Hello My Dear Readers...

It has been more than a year time since CRICKET WITH MY SISTER SONALI was published, and I really did not have any plans of writing a Second Part for the same.

However, after I used the Characters from the above mentioned story for a sub-plot in the Series OPENING UP TO MY MOTHER, I started feeling that this thread had a lot more to it, and the Tale had to be taken forward.

This New Work is a straightforward continuation, and picks up a few days from where the Original Story ended, but still, at best, is only a Spiritual Successor, focusing more on the Emotions of the Brother & Sister, and rightfully, is also just one among the many alternative possibilities.

A quick look at CRICKET WITH MY SISTER SONALI will give you a better idea about the Scenario.

While the Actual Account was Narrated by the Brother's Character, the following is told in Third-Person, and I hope all of you will like it.

Happy Reading!!

Two full weeks had passed since 19 year old Sonali's sexual encounter with her elder brother.

She felt absolutely great when they did it, but she had been strenuously avoiding him, thereafter!!

Sonali certainly was always a horny young lass, and for some strange reason, that realization was enough to make her believe she was a slut.

However, in reality, she was far away from being a real slag. She had been fucked by her boyfriend twice, well before her adventure with her own brother, but she still was a very regular, very emotional, very loving girl - Sonali still was a very Indian girl!!

There was no denying that she definitely knew what she really wanted when she asked her brother to help develop her Cricketing Skills - She knew she was going to tease him, but the open sex in the veranda was still something that happened in the heat of the moment.

She was too aroused, and could not stop herself when she understood how excited she had made her brother - All she then wanted to do was relentlessly cum, as he fucked her from the back!!

Her pussy continued to leak that whole night, even hours after her unexpected partner had pulled his meat out of her love-hole, and she attained a lot of pleasure replaying the event, in her mind - Only until, she found tears rolling down her eyes!!

She knew she had sinned!! She knew everything had changed!!

She had loved it... She had loved what her brother did to her... But, At That Point... She hated herself for letting him do it... She hated herself for making him do it!!

Sonali's brother - Ranveer, too, seemed to have been avoiding her just as much as she had been avoiding him, all these days.

He very well knew what they had done that evening was very wrong.

It was something that should have never happened!! It was something that was rightly forbidden!!

Ranveer remained disturbed and frustrated, and was filled with a serious amount of remorse - He had easily confirmed his sister was not a virgin, during the act, but he still felt responsible for stealing whatever was left of her innocence.

He knew he had done what no brother should do to their sister - He knew he had left a scar she will have to live with, forever!!

Both, Ranveer & Sonali, stayed away from each-other, and as far as they could, every time they were home.

They were equally scared that the other might just want to talk, about the incident, and even started getting back home really late - The brother spend a lot more time at the Cricket Ground, and the sister found peace at her College Library.

They did not have any of their meals together, they fully stopped watching TV together, and they also did not take part in the daily family chat, they had with their parents, and tried their best to avoid each-other at all costs.

According to them, this was the most practical solution to not get themselves into uneasy situations, and end up alerting the remaining two members of the family, in the process!!

But, their mother, Mallika, knew exactly what was happening - Surprisingly, she helped make things easy for the duo, by not letting their father have any idea about the wicked event.

In-fact, she considered not letting her man know what the kids were up to as a mission that was of greater importance to her, than for her boy & girl.

After all, there was no way her husband could ever be notified about the fact that she had exposed herself to her adult son, begging him to take her!!

Of-course, nothing happened right away, and Ranveer did manage to talk his way out of the scandalous situation, promising his mother something even better, but nobody other than the two knew what the arrangement was!!

In short, even though Mallika was convinced she had enough reasons to be concerned about, and she had to bury the dirty family secret within herself, she also really cherished the hard truth that she had caught her children in the most tabooistic act - The abnormally thoughtless lady knew she was soon going to be greatly rewarded, but that is a whole different chapter, and for later!!

While Sonali still remained in the dark about her mother being a witness to the immoral deed, Ranveer fought a tough battle struggling to keep lewd images of his mother and sister away from his thoughts.

The mature woman did put the effort to make her son feel as less uncomfortable as possible, but there was no way he could ever forget the sight of her bare saggy tits!!

On a Saturday Night, few more weeks later, when the parents were at The Club, with their friends, watching India play England, in a T-20 Cricket Match, Sonali heard a knock on her shut door, when she was least expecting it.

She was laying on her bed, studying for her Computer Science Test, and the tap immediately caught her attention, but she chose to remain silent, without responding.

For she knew it was her brother - There was no one else at home, and she just did not want to see him, or even talk to him!!

"Sonali?! Are you awake??" she heard her brother's familiar voice, as he knocked on the door, one more time.

"What is it?!" she questioned, sensing the thumps turning louder, but still least interested.

"Can I come in??" Ranveer asked, in an unsure manner, also straightaway comprehending he just should not have.

"What!! Why?!" Sonali quickly bounced back, in a tone that was a mix of fear & anger.

"Look... It's that... I am going out... I need to meet... I mean... I have some work to do... Dad & Mom will be late... I hope you won't mind being alone..." the elder brother explained, sounding as relaxed as he could.

Sonali just did not know what she had to say - All she did was keep quite!!

"Sonali... Can you hear me??" Ranveer quizzed, more politely.

"Yes..." the younger sister finally replied.

"I said... I am going out..." Ranveer repeated.

"Okay..." was all that Sonali wanted to say.

As she heard her brother walk away from the door, she let herself think about him, pushing his way deep inside her, for a brief second, before turning her attention back to the Programming Languages Text Book, and sighed!!

She knew that her brother had gone on many dates after the incident, and she was certain he was on his way to meet his girlfriend.

Truth be told, it sparked immense jealousy within her, even as she was fully aware that she had no right to feel betrayed.

She had been living with this conflicting emotion ever since that eventful day, and desperately tried to ignore the feelings of envy, distracting herself by getting laid with her boyfriend, Adithya, more often than ever!!

And on a day she felt extra broken, she even let her partner's well hung bestie feel her up, inside a Movie Hall, as the former went to take a leak!!

Adithya was also the son of her Dad's Boss, and they had been dating for almost a year now.

He asked her out during the Annual Get-Together at the Office, and she straightaway said yes. It was the first time they had met, but she felt she had to say yes to him - Sonali was so naive, she believed rejecting the proposal will cause problems for her father, at work!!

The couple began talking, they started meeting, they made out, and very soon had sex.

She knew she let her boyfriend pop her cherry, but having said that, she also knew she did not really love him - To be more precise, she very truly only loved one man!!

Well before Sonali thought about suggesting a Cricket Training Session as a gift from her elder brother, for her 19th birthday, she was already addicted to him.

It hurt her for a long time that she could not have him, but once she had him for real, it hurt her even more!!

Sonali tried getting back to studying, but she remained feeling lost - She kept flipping the pages of her Text Book, and was just not in her senses.

She seriously thought how things would have been if she had not let her twisted emotions have the better of herself.

Yet, she also seriously wondered how things would have been if she had continued to exchange love with her brother!!

However, she knew she could never be with him forever - She knew she could never have him the way she always dreamed of and fantasized about!!

And, fittingly, she quickly pushed that thought out of her head - She knew she could never be with him like that, again!!

Sonali had all the right reasons to evaluate her feelings, and it was no simple coincidence that at the same time, Ranveer, too, had his mind occupied with similar thoughts.

His physical form had raced it's way to the gate of his girlfriend's house, but his soul was still stuck outside the door of his younger sister's bedroom!!

He was only 21, and had already been with a decent number of girls, after he started college - However, nobody had received as much recognition as his current chick, Mona.

Ranveer was very much into her, in all carnal ways possible, right from the very beginning. It was obvious that their relationship was all about sex, and it actually surprised everybody, including his lover, that he was giving her so much time!!

In return, Mona romanced her man unconditionally, treating him like a king, but also staying unaware of the harsh truth that his newly spiked interest was only a part of his frantic measures, to divert him from the beauty of his sister!!

As Ranveer sat in his car, waiting for his girlfriend to get out of her house, he found himself thinking a little too much about how good his sister's pussy felt, as it tightened around his hard cock, when he stuffed her from behind.

He just had to imagine him groping her busty firm boobs and slapping her big round butt, even as he drilled her harder, and she screamed his name in ecstasy!!

"Fuckk!!" Ranveer groaned, with pleasure, but also found himself being irritated about losing control over his mind, as he snapped out of his wicked visualization.

Sonali was his sister, after all, and he just could not go on lusting for her - He could not trust he was turning into one of those sleazy perverts, the News Reporters always talked about!!

Still, the fact remained that he wanted more of his female sibling, after the very unexpected yet totally satisfying first time, despite being the less eager participant.

He always had the hots for her, and he did not regret it one bit, especially when he did her that evening - He was convinced he had not felt any better with anybody else!!

"If only Sonali was not my sister!!" he said to himself, faking a smile, looking at his girlfriend, who walked towards his car.

Mona got inside the sedan, and kissed her guy, on his cheeks, gleefully guiding his hand towards her bust!!

Ranveer acknowledged her kindness by pressing her melons, but all he really did was buy himself some more time, to helplessly ponder over how luscious his life would have been had Sonali been somebody else's sister!!

He really wished for it...

He really wanted it...

He was ready to delete all of the other sisters in his sensual universe, if that would help make Sonali to not be his sister!!

He so badly hoped Sonali was one his best friend's sister...

He was okay if Sonali was his girlfriend's sister, Miya...

He was fine if Sonali was his married elder cousin sister, Manisha...

He just needed Sonali to not be his sister, and he craved to have been fucking her that very moment!!

"Ranveer!!" Mona shouted, in the most loving way one could, thanks to her soft soothing voice.

"Huh?!" Ranveer was in a world of his own, where only he and his sister existed.

Mona : What happened to you, Babbyy??!! You look so disturbed... Is everything okay??

Ranveer : Err... I am so sorry... Yeah... I mean... Yeah... Everything is fine... I was just enjoying this time with you!!

Mona : I thought you were not liking it with me!! I am not used to you being so slow & gentle...

Ranveer : Ohh... Haha... Well... I was just getting started... We have the whole night for ourselves...

Mona : I am so excited!! You have no idea!! I never thought we would end up being so close, Babby...

Ranveer : Hehe... Yaaa...

Mona : Haha!! Yes!! So, where are you taking me, tonight?! Where are we going?? Hehehe... I feel so happy...

Ranveer : I was thinking about taking you to some nice cool pub...

Mona : And, we will dance all night?!

Ranveer : I don't really dance...

Mona : I know... Hehe...

Ranveer : Hhmm... I thought we could have some drinks, and watch cricket... That is, if you like cricket!!

Mona : Oh... Cricket?! Really??

Ranveer : You don't want to??

Mona : Why not!! I mean... I love cricket!! I would love to watch cricket!!

Ranveer : Hahaha... That is exactly why I am taking you there...

Mona : Hehe... Yeah... And... You know what, Babyy?! When the World Cup in Sri Lanka took place, 4 years ago, I was at my ancestral house, along with all my cousin brothers. They were all playing cricket, but would just not let me join... They kept telling I am too weak, and too young, and know nothing about cricket, and will be no good in the game... Until, I screamed I am 18, and I needed to be treated with respect!! Hahaha!!

Ranveer : Hehehe... That is so... Funny...

Mona : Yeah... And, I made them teach me cricket!! The 5 Big Boys taught me the basics, together!! And, every day that followed, I made them give me lessons, individually!!

Ranveer : What the hell!!

Mona : Babbyy!! What happened??

Ranveer : What?!

Mona : Why did you get angry??

Ranveer : No... No... I am not angry... I was just thinking something else...

Mona : I am sorry if I told you... Babbyy... I am sorry if I did something you did not like... I just wanted to play cricket that day... And, I thought it was normal for the brothers to teach their sisters cricket!!

Ranveer : Yeah... Errr... Yes... It is... It is Normal...

Mona : Exactly!!

Ranveer : Yes... True!! It is very normal...

Mona : Yeah... But, I am still so bad at the game... And... You are all set to becoming a professional!!

Ranveer : Hehe... Yes... That is alright...

Mona : I Love You, Babbyy!! You are so cute... Haha... By The Way... I never asked you this... Does Sonali play cricket?! I am sure you would have given her very good lessons!!

Ranveer : No!! Noooo!! Nooooooo!! I did not do anything to her!!

Mona : What?! Babyyy!! Why are you yelling!!

Ranveer : I am... Shit!! I am sorry... Mona... Really... I mean... I did not teach her cricket!!

Mona : Are you angry at me??

Ranveer : No, Mona... Why would I be angry at you?! I was just thinking... I was thinking about us...

Mona : Aaahaa!! Haha... Okay... That is good... Nice... Well... In that case, you need to teach the two of us cricket!! I know it is your favorite sport... And, if Sonali and I can be good players, we can all play cricket!! Together!! Forever!! Right, Babby?!

"What The Hell!!" Ranveer just could not believe he was actually having this conversation with his girl.

She meant nothing harmful, but each and every word that came out of her mouth hit him like a bunch of arrows!!

He knew why!! He knew just why!!

And all he could do was remain stunned & speechless!!

Taking a deep breath, Ranveer turned the car on, and started driving, but still, yet again, found himself hoping against hope that it was Sonali who was seated next to him - He was constantly reminded about how gratified he would be to have his sibling switch lives with his loving girlfriend, Mona!!

Ranveer was ready to accept Mona as his sister, if he could have Sonali as his girlfriend, and all of this, just to satisfy his dark sexual desires!!

A part of him hated the insensitive idea, but it was indeed his younger sister whom he wanted to spread her legs for him, that night!!

To Be Continued...

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