"You're fired." Valeria said.

This was her first holiday season as CEO of Doll Tech, a smaller sister company to Kollar Tech, and she wanted to start trimming the fat before the new year began.

"Fired! On Christmas eve? You've got to be kidding me."

"Look Mr. Lemons, we've held on to you long enough and I just don't see why I should prolong this working relationship." Valeria said. "Expert advice is to fire someone when the the next day isn't a routine workday. So, I figured Christmas was the perfect time for you to re-evaluate your life."

"Screw you. Don't call me when everything goes wrong, you stupid bitch." Mr. Lemons gave her the finger and walked out of her office.

Valeria was flustered by the interaction. She hated delivering bad news, but it had to be done. It was part of her pre pledged New Year's resolution to clear off the hard things first, so her mind no longer had to stress about them. Less stress, more peace. And it wasn't a spiteful firing, despite Mr. Lemons reaction. There were never any issues reported out of IT and Valeria couldn't understand why there was such a huge department for it. Clearly the company could manage without Mr. Lemons. He had overseen the assembly line technology and recently implemented a more efficient system. With the new system in place, he added no more value to the company and his employment was no longer necessary.

With her reports all in order, Valeria still had to wait for the last few dolls to be packaged and shipped before she could go home. Everything had to be correct when she reported to Kollar Tech in the New Year. Passing the time by scrolling through her social media, the call from her on-site manager finally broke the silence.

"Hello Ms. Watkins." Valeria said. "...What do you mean we have a problem.... Okay, I will be down there ASAP."

Valeria logged off her computer. Of all the days to have an issue, it had to be Christmas Eve. She knew it wasn't Mr. Lemons doing because he had been escorted out by security. Maybe it was karma for firing someone right before Christmas. Whatever the case, how hard could it be to fix?

Valeria and Ms. Watkins stared at the immobile assembly line.

"What do you usually do when this happens?" Valeria said.

"Nothing. Mr. Lemons always sorted it out."

"And how often did this happen since switching to the new system?"

"Once or twice a day, but it was always a quick fix. I just never learned what he did." Ms. Watkins said.

"Well maybe as the on-site manager, you should've paid more attention." Valeria shifted the blame.

"Well, I didn't know you were going to fire him."

"That's not my problem now is it?" Valeria said. She checked her watch. "If this isn't fixed in the next hour then there may be another person fired on Christmas Eve.

Ms. Watkins sighed and headed to the control room. All Valeria could do was wait until the issue was resolved, but she wouldn't leave until then. Before she headed back to her office, the realistic dolls standing on the assembly line caught her attention. The most eye-catching was the Selma doll made in the image of the famous Pop Star. The doll's face was almost lifelike, attesting to the quality of the doll and the truly remarkable technology. The added Kollar Tech collar gave the user the option to program their doll, which was how it was advertised. A custom-made, programable doll for all the client's needs. Everyone knew what most users did with their dolls, especially the customized orders. It was openly discussed within the Company to ensure customers were always satisfied. But that option was never included in commercials, which emphasized the domestic capabilities like cooking and cleaning. The entire ad campaign was one big wink to the consumer.

Valeria had never really inspected the dolls before, but it was nice to see that their quality lived up to expectations. She circled around the doll to check the back and noted the proportions were accurate as she remembered the many paparazzi shots of Selma's bikini and thong clad ass in gossip magazines. The detail was magnificent work to see. Taking two steps back to get a further view, Valeria found her feet planted and unable to move. She looked down and saw that she inadvertently triggered a switched that locked her feet in place with a metal bar. It was probably a safety feature so the dolls wouldn't fall over.

The whirls and noises of the machines arose slowly into a loud thunderous chorus. Ms. Watkins had finally got the assembly line to work, but now Valeria was stuck. Before she could scream for help, an automated machine arm came down and placed a collar around her neck. Her arms immediately dropped to her sides and her body stood tall and stiff like the doll in front of her. A smiled spread on her face as the collar's default setting nullified her control.

"Ms. Peppers, I think I got the machines to work." Valeria heard Ms. Watkins's voice, but couldn't move or react. "Ms. Peppers?"

Valeria could hear her on-site manager moving around, even catching a glimpse of her looking at the assembly line, but then she shrugged her shoulders.

"Must have gone back to her office."

Ms. Watkins left the assembly line room. Valeria screamed in her mind for help, but to no avail. With the collar on, she was at the mercy of its programming. The assembly moved forward and so did Valeria. The process was unfamiliar, but she knew the end result. Hopefully, someone along the way would realize what was happening and stepped in to help. She had faith in her workers.

Having a real doll right in front of her, Valeria could see what was going to happen before she was forced to go through with it herself. The first room dressed the naked doll by fitting it with a tight red bra and thong before the sending it on to the next station. Once Valeria arrived at the station, the program was smart enough to realize that she was already dressed. The machine ripped the clothes off of Valeria and placed them into a shredder in the corner of the room. To her horror, all her clothes and personal items were shredded to a million pieces, including her ID badge and mini wallet. How would anyone know who she was now? It would be rare given her relatively small public image, but it was conceivable that someone may have ordered a customized doll in her likeness. Without ID, employees wouldn't give a second thought about seeing her on the assembly line. The red bra and thong were placed on her and she moved on to the next station.

In the next room, a modest dress was placed on the doll in front of her, giving her hope that at least some of her dignity was going to be kept intact. However, her outfit was anything but modest. The machine dressed her in a sheer red baby doll and 6-inch red heels, which gave her a good idea of what the buyer was looking for.

At the next station, Valeria's light makeup was wiped clean and her face was fully done up. Fake eyelashes and bright red lips, with a little bit of blush like she was a real doll. She could feel the coat of makeup on her face as if it was a mask covering the true person behind it. The assembly line rolled forward into the next room where various pieces of jewellery were placed on the doll in front of her. But not just any jewellery. Kollar Tech jewellery, each with a different purpose and effect.

Valeria waited nervously as the machine arms moved. First was the Pleasure Diamond Ring. The moment it was put on, her pleasure increased by tenfold. The entire situation started to turn her on. She was helplessly being made into a doll for someone else's pleasure. Her hopes of being recognized and rescued faded as the ring wiped away her worry and had her focus on the present. She was being made into a doll. And it would be flattering if her employees didn't notice as that would compliment her doll-like beauty.

The next items were the Dumb Diamond Earrings. Once on, Valeria felt a numbing feeling in her mind. Things she had known or could easily recall suddenly became difficult to remember. All her duties as a CEO became a muddled mess as she tried to remember what her role was. It confused her to think about being a CEO. She knew that she was on the doll assembly line and it made more sense if her role was a doll. The thought made her laugh internally. As if she could ever be CEO. That role was for smart people, not someone like her. Her best asset was her body and that's why she was a doll.

The machine continued and added a Sexy Diamond Belly Button Ring. With it came the need for sex all the time. Unless she was plugged in any hole, the craving to be used as a doll so that others could feel pleasure was always there.

To safeguard against her extreme craving, the last item, the Blank Diamond Studded Butt Plug, was placed in her ass. The craving was suppressed as long as the butt plug was in. In fact, her entire mind was mostly shut down. Dolls weren't supposed to think too much. They were to be used and put away. It all made sense to Valeria. She was a doll and her only value to the company was as a product that was about to be sold to her new owner.

With the jewellery in place, the assembly line moved on and added the finishing touches: red nail polish, and a large red bow placed in her hair. The look was complete, and she was finally ready to be packaged. By now, Valeria was looking forward to her new home.

The dolls rolled out one by one and met by Norman, the packaging supervisor. It was interesting to see the various models and clothing people used to customize their dolls. It wasn't always blonde bimbos. He had learned that people had a wide variety of tastes. From curvy brunettes to skinny redheads to voluptuous blondes. He had seen plenty of dolls come through that added their own categories. Nothing surprised him anymore.

With the last few dolls rolling out, one caught his eye.

"Hey Lester. Look at that doll. I can't believe Ms. Peppers approved this."

Norman and Lester watched the seemingly artificial Valeria doll come to a full stop at the end of the assembly line.

"Do you think they got the proportions right?" Lester asked.

Norman grabbed a handful of her breast. "Tits seem accurate."

They laughed. Norman pulled out his phone and the two men proceeded to take multiple selfies with the CEO look-alike, including pictures of her naked. As much as they wanted to fuck her like the sex doll she was, using the dolls before sending them out was strongly prohibited. Clients would figure out quickly if they weren't breaking in their dolls for the first time.

With the pictures taken and ready to be used as funny stories for other coworkers, the two men re-dressed and put the oddly heavy doll into her package and boxed her up. The package was exactly like a Barbie doll package with the clear screen at the front and a pink frame with the word 'Kollar Doll' written below.

Safe and secure in her temporary home, Valeria and the rest of the dolls were loaded onto the truck for the last delivery of the evening.

Despite being fired, Mr. Lemons still had his new doll to look forward to. He worried that Ms. Peppers might have canceled it or charged him the full price, but the sound of the doorbell calmed those fears. At least he would have some fun over the next few days.

The delivery man brought the package inside and Mr. Lemons signed off. Once the delivery man left, Mr. Lemons was shocked to see the doll inside looked identical to Ms. Peppers. Of course, he'd never actually seen her smile, so that was a pleasant change to her appearance.

Like most employees, Mr. Lemons found the CEO attractive, but her bitchy attitude made hate fucking the only fantasy worth having. With this big-titted doll, he could finally blow off some steam, literally and figuratively. The customized doll that he had actually ordered was completely different in look and style, but this was so much better.

He opened the front and inspected his new doll. The moment he touched her soft skin, however, he realized the truth. The difference was subtle, but Mr. Lemons was around long enough to find it.

He smiled and looked up. "It's really you. None of this would have happened if you had called me to fix the problem. But I'll use this mistake to my advantage."

Valeria stared back with her blank smile. Although he had ordered a doll, it was not his intention to have one that looked like Valeria or to trap Valeria into becoming one. That was her own doing. But he wasn't going to waste the opportunity, especially after being fired. With his intimate knowledge of all Kollar Tech items, Mr. Lemons connected the various accessories to his Kollar App so that, at the touch of a button, he could switch any one of them on or off.

The first order of business was clearing the air with his former boss. All of the items were turned off except the collar, which made her immobile from the neck down. Valeria's eyes blinked as her mind came back online.

"What the hell is going on?" Valeria said.

"Somehow you got caught in the doll assembly line and instead of receiving my custom Selma doll, I got you."

"And why can't I move. I swear to God, Mr. Lemons, I will..."

"You'll what, fire me." Mr. Lemons said. "I worked my ass off to make sure that assembly line was always running. You people up top have no idea what we do in the background."

"I'm sorry, I really am."

"No, you're not. You're just sorry you're in this predicament."

Valeria sneered. "You let me go..."

He touched a button on his phone, and she lost the ability to speak. Another tap and she bent at the waist with her face forward. A final tap and her mouth widened into an 'O' shape. Mr. Lemons walked over and shoved his cock inside, making eye contact with the still aware Valeria.

"Maybe this will help you understand the gravity of your situation. I'm in charge right now. You are my doll. So, start acting like it or I'll turn your mind off completely."

After a few thrusts in her mouth, Mr. Lemons backed out and reverted her mouth to a smile.

"Now let's turn up that sex drive." Mr. Lemons said as he activated the Pleasure Diamond Ring and Sexy Diamond Belly Button Ring. Then he allowed her to speak again.

"Oh my God. Oh my God. Please fuck me. I need you to plug my holes." Valeria begged.

"Is that so?"

"Use my pussy and my mouth please. I need them filled so bad."

Mr. Lemons walked around her, his cock still hard from the wetness of Valeria's mouth, and lined up with her pussy.

"Are you sure, Valeria?"

"Fuck me Mr. Lemons, please fuck me."

"Well, all right then."

Mr. Lemons did as he was told. He pulled aside her babydoll and thong and then entered his boss doll. It was tighter than he imagined, and once he entered, the giddiness of fucking his hot boss reminded him of the excitement he used to feel on Christmas morning. The entire situation of her not being in control was something Mr. Lemons had always dreamt about but knew could never happen. Now it was his reality. His former bitch boss was a now doll to be used anyway he pleased.

"You like that?"

"Oh yes, please keep going. I was designed to be fucked and filled."

Mr. Lemons turned off the Sexy Diamond Belly Button Ring, cutting off her craving to be filled. Fucking her was fun. The bonus of fucking with her mind was the cherry on top.

"Stop fucking me." Valeria said.

"But you just told me to."

"You know it's the devices you asshole."

"It feels good though, doesn't it?" Mr. Lemons said as he increased his speed. The Pleasure Diamond Ring was still amplifying her pleasure ten-fold.

"Fuuuck youuu." Her tone indicated it was indeed extremely pleasurable.

"Let's try some different facial expressions."

Mr. Lemons cycled through several. First, he tried the duck face, followed by a genuine smile, and then he settled on the Aheago face.

"Oh man, I need a pic of this."

Mr. Lemons snapped a picture of his boss looking ridiculous. Only a few hours earlier, this was the same woman who had fired him for her perceived notion that he wasn't doing his job. Now he was balls deep inside her while her eyes were crossed with her tongue sticking out. She looked like someone who couldn't do any job.

"Pwease change me ba."

Mr. Lemons ignored her plea and pulled the babydoll down to reveal her tits.

"Ms. Peppers, I must say, you have some delectable tits. It's a shame you never really showed them off around the office."

He reached around and started fondling her breasts, adding more pleasure to her experience. Her muffled pleas and moans were inaudible as she struggled to communicate with her tongue sticking out. After a few minutes of enjoying her voluptuous chest and hard nipples, Mr. Lemons was ready for what he had originally wanted. A sex doll.

Mr. Lemons grabbed the remote and returned Valeria's face to normal. She huffed and puffed trying to catch her breath from the aggressive fucking and overwhelming pleasure. There was silence between them except the smack of his pelvis hitting her ass.

"You know this never would have happened if you hadn't fired me on Christmas Eve. I'd tell you to never make that mistake again, but I've got a different idea in mind. "

"What are you going to do?" Valeria sneered. "You won't get away with this."

"We'll see about that."

Mr. Lemons activated the Dumb Diamond Earrings, which sent a wave of numbness through her mind. He watched as her eyes went from a hard stare to a soft gaze. The earrings effects turned her tight lips into a loose smile. A dumb smile. Her mind decluttered of all unnecessary thoughts until the only thing left was the feeling of Mr. Lemons's cock sending vibrations throughout her body.

Although the dumb giggly doll was fun to play with, Mr. Lemons wanted the full sex doll experience. He wanted the same evening that he had planned on having with his Selma doll. Doing it with his former boss was just a bonus he had not anticipated. First, he had her lie on his bed. With another touch of a button, the Blank Diamond Studded Butt Plug was activated. Valeria's eyes opened wide and stared blankly ahead. Instead of thinking of Mr. Lemons's cock, now her mind was filled with nothing. She was now a blank doll. Her mouth dropped into an 'O' shape and her face remained like a vacant doll.

Mr. Lemons threw his phone on the bed and grabbed the dolls hands, positioning them like a traditional sex doll. He fucked her harder, mesmerized by the bouncing tits. It was the best Christmas gift he had ever gotten and something that would hopefully completely change his life. With her out of the way, his job would be reinstated in no time.

For the rest of the night, Mr. Lemons used his doll and shot his load relentlessly into whatever hole he desired, reducing her to nothing but a sex doll cum receptacle. When he was finally finished, he placed his cum coated doll under the tree as if she were a gift.

"Goodnight Ms. Peppers." Mr. Lemons took in the afterglow if his performance before blowing a kiss and retiring for the evening. There was a lot to do over the next few days if his plan was to work.

Mr. Lemons undid his tie as he walked towards his front door. After Valeria suddenly vacated her job, Mr. Lemons had made a detailed pitch to the board of directors on production efficiency and cost savings. They were so impressed that he was offered a position as a vice president of production with assurance that he had a bright future with the company because of his care of the product and intimate knowledge of the entire production process. For her hard work and reputation, Ms. Watkins narrowly edged out the current Chief Financial Officer and was promoted to the vacated CEO position. Ms. Peppers' two former subordinates helped the company reach record sales and improved the research and development process.

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