts right off the ground as the waves tear through me, and by the time I'm done I'm completely spent.

I crawl into my tent and under my bag without even pulling my clothes back in place. My shirt and bra are up over my boobs, and my underwear and jeans are around my knees. I close my eyes and fall right to sleep thinking about still being used hard.

I'm startled awake, and I get a bit scared thinking a bear is outside my tent. The fire is nothing but embers so I can't see much by the star light. I hear my backpack being moved so I gather the courage to yell.

"Get it off here, and leave my stuff alone damn it!"

Whatever is there scurries off into the trees, and it sounds about raccoon size if it was a big raccoon. I pulled my pack into the tent with me before nodding back off. When I wake in the morning I notice nothing amiss. I grab and quick bite to eat before heading back in the direction I know the site to be. When I come to a good sized clearing on a hill I go to take a break.

My libido getting worse and worse as I hike I need a quick reliever. It's not easy to concentrate when looking at smaller trees wondering if I could fuck myself with something that thick. I search my pack for my solar charger, but I can't find it. My heart sinks, and my brain loses the sexy train of thought. I decide to back track to see where I lost it.

When I return to the small clearing my phone charger is nowhere around. It's almost night by the time I reach the first clearing, and I just set up camp. My phone is completely dead so I have to wait until morning to look for it. I just make supper, and stir back watching the fire hating myself for losing it. Between my self loathing and libido I decide that I need a spanking so I break a branch from a tree before kneeling with my bare ass up in the air.

I give myself fifty solid smacks across my backside before pleasuring myself to a wonderful orgasm. One that flattens me to the ground. When I catch my breath I feel the burning in my ass cheeks, and that begins to leave me somewhat satisfied. The idea hits me to spank myself more so I can achieve full satisfaction.

"Why not? There's nobody around for miles so you can scream and moan all you want Michele." I say to myself.

I undress before I kneel by the fire with my legs open wide feeling the heat on my crotch. Then I look down at my heaving breasts admiring them as they rise and fall. I reach back with the stick, and then snap it forward until I fell it cut across both of my breasts. A moan filled the air as I wonder what I'm doing. I tell myself that the fictional man is doing this to me, and I swat myself again. I see the red stripes growing across my bosom while I land more and more blows across my chest.

Then after another fifty swats covering my entire chest I reach between my legs riding my fingers once more until I'm a quivering mess laying beside the fire. I feel satisfied and warm. I'm sore and tired. I watch the fire dance in front of me for a short bit before I nod off. I awaken to the warm fire roaring in front of me. My body stiff from all the hiking and laying on the ground. My pack is under my head and my bag is laying behind me keeping my back warm like someone placed it there.

"The fire should have died by now." I wonder aloud. "How did my bag get out here?"

I sit up and hear some movement in the tree line. I dig through my pack for my flashlight, but before I find it I notice that all of my clothes are laying out on the other side of the fire. I grab my light, and look into the woods as much as the light penetrates. I see nothing so I get dressed before knocking the fire down and crawling into the tent. Laying there awake I hear soft footfalls walking around the tent. In the faint glow of the dying fire I see quick shadows flash past. I lay on my stomach looking out through the zipper of the tent.

I see a large shadow moving fast along the tree line. It disappears in the woods, and I listen intently. I soon hear movement in the back of my tent. Then on the side. I look as much as I can, but I see nothing. Slowly I unzip the tent hoping to peek my head out, but the noise sends whatever it is crashing into the woods. Then it's all silent until I again fall asleep.

I wake with the sun in my eyes and my head poking out of the tent door. It's warm and the birds are chirping all around. I slowly crawl out of the tent to see a few apples laying beside my pack. I find it curious since I didn't bring apples with me. My canteen is full of water, and there's firewood laying nearby in a pile.

"Hello?" I shout. "Who's here with me?"

I now know that I'm not alone, but nobody answers me. I cook the apples and sit back relaxing fully expecting someone to come walking up. I feel my libido getting stronger as my brain invents some dashing lumberjack that's going to use me when he gets back, but I resist the growing urge to pressure myself in case someone does show up. The more my mind invents the hotter and wetter my crotch gets. I'm soon feeling like I'm sitting in a puddle. A hot puddle that has electricity flowing through it.

When it gets too bad my hand doesn't listen when it undoes my jeans, or when it dives into my pussy. I'm soon moaning in orgasm, but it's cut off when I hear branches cracking on the trees in front of me not far away. Like something was watching me before running away.

"I guess you're shy? I hope you liked the show?" I mumble pulling my hand from my pants.

I see how wet my fingers are before wiping them on the grass. Then looking down I see the huge wet spot on the crotch of my jeans. I pull them and my underwear off hanging them on a branch to dry. Then I wrap my sleeping bag around my waist covering myself as I watch the fire and listen to the woods. The fresh air makes me so relaxed I close my eyes feeling nature all around me until something gets my attention. A feeling. I look over at my jeans just to see them disappearing into the woods. I look for my underwear but they're gone as well.

"Bring back my clothes damn it! Don't leave me half naked."

I listened hearing nothing. No breeze, no birds, no animals, just ear ringing silence. A minute goes by before I feel like I'm being watched from behind me. I turn to see nothing. When I turn back I freeze in terror. There only a few feet in front of me stands a nine foot hairy beast that's known as sasquatch or bigfoot. He's holding my underwear in his hand, and I can see clearly that it's a he. My underwear are torn to pieces when he drops them in front of me.

He just stands there staring at me with a huge raging hard on that has to be ten inches long and as big around as my wrist. I feel my crotch flush with desire thinking about what this beast is wanting from me. I sit there watching him sniff the air between us like he can smell my arousal. Slowly I rise to my feet letting my bag drop to the ground. He watches as I face him sniffing the air harder. I see his dark brown dick throbbing with a small droplet of pre cum forming at the tip. I left my shirt over my head feeling like I'm in a dream.

I step toward him, and he stands his ground grunting as he sniffs toward me. I feel the heat burning between my legs while my wetness drips down my legs. My nipples lead the way as hard as rocks. Almost painfully hard. Reaching out I wrap my left fingers around his right pointer finger, and I gently grab his cock firmly in my right hand. I've never felt a dick so hard, so hot, and so big in my entire life. But I feel the need to have this one.

I look into his eyes as I drop to my knees extending my tongue to lick the droplet from his tip. It tastes sweet and hot, and it makes me crave more. I take the head into my mouth filling me and stretching my jaw. The beast lets out a roar and a grunt while I lick and suck as much as I can. Just feeling him throbbing in my mouth turns me on so much. The taste is not like anything I've ever tasted. So sweet. Like honey.

It only took a few minutes with him sniffing the air before his hands engulf my breasts. I stand letting him explore my chest. He pinches and tweaks my nipples making me flinch. He holds me in place with my nipples until his hand reaches between my legs. A large finger runs over my wet slit making my knees weak. He then sniffs the finger before letting out a loud roar. I grab his dick stroking it gently. He again looks me in the eyes, and I see a need in him. The same need as I have.

His hand returns between my legs, but this time my pussy is opened as his finger slides inside of me. My legs give out as the large finger fills me as much as my husband's dick. He easily holds my weight making his finger drive deeper. I moan loud feeling my hips rock on his digit. My stroking on his cock quickening as my orgasm approaches. It's only minutes before I feel my vaginal muscles clamping down on his finger as my moans echo through the woods.

After I finish he sniffs and licks his finger. My legs are shaking so I sit at his feet. His cock still throbbing over me making me want it. My mind is screaming to stop, but my pussy wants to see if it'll fit. I find myself laying back opening my legs. The sun feels cold on my overheated crotch, but my need is heating me more. I watch as he kneels between my legs. He knows what I need, and by the looks of his throbbing cock he's going to give it to me.

I feel the hair that covers him against the inside of my legs opening them more, and then I feel the hot tip press against my slick opening. Again he roars, and then he slowly enters me. I feel my pussy opening wider and wider. The heat is so intense as I stretch to accommodate his girth. Deeper and deeper it slides. Slowly. Almost tenderly. All I can see is his hairy chest over me, and all I feel is his cock stretching me. It hurts, but not painfully. More of a discomfort.

He stops every few seconds letting me get used to his size, and after a few minutes I feel his hairy balls pressing against my ass. He looks down at me and growls as my hips begin to rock. His dick pulls out, and then smashes back into me hard making my entire body shake. I moan loud feeling so full and so fucked while he slams into my anxious pussy over and over driving me to nirvana. The pressure builds quickly deep within me, and I'm soon overcome with pleasure. I feel every inch of him in me as my pussy tries in vain to hold him deep.

I shake and moan losing my breath while the waves take me to heaven. It's non stop. His cock feels too good. It doesn't even begin to wane until he roars over me, and I feel his hot cum blasting deep in my womb heating my insides. I feel my vagina milking him as he bloats my abdomen. It feels like ten heavenly minutes pass before he stands over me looking down at me. Then with a grunt he walks into the woods leaving me laying there satisfied and exhausted. I close my eyes reveling in the afterglow.

The next thing I know it's dark and there's a warm fire right beside me. I'm wrapped in my bag and my bigfoot is watching me grin the tree line. I just smile at him, and he disappears into the woods. That's the last I see of him. The next day I pack up, and try to find him. I follow his trail for a few miles before I an back at my car. I charge my phone, and grab my spare clothes before heading back into the woods.

"I've got two days to find him." I say as I hike.

I find the camping spot I originally had wanted to be at, and I called there for the night since it was late. My last day I searched all around, but never found even a hint of what happened. I leave for home with just a memory. A very sexy memory that I get worked up thinking about. My life returns to normal, but I long for feeling him again. Sex with my husband does nothing for me. I don't even notice the extra weight for four months, and being the winter I can wear loose clothes to hide my growing boobs and belly. By March it's hard to hide so I pack my camping gear and head to the woods. I park in the same place, and waddle up the muddy trail.

It's only a few hundred yards before I hear a low grunt. I look to see him standing there sniffing the air as my crotch heats and wets uncontrollably.

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