Her arm swipping against her sore nipple quickly took away the hesitation as she begin to write each and every feeling she had expecienced. Checking to make sure every I was dotted, every period was in place, making sure it was as perfect as it could be. Each step announced her arrivial as the bells jingled. Knocking at the bedroom door she waited for Nathan to welcome her in. He eased the door back and motioned her to come in and pointed at the bed. "Go sit pet," he said warmly with a smile.

Her heart raced as she walked across the thick red carpet and climbed onto his lush comforter. Holding out the paper she waited. Nathan walked to a cabinet and removed to wine glass's and a bottle of red wine. Pouring them both some he returned and exchaned the glass for the journal. Reaching over beside the bed he turned on some music along the lines of what one might call a jungle tune with a almost hypnotic rhythum. Amanda sipped her wine and became lost in the music as Nathan read on. Her mind taking her to a hot warm beach with the sun soaking her delicate flesh, wind blowing in her hair as sea gulls flew over head.

"Much better my sweets, this is what I wanted. Tell me what you are thinking of?"

"A warm beach Sir. The wine and music are very relaxing, thank you." she replied.

"Then tomorrow we'll go to the beach for a bit, now I want you to go to your room and make yourself wet as I intend to use what is mine. Do not dare cum pet, is that perfectly clear?" ordered Nathan.

I understand Sir, I won't I have no desire to feel those clips again Sir."

Amanda stretched her body out on the bed, softly licking a fingertip, she begin to tease he tender nipples, making them errect. The tiny buds stiffening to the point of crinkling into little hard balls. Blowing on them made a shilver run up her spine as the mixture of wet saliva and air mingled. One hand sliped between her legs, spreading the lips of her cunt wide so she had easy access to her clit. Once more she wet her finger tips and begin to rub the small button. Moans eased from her lips. Closing her eyes she thought back to the time when she was helpless, the clips gnawing on her nipples as she hung there at Nathans mercy. Unable to escape what he desired. Like always the moisture begin to come, a clear, slick, sticky cream forming on her finger tips.

"That's it my pet, very good indeed!" said Nathan who's voice caught her off guard. Her eyes opened to see his smiling face. Removing the pillows from beneath her head, he begin to shove them beneath her ass, lifting her bit by bit till her pussy was in the air, her back arched and her head down flat on the bed. "Seperate your cunt lips pet, I wish to taste my sweet pussy juices, to suck and nip at that sensitive swollen clit of mine!"

A blush entered Amanda's cheecks as she took her fingers and pulled herself completely open, exposing her most private area's to Nathan. Kneeling on the bed, he lowered his lips to her now vulnerable cunt. Licking, sucking and pulling at her inner lips. Flickering her clit and sucking it into his mouth with a force that brought both pain and pleasure. His fingers dipped into her, first two then three, slowly fucking her as he continued to manipulate her clit. Amanda's moans now grew louder, her ass squirming, trying to push Nathan deeper into her. Her pussy leaking its juices till they covered Nathan's face.

Roll over my pet, on your stomach ass in the air. It's time your Master took pleasure in his slave." he said tenderly.

The pressure of her body against the covers rubbed her still sore nipples as Nathan grabbed a handful of her ass and slowly begin to seperate the the lips of her pussy with his thick shaft. The head, though Amanda was well lubed with her own juices, pried her apart making her moan for a moment in discomfort. Once the head had entered, he pushed forward roughly, burring his cock deep within her. His balls smacking her clit as he took her. Slamming into her harder each time as if he were trying to shove his balls in along with his cock, he moaned. A drop of sweat feel from his forehead, smacking Amanda's cheeks as he cried out " there it is pet!" Amanda smiled as she felt his cock dancing within her.

Pulling from within her, Nathan walked to the bathroom, turning on the shower. Returning , he picked her up and carried her to the shower, placing her beneath the warm spray. Climbing in he joined her, with her back turned to him, he softly kissed her neck as he lathered her breast and worked his way down. Whispering softly in her ear, "I'm so proud of you my little one, now go climb out, dry yourself off and head to bed. Tomorrow the beach is ours."

Amanda quickly did as told, snuggling beneath the warm covers. Nathan knealt beside her bed, taking her hand in his. "Have I told you how much I adore you today?"

"I'm sure you have but I love hearing it Sir. Sir... I dont need three months, I have made my decison on wheather to stay or go." Amanda replied.

"I'm listening pet, please go on."

"I want to stay Sir if that's alright?" she replied.

"Alright? Oh pet its more then alright, its absolutely woderful! Do you have any idea how much I wanted to hear that? With all my heart pet, with all my heart. This is your home for now and forever. Now sleep my precious one, for a new life awaits us both, one filled with adventure and love."

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