How to develop a real estate marketing strategy?#

Today all companies and businesses need to develop a good marketing plan to be successful. That's why they started to buy android app reviews. The reason is straightforward: avoid taking steps without clear objectives. It is necessary to have a route guide to reference when planning all actions and strategies.

How should I create a marketing strategy?#

Therefore, a marketing plan is a guide that guides the company when determining the steps to follow at all times. The marketing objectives to be achieved, the strategies to implement, and the planning to carry them out.

The first thing to keep in mind when making your marketing strategy is to analyze the points that give you an objective view of the situation of your business in the market compared to your competitors. This will be very useful to know how you can differentiate yourself from them and develop a SWOT analysis (weaknesses, threats, strengths, and opportunities).

Within the analysis, you can find out your potential consumers, analyze them, know your competition, study the market, or even the internal structure of your business.

Once the analysis is finished, you create a strategy based on the segmentation of the niches that are most similar in favor of your product or service and the competitive advantage that your current position in the market gives you.

To organize your strategies, it is common to start by resorting to the 4Ps of marketing: product, price, distribution (point of sale), and communication (promotion).

  • Product: describe your product, what it is like and why your buyer persona needs it.
  • Price: it is a very relevant factor in positioning yourself in the market concerning the competition. Set a price that makes you a strong competitor but that supplies you with costs and profit.
  • Distribution: explain your distribution channels, whether they are your own or outsourced, and the cost to the customer.
  • Communication: it is critical since it will establish how your business communicates and echoes within the niche. Organization of events, advertising in traditional media, social networks, web marketing ... Consider what type of actions best fit your plan to reach your goals.

Once you have all the actions proposed throughout this marketing plan, you must plan them to know how long it will take you to carry them out, from the moment of designing the plan to the completion date.

What is real estate marketing?#

The real estate sector has undergone a great change in recent years. The physical real estate agencies that you can see on the street have been replaced by the search for homes on the internet, both by private buyers and tenants, as well as by investment funds.

The agencies that have grown in recent times have known how to innovate and bet on real estate marketing, leaving aside the traditional plan of advertisements in the media, advertising on buses, and brochures on cars.

Real estate marketing is then a set of strategies that focus on meeting two objectives: the acquisition of properties for subsequent sale or rental and the acquisition of potential clients who wish to buy or rent a property. Nowadays, the interesting thing about real estate marketing is that it can be expanded both offline and online and thus take advantage of what both can offer you.

Real estate marketing guidelines#

As we have told you before, you can benefit from the opportunities of the digital world as well as the traditional one. To get the most out of it, we will recommend some of the guidelines you should follow to establish a good marketing strategy for the real estate sector.

Identify your buyer persona.#

The first thing you should do, and how we explained at the beginning of the post, your marketing strategy should start with identifying your buyer persona, that is, the profile of your perfect client. This page can help you with this: To do this, you must apply a series of measures to segment the market through demographic, psychographic, online behavior, and professional data.

What is sought with this is to optimize the resources used in any campaign and offer the type of property that your buyer persona is looking for.

Ads in the Ads of the platforms#

A good way to make yourself seen on the Internet is by advertising through digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, or the growing Amazon Advertising. In this way, you will appear in the first results of the famous search engine.

Create quality content#

Offer valuable information to your customer. If you put quality information at their disposal, it is much more likely to give you the exclusive in the sale of their home or purchase since they will see you as an expert in the sector and trust your brand. How to create this content? Now with the help of new technologies, it is much easier to create creative and quality content.

You can help yourself with tools such as:#

Real estate blog: don't settle for your website; create a blog as a web positioning tool. It allows you to offer high-value content for your potential clients. Then share your articles on your social networks and thus attract qualified traffic to your website.

Videos: they are a perfect way to attract the client interested in a home. It gives a lot of value to the sale or rent since it allows the user to see every corner of the property and thus gain confidence in your brand. However, do not discredit the value of a good photograph.

Infographics: they are useful to outline all the information that the user has received throughout the property advertisement. In addition, they are very fashionable within the visual resources.

Virtual reality: it is one of the latest developments that has reached real estate sales. Since it will allow your clients to view the property, they want to acquire in a personalized way, as if they were within it.

Use social networks#

Spend time developing a social media plan, in which the first thing we will do is analyze in which social networks our target audience is present. Once we know it, we will draw up an action plan and develop a strategy to reach this target audience.

Many social networks can help you, but without a doubt, we recommend these for your real estate profile:

Facebook: offers you tools like Facebook Messenger to stay connected with our customers and offer them an interaction. In addition, you can also work the Facebook Marketplace by sharing homes. And, as we mentioned before, Facebook Ads to advertise on the platform.

Instagram: How to grow my business on Instagram? The platform gives you a wide spectrum of creativity. Create posts with quality images of the homes and complement them with IGTVs that will allow you to upload videos of more than 1 minute and show your homes more strikingly.

Youtube: it is the perfect channel to develop your video marketing strategy. Upload and share your videos. Also, you can add them to your blog posts to complement them visually.

Email marketing#

It will help you to attract new subscribers. To make this possible, you must personalize the emails well and be attentive to the frequency of shipments and the content you provide. It must provide useful information for the owners and of quality.

After all these recommendations, keep in mind that for them to work, you must have people on your team who have digital skills and perform well in all the aspects that we have seen.

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