As I set my bags down near the front door, those ominous words came from my wife's mouth. "Gerald, we need to talk." Lynn's jaw was set while I rid myself of my baggage.

"What's wrong, Dear?" was what came to mind, my heart jammed into my throat.

"I need to be honest with you. I've been with Ted while you were away, and I think we need to see a therapist to save our marriage." Those words slammed into me, buckling my knees so that I held the back of a chair for support. Ted was one of her exes (and she has had many) whose past sexual escapades with her, have been part of our bedroom talk for a long while.

My wife was standing tall, wearing a red knee length cotton dress and pumps, a thin gold chain that hung neatly around her slender neck, and her hands were planted firmly on her hips. I had known that things weren't quite right, for some time. Lynn had been distant sexually, for probably the last year of our two-year marriage.

"You, uh, wha..." I stuttered as I walked around to the front of the chair and sat myself in it.

She quickly continued, "I love you Gerald. I tried, when you flew me to Geneva, but it's just not the same with you. I'm sorry." Lynn took a seat on the sofa opposite me, her butt just on its edge as she leaned forward toward my receding body.

I had indeed, purposely flown Lynn to be with me, while I was posted temporarily at our new division headquarters in Switzerland. It was only for three months, but with the way things were at home, I had made a deal with my boss that I could fly her over once a month, for a few days, so we could see each other.

Even in Switzerland, things were cooling down. We did have sex, but in bed Lynn just seemed to be elsewhere. We kissed and said, "I love you" to each other, but something was amiss. We held hands on walks, but I was sure that when she went home from her last visit, our relationship was in trouble. And, as much as I recognized it, this still stung like nothing I'd ever felt before.

"Wh-, What did you do, exactly?" I asked, meekly. Deep down, I knew it would be as bad as I feared.

"Honey, do you really want to discuss that right now? Don't you want to get on with healing our relationship?"

"I do, Lynn, but I don't know what I'm up against."

"Gerald, Ted came over here when I got back from Geneva and fucked me good, and he fucked me hard, like he used to fuck me. And he did that a few times, in the same night, in our bed. And he came back again and again, until last night. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

I sat still, mouth agape. I wanted dearly not to hear what I feared the worst. I hoped for a drunken, one-night-stand, or anything but what just hit me full in the face. In our bedroom talk, Lynn had long ago admitted that, despite the fact that Ted and her could never stand each other as a couple in a functioning relationship, his large dick really did it for her. The sex kept them together much longer than it should have, and she told me more than once, that she truly missed it. He had been to places inside her that no other man has reached.

I couldn't look at her eyes anymore, and as I focused on her lithe calves and knees adorned in beige hose, I couldn't keep from thinking about Ted having pushed his way between her open thighs, making her cum as he fucked her like I never would. I felt my own erection build as those dirty thoughts bounced around in my head.

Her posture was firm, legs held tightly together, not allowing me to see any farther up her thighs and towards her gorgeous, well-used pussy.

"I'm sorry, Honey," she continued, and moved onto her knees to be closer to me as she talked more sweetly. "I don't want to do this behind your back anymore. There is a therapist who specializes in couples counseling for sexual promiscuity. I want us both to see him. Will you do that?" Her hands rested on my knees and she looked directly at me, awaiting my answer.

On one hand, I was crushed. A roller coaster of thoughts raced through me. I knew something was wrong, and it seemed to be sexual, so this couldn't have been a surprise. I want her to be happy, but I want her to be mine. I didn't know what to do.

Lynn added, "A friend from work says that Dr. Diablo can help us through hypnotherapy. He helped her and her husband save their marriage last year. Please, lets give it a try."

I nodded my consent. She took my hands in hers and said, "Let's go upstairs and start healing tonight." I stood and followed her, admiring her long thin legs as she climbed the stairway to our bedroom. Thoughts of someone else having ravished her, once again aroused me. By the time we got to the bedroom, my cock pressed hard against the fabric of my trousers.

Lynn turned and kissed me. Our tongues met, I wondered how long it had been since Ted had done the very same to her. Lynn reached down and found me already hard, and said, "See, we can still have something together. I will show you how much I love you."

My hand reached behind her, unzipping her dress and allowed it to fall to the floor. I nuzzled her breasts as they bulged from the silver push up bra, noticing two prominent bruises in the cleavage on her left breast, as I released it from the cup. Lynn cooed softly in my ear, unzipping me, and said, "That's my man. I knew you would be ready for me when you got home."

Lynn lay back on our bed, her snug silver silk panties pulling against the curvature of her vulva. I looked for wetness, a sign of her infidelity, but found the gusset dry and very warm. I kissed my way up her thighs and licked my way up the elastic of the leg band and then across the top of the waistband. I kissed her belly as her hands cupped my head.

"Come up here, I want you to cum," she pleaded. I could feel my own seepage dripping down my small plum helmet, and moved between her legs. Lynn pulled aside the panties to allow me access, and I saw her trimmed dark curls barely hiding the pink lips of her outer labia.

Her hand pulled my five inches of impatient and wanting cock toward the heated, curly entrance to her pussy. I thought of Ted and how deeply he would have pounded my wife to satisfy her. I tried to emulate his actions, somehow showing her that I was man enough as Ted. I began to hump furiously, imagining that her pussy was already wet with his semen. I looked for the pleasure in her face, but only saw effort at trying to please me. Lynn looked into my eyes, and whispered, "You're going to cum inside me, aren't you?"

That was all it took. My mind pictured my semen spilling inside her, bathing in the silky tissue that had absorbed Ted's seed not that long ago. I felt myself shudder as my orgasm took over. I had barely lasted 45 seconds before I emptied myself into my wife.

Her arms hugged me, holding me against her chest, my heart banging as the intensity of my orgasm ebbed. Lynn calmly kissed my forehead and whispered, "See, we are still together. We can get through this." I just lay on top of her, not wanting to think anymore, enjoying my sated being.

When I awoke next morning, I knew that I had the weekend to get life back to normal, not wanting to dwell on Lynn's infidelity. I unpacked my clothes and soon after, Lynn came in with a small sheet of paper, which had a date and time on it.

"Here," she offered, "I will see him Monday afternoon and you will see him Tuesday, in the evening after work. The receptionist said that the doctor will see us together after we work out some of our personal needs, whatever that means." Our weekend went on fairly normally, and I left for the office on Monday while Lynn attended her meeting with the doctor.

When I got in, Lynn was putting dinner together in the kitchen. She seemed to be on cloud nine, flitting about. She wore a pastel blue pantsuit, and sported a golden bracelet with a few hanging trinkets on it. Her outfit was protected with a long, white apron with marks on it where she wiped her hands a few times.

I asked, "How did it go with Dr. Diablo, Lynn?"

"Oh, it went well. We talked some, and then he put me in a trance, and before I knew it, the hour was over. I felt really good after." She moved with ease, setting the silverware and scooping dinner onto the plates. "The doctor told me that the beauty of hypnotherapy is that he can get at your inner feelings, and you tend to leave the hurtful stuff within your subconscious."

Dinner was delicious as always, and after we did the dishes, I cuddled up behind Lynn, on the sofa. She abruptly pushed me away and turned to face me. "Dr. Diablo says that sex has to be very regimented between us during therapy. He will explain it to you tomorrow."

I looked at my wife in disbelief. A guy I didn't even know was controlling the one thing that provides me with comfort and security. I left her alone after that, and sat back to watch TV with her for the rest of the evening. Our banter was normal, but my cock ached to be touched.

The next evening, I attended the office in a medical building downtown. The receptionist, Mrs. Duncan, was a thirty-something hottie, with a gorgeous smile and pleasant voice. She advised that the doctor would be with me shortly. When the door opened, a large man, probably 6'5" or more, greeted me with his hand extended. "I'm Dr. Diablo. You must be Gerald."

I nodded as I shook his large hand and took in his physical presence. The man was built like the actor, Fabio Lanzoni. His shoulder length dirty blond hair was straight as a die and his face was long and square, with deep blue eyes that pierced whatever they looked at. He wore an Armani suit, dark blue in color, and a light blue satin tie. His matching pants were sharply creased, and black shoes had a mirror finish. I began to wonder how much these visits would cost me.

He escorted me into his plush office, which had both a robin's egg blue settee and a wing back chair, plus what was obviously his audacious handmade leather studded chair, deep red in tone and obviously of the finest quality. His immense desk sat empty behind the chair, but for a few folders and papers, plus his telephone, and behind that, a very modern desk chair. He extended his hand to the wingback chair and I took my seat in it. While he fumbled with his notes, I noted a large rolling table nearby that held a laptop connected to a large monitor.

"So, Gerald," he began, "I spoke with Lynn yesterday and the two of us have progressed significantly. I hope to do the same with you today. And how are you feeling?"

My feet shuffled as I leaned forward on the seat cushion. "Well, given the news that my wife has been bedding another man, and tells me I'm not enough for her in bed, I'm not really sure how I am yet."

"That is totally understandable. We will work on that today. I expect that when you leave, you will feel markedly better than you feel right now. What do you think of that, Gerald?"

I shook my head once side-to-side and offered, "That would be a really great first step, doctor, but I'm not sure how you will be able to do that."

"So, yesterday I asked Lynn to bring me up to speed, from her side of things. Today I will ask you to do the same, through a series of questions. Please tell me whatever you think is relevant to yours and Lynn's situation?"

I began, "Well, we've been married just over two years, and had dated about a year prior to that. We don't have any kids, and it is a first marriage for both of us. I have only had a few other relationships, but my wife has had quite a few more than I. One of them was a guy she dated who now has decided to try to take her from me."

The doctor scribbled the odd note as I continued. "We live here in New York and both have good jobs. Things went really well for the first year of our marriage, which is, I guess, why they call it the honeymoon phase. Anyway, recently, my job took me to Geneva for three months, and during that time, Lynn has had sex with her ex boyfriend with the big dick. I guess that is what brings us to you."

After jotting another note, the doctor suggested, "Okay then Gerald, the next thing I will ask you is to describe your wife as intimately as you can. When we are in session, everything is important, and I will not judge anything you say. So, can you describe Lynn in as much detail as you can? Oh, and I want to know what sexual toys or kinks that each of you have explored."

I twisted uncomfortably in my seat, trying to think of what to say and how to say it.

"Well, I guess Lynn stands about 5'6" tall, with an oval face, olive skin and deep green eyes. She goes to the gym and likes to run, and that keeps her thin, like she is probably 125 lbs with B cup breasts with dark brown nipples. Is that what you are looking for, Doctor?"

"It's a start, Gerald. Describe her nipples, her labia, her vagina and behind. Also talk about the toys and kinks."

I felt myself becoming aroused, imagining him noting every sordid detail about Lynn as I spoke. "Okay. Her nipples are quite thick and very sensitive. She can have an orgasm just from stimulating them, and if she's excited she will instantly start pulling on them. Lynn has a very small but round butt, just a handful I guess, just like her boobs. Lynn has a number of dildos that she likes, one of them about nine inches, that we have used on her while she would tell me stories of large men who used to fuck her before she met me. We've done some light bondage with handcuffs and bed restraints, but not much else."

The doctor jumped in. "I see. So can you describe yourself as intimately as you can?"

Again, I took a moment to decide how far I might go. "Well, as you can see, I am 5'9" with blond hair and blue eyes. I'm about 180 lbs, but could be maybe 160 if I put my mind to it." The doctor paused, clearly indicating that I was not finished describing myself. So I added, "My penis is a little over 5 inches long and not that big around. I've never had any problems with not getting it up, or coming too soon, but Lynn has never orgasmed when I've been inside her..." I paused as my mind went to our last sex when Lynn told me about cheating on me, which caused me to cum in less than a minute.

"Gerald, are you're thinking about something."

"Well, I came quickly the other night, but other than that, I can usually perform for four or five minutes minutes, which doesn't seem to be long enough for Lynn." Again I sensed his leading pause. "I guess I get off on hearing about Lynn's previous sexual partners."

"Gerald, it seems that Lynn's satisfaction is important to you."

I nodded as he spoke. "Oh, yes, I always make sure that Lynn has an orgasm, usually after mine. I finish her off with my fingers or mouth. My biggest thrill is knowing that I am able to satisfy her, even if it is only orally."

"That's a very good sign, Gerald. So, you've gone down on your wife after you've cum inside her. Knowing you were licking up your own cum doesn't turn you off?

"Um, well, it happened over time, and I figured that Lynn didn't mind me cumming in her mouth, and I didn't see it as a big deal if I tasted it because I knew she was really enjoying my mouth on her. She gets very turned on by me eating her after.

"Okay then, so does Lynn ever use her dildos on you, as well as herself?"

"Oh, no. Those are just for Lynn."

"Can you tell me why you think you had that premature ejaculation with your wife the other night?"

"Um, uh, well, Lynn had just told me about her infidelity, and what with our being separated for the last month, I was already horny when I stepped in the door. I then became aroused from realizing that Lynn was still fucking her ex. My mind was racing to prove to her that I was man enough for her. So, I guess I was going really fast and got over excited."

"I see. Were you thinking about the man who she had been with earlier?"

"Uh, yeah. We've talked bout him when we were in bed on many occasions, in a kind of fantasy thing. His dick is really big, and I knew that she liked his dick in her. I envisioned that her pussy was still full of his semen and that kind of set me off."

"So, normally when you and your wife would be in bed, she would tell you dirty stories about her previous lovers and that was when you would use her larger dildo on her. But that night, you knew that her pussy was already stretched out from Ted, didn't you?"

I immediately froze. I hadn't used Ted's name so far, so he must have learned that from Lynn. She must have told him all about Ted and how very big he is, and how I had reacted to her telling me about cheating on me with him. My paralysis told him he was on to something.

"Okay then, I think we have enough. The next portion of our session today will be to put you in a hypnotic trance. This is where we can delve into the root of the issues you and your wife are now experiencing. I get the impression that you know that Lynn does love you very much." My head was nodding as he spoke. The doctor continued, "Lynn responded very well in her session yesterday, and I think that you are a candidate to have a very successful session with me as well."

I began to sit back in my chair. I had been honest, and recognized that there is a connection between me and Lynn, her large dildo, and Ted. There was a pitcher of water alongside a glass, and a box of Kleenex on the table beside me. The doctor pointed it out and advised that having a few sips of water might make it easier to speak while under his observation. The water was briskly cold and felt good filling my throat, easing my discomfort.

"Now, Gerald, it is important that, for the next part, we have you slip down your pants and underwear, so that when we witness some prepared videos, I will be able to gage your arousal in various scenarios." He jotted some notes, and I felt somewhat humiliated, but stood up to unbuckle my trousers. I reached over to set them on the floor between my feet, and then hooked the elastic of my jockeys and slid them down atop the pants.

As I sat, I saw my flaccid cock flopped over to one side, lying on top of my tightened ball sack, a reminder of how cool the room was. The doctor looked over at it, and then at me, then back at his notepad without any emotion. I suddenly blurted out, "How did you measure Lynn's arousal."

He looked up nonchalantly, "Gerald, I assure you that we do not do things identically between spouses." His facial gestures showed disbelief, which made me feel stupid for even thinking of asking about that. Clearly he wouldn't have removed her clothing to see if she was aroused. I went back to studying the condition (or lack of condition) of my meager manhood.

My concentration was broken when the doctor leaned over and used the eraser end of his pencil to prod at the wrinkly mass. "Are you sure that it rises to over five inches, Gerald."

"Yes," I hesitated, "it should be just over five inches when I'm fully aroused." It hit me that my size was in question as to our marriage problems.

I put my hands outside my thighs, almost sitting on them, trying not to reveal how embarrassed I was. Then, he reached into his pocket and withdrew a gold pocket watch, spending out the chain to allow it to dangle at length. I have seen old movies that had someone use a watch for hypnosis, but I didn't think that it was a real thing.

The doctor slid his leather chair close to and opposite mine, and dropped the watch lower and out of view. He said, "Alright, Gerald, I want you to sit back into the chair and allow it to surround and absorb your body in comfort. This is your cocoon, a place where once you submit to the trance, and you will feel comfortable engaging with me. I promise that you will always be aware, yet there is nothing that you will do under this spell, that you wouldn't do if you were wide awake and alert. Are you ready?"

It was worth a try. I sat back as indicated and the wings of the chair allowed me to feel more comfortable. He raised the watch to just in front of his handsome face. I no longer focused on his physical presence, or the fine furnishings in the room. Dr. Diablo began his instructions as his watch traveled in a pendulous motion.

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