Toby and Krista had reunited after 12 years. Life had taken them on different paths. Krista had gotten married and had a child and tommy... well toby was always the slow 1 although he did meet someone and got engaged to her, when tommy and krista had started talking again, it was like just yesterday when she had blocked him out of her life. She hadn't blocked him from a fight or anything it was because she did not trust her self with him in her life.

It was always going to happen. They would meet and it was just like years ago, she would do what feels right for her self and he would follow along through fear of missing out of experiences. He loved life, especially in the summer time even though he hated being alive. He is one of those guys that can't turn his brain off even though he is very fair and level headed, he hasn't the confidence a person needs to go on auto pilot.

For at least 2 years of talking and feeling hurt and let down. It was all from her avoiding him, clearly obvious to him, it all came to a head when on a hot summers day, he had been asking her to come see him for weeks. It didn't need to be long. He had gone out of his way to be there for her to come and meet up, maybe even a short convocation, he would then leave after giving her a christmas present.

It was that afternoon. He had worked himself all up. Mixed feelings of excitement and nerves.

Crunch time. She messages through, she sounds like she is about to come. Then the obvious lies start. Rolling through via SMS.

He didn't hesitate, expecting this would happen anyway. Krista had just let him down too many times.

Knowing her reaction would not meet up with the relationship the 2 have, he just doesnt tell her his actual thoughts.

He had lost confidence in himself and no longer understanding their relationship and too cranking to say much more, christmas eve he just told her. He doesn't know how to converse with her now. This leaves room in the future if he feels like working it out.

The holiday season come and went. They had both gone back to work and had been weeks since he had even thought of her. Although she will never admit it, it was tearing her up that its her fault he was not talking to her.

Another week came and went. Krista was torn between her head and her heart. Head was to continue on with her husband and family. Although she didn't want to leave her family her heart was telling her to try and fix things up between tommy and her.

She knew it wasn't right but he has always been her secret, something personal for her to have, no one else knew about him and he was also there for her to get what she needed.

Krista didn't care that what she was doing was toxic to him nor did she care about what he needed from the relationship. At least she didn't come off that she did to him.

Finially krista decided to talk. she didn't like the thought of him being angry at her even though he was more then she knew. He just couldn't seem to move on from her.

They spoke off and on for a few weeks further. He had organised for a couple days off for his own mental rehabilitation. He had asked her to find some time for him. To meet him on the thursday. she had to find someone to look after her son and understood that. Although with her track record of avoiding seeing him his bet was it wouldn't happen.

He asked her to meet him at a look out, he outlined there was a hike that leads to a beach that he wanted to check out.

Krista knew if she let him down again she would never hear from him again. She knew this because his tone had changed from the encounter at christmas time.

Turning up to the Look out Krista found parking easy right next to Tommy. Both very nervous to see each other, it had been such a long time. Perhaps years.

Tommy got out and headed over to her car to see her, taking in the 1st look of her sitting in the drivers seat, short white dress trying to cover those long legs planted in her seat, the front of the dress lined with buttons holding together a slit that outlined her braless boobs. Krista leaned forward and hugged the steering wheel, as tommy tried to swallow the lump in his throat.

Krista's face has always been easy to read, her nerves were really showing with her top lip quivering and slightly glazed eyes. Tommy liked these emotions on her because this is something she can not hide, raw and true.

Krista reached into the back seat and grabbed her beach bag, as she reached her legs opened under that short dress, tommy paused, not wanting to move incase his movement took away this moment, even though it was fleeting.

The look out was down south, in the area she enjoyed to visit. Having not been there in quite a while but also having no idea that this was the start of a large hiking trail that can take 2 days. He explained this too her as they walked. Almost like an area guide.

They looked out over the tremendous flat light blue ocean. It seemed so far down. The vegetation surrounding them was very much like a tropical rain forest. The forest just drops off then there is the ocean, with only a sheer vertical cliff line separating the 2. Hard to believe there is areas like these and technically they were still in one of the largest cities of Australia.

Krista had known Tommy for years, she knew how he finds these spots. He has a heart thats hard to tie down, adventurous is the best word. He loved exploring. Very much like her EX husband. She met him and was attracted to the fact he was so much like Tommy.

Krista followed Tommys guide down the track which snaked its way through the rain forest, the scenery didn't make it feel like the 1.8Km hike it actually is.

Arriving at the bottom, they were faced with a small beach, only 100m from edge to edge, lined with clean white sands. Tommy explained that this beach is known for rough surf, Krista looked up taking in the gentle roll of the ocean today.

With only the 2 other people on the beach all the way down the other end of the beach Krista felt confident to change into her swimmers with out hiding away. Even though Tommy was there she liked the thought of him looking at her, even though she asked him to look away.

Tommy proceeded to remove his clothes and explained its a nudest beach, Krista looked down to see all tommy had, suddenly the nerves come back. She was enjoying tommy looking at her and perhaps taking a cheeky touch or feel all the way down the steep track but to just lay here in the sun... Noooo. Krista and Tommy had spoken about going to these beaches but not done it.

Krista put her dress back over her shoulders and covered herself up. Tommy explained that it's clothing Optional and she is welcome to wear what ever she feels comfortable. Tommy had been looking forward to the naked part, especially in front of Krista, it had been in many fantasies of his, especially in public.

Tommys shirt was off, then his shorts. He turned and dashed to the water before looking at Krista, perhaps he should have looked, another one of those tell tail looks of hers was on her face, her eyes following his every move.

Tommy running off to the water, gave Krista a moment to think about what was happening, she had not mentally prepared to be so exposed, especially with strangers around.

To the water was her direction, wearing a white 1 piece swimming costume that she quickly changed into while Tommy was swimming. The night before, Krista had removed the cups from the boobs hoping to give Tommy a peak of whats underneath. She knew he loved a sneaky perve, indirectly was one of his favourites.

Kristas 1st thoughts as she dove under the waves. How good it is to actually have a swim at the beach instead of looking after her young son.

A couple more waves pass until she reached out where tommy was swimming, approximately chest deep, just where the waves were breaking so he could catch them. Krista noticed Tommys side glances in her sheer swimmers. Now she didn't know what was more exciting, the way he is looking at her or the fact that he is nude and swimming with her.

The current had taken them out further and being occupied by each other they had not noticed, Krista Being more of a touchy person then tommy lent in for a hug in the water. This was a perfect way for each of them to feel their bodies pressed against each other. She run her hands down from his shoulders, down his muscular back to his firm bum. He held his hands just on her lower back, he was already trying to hold off his hard on. But with no luck. Krista reached down and pushed is between her legs before wrapping her legs around him.

Running through Tommys head constantly was this thin piece of material keeping him from his dreams, from the feel of her bucking hips its her dreams as well. Until a wave came through and broke them apart.

They both walked in to there towels and laid back in the run. Krista watched intently as Tommy covered himself in sunscreen as she wondered how he had the confidence to be so open.

Tommys head was filled with all his fantasies of his long term friend. When they 1st met she would tease him and string him along however she was always unobtainable... so it seems.

Krista laying on her front decided to take the 1st step and pull the top part of her swimmers down, Tommys eyes glued to the side of her. Knowing how strong the sun is at this time of year Tommy decided to take it upon him self to put sun screen on her. Putting 1 leg on either side and strategically placing himself between her bum cheeks, still covered with her swimmers.

While Tommy rubbed the cream in her back, he proceeded to rub it down her bum, pushing her swimmers down at the same time, she just lay there, not lifting to release the swimmers for removal. Instead she rolled over. Awaiting Tommy to screen her front. Tommy could not believe his eyes. He had never seen her topless before, now he gets to touch! With a swallow of lump in his throat, he proceeded at times leaning forward and pushing his knob just between her lips, he massaged everywhere leaving her obviously sensitive nipples till last. Then getting up and walking to the water to wash off the sand collected on him.

Tommy had returned to find Krista had removed her wet swimmers and placed a skimpy sheer wicked weasel bikini bottom. She had also put on a strapless handkerchief top which often gave him glances of both cleavage and under boob. The coverage of her clothes is something that she knows also drives Tommy wild with desire.

The 2 of them had known each other for a long time and had always been open with each other and touchy feely even when they probably shouldn't have. But now is the chance they can go further but both to nervous to do it.

They lay and relaxed in the sun from then, shared some lunch and a couple of drinks they had carried down in a cooler.

Tommy had noticed while Krista was sitting there crossed legged, her bottoms had been pulled inside giving a perfect view of what he has been missing out on. Krista knew he had noticed because his half erect penis became a raging hard on. Krista could feel her juices flowing.

Krista lay down on her stomach again asking for the sunscreen to be reapplied. Tommy jumping at the chance to actually touch his dick on her skin. A 15 year fantasy is coming true.

He massaged in the sunscreen but really both their minds were on his cock that was between her cheeks again but this time only just the G string between. As he worked her shoulders he pumped short and sharply until she couldn't take it any longer, her juices were flowing.

Krista untied her top, rolled over and sat up. She noticed to couple that were on the other end of the beach walking near. She didn't try to cover up, she liked that they were both looking at her as they past, both still nude as notice the stranger had begun to get a hard on as well. Once the strangers had past, Tommy proceeded to the water for another swim, Krista following after removing all her clothes. As she gets in the water, she now understands how people can find the confidence to do this, alrerady turned on, her hot peach hits the cool water it almost brought on an orgasm it self. The feeling of the current, wave and water constantly caressing her had her spasming in mini orgasms. Each 1 a warm rush of electricity teasing Krista for more. The ocean is now rougher then it was this morning not allowing for cuddles in the water but that just adds to the tease.

Tommy couldn't keep his eyes off Krista. he had been dreaming about her nude for many years and now here she is, holding on to him from both the unstableness of the ocean and her knees getting weak from each flow of current.

For the 15 years she was always with someone else, or he was with someone but now is the time, it would not be classed as forbidden love now. Tommy decided he had waited long enough. He kissed her just as a strong current hit, the moan that came through her lips suggested to tommy that she had been waiting for him to kiss her too.

Walking out was a challenge for Krista but had to be done for what she wanted to do next.

Arriving back at the towels Tommy sat 1st, then Krista sat across his legs, her warm flower spread over his cock, pushing it into the towel underneath, Krista quickly thrusting and bringing herself to an overwhelming orgasm covering tommy in her juices.

She fell forward onto Tommy, resting her wet, tired, quivering body on his in the sun, while she got her breath and her thoughts back.

It was then they heard the thunder of a distant storm... well they thought it was distant. A couple more load cracks and they noticed how quick the storm was rolling in. Tommy found a ledge large enough to hide there things under to keep them dry, Tommy stay naked, wet from the ocean as the rain started to fall. Krista however put on her white dress. She didn't anticipate how much rain was going to fall so quickly. Giving Tommy exactly what he wanted to see.

The storm past in 20 minutes or so, and the ocean calmed down. Krista had decided it was time to go. Tommy had 1 last swim before they headed back up the muddy rain forest track.

Tommy made sure he was behind her, not only for safety if she slipped, he got to look at that wet, sheer white dress, and every time she turned around he found it hard to hide his thoughts.

Arriving back at the cars Krista was very aware that Tommy had not been taken care of like she had been and desperately wanted to see that hot cum from Tommy, perhaps even taste it. She could see the size of his desire resting against his leg, his wet shorts sticking to him but only giving away the outline of its shape. But the day was slipping away and there was another storm on its way up the coast.

Krista didn't want the day to end even though she had been avoiding him for so long... perhaps she could organise something to head away with him for the next few days... he was heading up the coast for a solo beach camping trip.

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