My present to Kate for the odd morning you awake alone. This was how it started between us. Remember?

Go pee and fantasize I am there. Put your pink vibrator on low, and read my fantasy for you...

You are as erotic as the story- probably more. I play with my dick looking at your new photo, and wish I could lick your cunt until you scream for my cock...really

I thought perhaps as you awoke and thought about coffee, you might want to reflect on awakening this morning and finding me next to you, sleeping on my back, with a morning erection pulsing gently with my heartbeat. You slowly remember last night, the bar, sitting next to me, dancing and flirting. Then remembering what transpired between us.

You shyly smile and reaching over, rub the underside of my penis with your fingers, you know, the sensitive part. I moan softly, you lean over and kiss me. "Good morning my handsome stud, er, um." You grit your teeth as you forget my name.

"Jack." I say, "And you are Katie the Beautiful!" I roll on my side facing you.

"Coffee?" You ask.

"In a few minutes." I murmur, reaching over and running my hand on your taut stomach.

"I need to do something" My fingers moving in circles, ever widening towards your naked pussy, still wet from the sensual orgasms you gave me.

"Do What?" You ask.

"This." I reach the very top of your vaginal slit and circle it gently with my middle finger. I feel the wetness still on it.

You gasp as my finger travels down further and claims your clitoris and gently circles it while I watch your reaction.

You lie back and arch your hips, coaxing my finger to go lower, it does.

I feel your pussy begin to dilate and lubricate my finger which continues to rotate where it is devilishly pleasurable.

"If you keep that up Jack, I'll cum!" You rub your pussy harder against my finger.

"Not until I say so Katie." My free hand travels to your right breast and reverently massages it. I roll your nipple into a stiff, sensitive nubbin begging for more stimulation. I love your nipples, so responsive. I want to suck and fondle forever on them.

My mouth moves to encompass your side boob and licking my way up, capture the nipple with my gentle lips.

You of course writhe and moan out as you cry for more. But not yet.

My right hand is fully on your warm cunt now and sliding slowly downwards, I feel my middle finger sink slightly into your soft entrance. My thumb gently circles your clit. I slowly move it inside you and let it touch your sensitive "G" spot.

Again, your hips attempt to get the entire finger inserted so you can fuck it. Your pussy is wet, hot and in need.

I deny you by pressing my finger up into the velvety roof of your cunt, worrying the sensitive tissue and sparking a need to cum.

I move thumb and finger within your molten pussy, curling my finger inside you elicits a primal scream. I love watching your face while I crook my finger over your pubic bone, feeling you raise your pussy, wanting all of it. So sensual.

"Not yet Katie." I whisper and my lips capture yours. Opening up, your tongue does its tortuous dance with mine, all the time feeling a climax lurking in your thrusting loins.

Grabbing my stiff cock, you try to persuade it towards the hot, undulating wet delight you need satisfied. I climb between your legs, not removing my finger as I feel a tightening of the rigid walls inside your pussy trying to sneak in the climax you are audibly expressing.

"Not quite there Katie." I whisper as I feel you edging towards orgasm in that magical circle my cock craves. I pull on your swollen nipple and you grunt at the pleasure, wanting it all now.

"Not yet." I pull my finger back partway denying completion of the act. I repeat the denial several more times.

"Please Jack! Let me cum! Please love!" as I again pull you back from an impending wash of delight. Your fluids are hot and slippery and wet.

I let you pull my cock to your wet cunt and you succeed in plunging the first 2 or 3 inches inside. I moan and shake at our union.

"I'll give you anything Jack! Please fuck me or I'll fuck you!"

Arching your tender loins to me, you force more of me inside your sinfully demanding cunt.

'One more kiss Katie." I pinch and pull on your nipple. You scream as I deny you for the last time.

I fully enter your pussy, grinding the base of my cock against your mound. Your cunt closes around my cock, denying any withdrawal. I hold still, reveling in the joy of our overwhelming lust for each other's body.

You grind against me, marveling at the joy it gives us both. Spasms of lust and joy envelope us and we fuck so hard and long the bed creaks. Orgasm after tender orgasm washes over us. We are one and loving it. I squirt rope after rope of my hot cum deep into you.

I think we are coming down and slow down my thrusts, but you scream, "Don't stop now you bastard! You started this, now finish me!"

I bring you to three more violent orgasms and you finally lay there exhausted, my dick still pulsing deeply within your satiated wet pussy. Your face is flushed and your pussy now hot, wet and raw.

You arch your body and give me a couple more sensual strokes to aid the flow of our mixed fluids leaking out of your cunt. You sigh mightily.

Smiling and kissing my neck, you ask. "Can we do it again later?";u=10592

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