Part Three: House Broken

I ended up staying all night and the next day, with George fucking me in every position imaginable all over the house. He discovered how much of a slut I was and didn't care. In fact, he told me that he loved it. He was tired of women who wouldn't be open about what they wanted and who were afraid to admit that they loved sex. I wasn't that girl. I loved it and I loved experiencing it in new and exciting ways. Things that people called slutty or perverted, turned me on and I liked being taken to my outer limits. When we came in from the pool, he asked me to shower with him. I was a bit body-conscious, but I agreed. I wanted to wash him all over and feel his hands soaping my tits and cunt and maybe fucking me in there.

The shower was in the master bedroom and it was huge. A walk-in glass-enclosed shower with jets all over. It was incredible as the rest of his house. It was huge, smoked glass with soft lighting and water that came at you from every angle that was so incredible and so sensual. He washed me first, standing behind me tenderly soaping my belly and moving up, cupping both of my breasts with those beautiful hands, swirling soap around the fullness of my bosom, and caressing my sweet nipples with the warm suds. I was lost to his touch, leaving my head back onto his shoulder as he pressed his thick cock against my firm ass, he slid his hand down my abdomen and gently caressed my pussy. He washed all around and then rubbed his hand slowly up into my aching clit, twirling around my erect nub. I was gasping and pumping my horny hips into his hand. He pulled me closer and I felt his cock against my asshole as he slid his finger into my sopping wet cunt. His cock head was rubbing against my asshole while he fingered me and took me over the edge with his strong and gentle rubbing.

I turned and we kissed passionately, our tongues entwined, his cock nudging against my pussy, pushing my soapy lips aside, he grasped my hips and pushed me against the glass. He lifted me up and slowly slid his cock into me while he held me against the glass. I was losing it, as he fucked me in the shower, water cascading all over us, while we have ourselves to the sweet throes of our lovemaking. I cried out like an animal as he came inside my hot cunt. I grasped him tightly and came right after, digging my nails into his muscular back. He gasped and arched back driving his cock even deeper into me. I was fully gone.

We toweled off and went into the kitchen for a snack and a drink, hanging out in lush tipsy soft Terry cloth robes. He was feeding me fruit and white wine and talking about fucking me in every corner of the house in every way imaginable. I was teasing him, saying tell me more bad boy and he just laughed.

"I'll just show you, Macy. When I met you, your eyes got me. There is a fire in them and in you. I felt it right away. You made my cock hard the moment I saw you."

"I had the same reaction. I'm pretty open about my sexuality, but I've never felt such a strong attraction right away. I wanted you the minute I saw you."

"How about I fuck you right here, over the counter?"

I got off of my seat and turned around grabbing the counter and looking at him with fuck me eyes. He smiled and walked around, loosening his robe as he came towards me. I went to undo mine and he said,

"Leave it on. I wanna fuck you with it on."

He came behind me and reached up between my legs with his hand, caressing my inner thigh and pushing my legs apart. I lifted my ass up and spread wide for him. He cupped my push lips and pushed his hand hard into my pubic bone, lifting me into my toes, while he put his full weight on my back. I was bent over his counter, with his hand rocking my cunt.

"Fuck me now. Hard and fast. Treat me like the whore I am."

He grabbed my hips and practically slammed his cock into me. He pushed my shoulders down onto the counter, fucking me fast and hard. My head was bent sideways and my tits flattened against the granite countertop, my hips slamming into the edge as his cock rammed in and out fast and hard. I was moaning like a taken whore as he fucked me without mercy in his kitchen.

I screamed with an intense orgasm and he kept pumping me hard and fast. His stamina was incredible. I was soaked in sweat again and felt my cunt burning with an intense fire, that was consuming my entire being. I heard him breathing faster and harder and finally, he came, roaring like a wild beast.

We went back to bed and kissed and caressed each other until we fell asleep, basking in the glow of newfound lust and great sex. I woke up in the morning and the bed was empty beside me. He had a glass of water waiting by my side and a note.

"Hi Macy, I went for a morning jog, help yourself to anything you want and I'll see you later this morning. I left something for you to wear for me when I get back. It's in the kitchen. Make sure you have it on when I see you.


I got up and had a shower and toweled off. I put on the terry cloth robe and went in to make myself some breakfast and see what this outfit was. I was very curious. My pussy was a bit sore from the last time we fucked. He could be very loving and also very intense and aggressive. I loved that combination in him. On the kitchen counter, wrapped in tissue paper with a red ribbon was my outfit. I got wet just imagining what it could be.;u=10596

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