Our easy-to-use messaging system allows you to keep in contact with your loved ones in jail by sending them an photo or a letter. This free service allows you to send unlimited inmate replies photos, greeting cards and electronic money orders from any device or computer even while when you are on the move!

Inmate Text App

Inmate texting apps are the most effective method of keeping in contact with a family member or friend who is currently in jail. These apps are designed to meet prison regulations and permit family members and friends to send and receive messages pictures, eCards, video calls, and even money into their trust accounts in Click to find out more prison. In addition to these messaging apps, there are also many federal inmate apps which provide additional services like video visitation and phone calls.

JPay is one example. It allows family and friends to transfer money directly into an inmate's trust account. It also allows emails, photos, videograms and eCards. It also lets them create personalized postcards with personal photos. And it provides a safer and more secure alternative to traditional postal mail.

Another popular inmate text app is GettingOut, which offers "simple and reliable communication" between inmates and their loved family members. The app is available at selected correctional facilities that allow inmates to upload photos and communicate with friends and family via their tablets. Inmates pay $0.25 per message, and their loved ones pay cost of accessing them (but not explicit photos). The GettingOut application can be used to upload a photo to Facebook or Foursquare, check-in to Foursquare and add a YouTube video.

Pub: 26 May 2024 21:39 UTC
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