About The Open Web Project

The Open Web Project is a server which seeks to provide a space for people to organize digital advocacy in the following ways:

  • Working together to promote shared values and initiatives
  • Collaborating on our own Free Culture projects
  • Asking for and giving out advice and feedback on each other's free-culture projects

What sort of stuff falls within this umbrella?

  • Creative-commons work, modding, remixing, and derivative works
  • Creating, promoting, and publishing to decentralized social media platforms
  • Developing and advocating for the usage of various open-source, sustainable, or privacy-centric technologies
  • Doing all the above within peer-based production models which don't have to rely on monetization or worry about commercial viability

Server Guidelines

This server really only has one concrete rule, which is do not do anything which disrupts the existing environment. Moderator discretion will be used towards maintaining the well-being of the server. The following are guidelines to help you abide by that rule, not some sort of codified law, so don't bother rules-lawyering.

These guidelines are subject to change, I will make an announcement whenever this occurs to ensure you're notified. You are responsible for reading these, not reading them isn't an excuse should you get yourself in trouble.

1. Be Excellent To Each Other.
We're all here working towards a common goal, which is promoting open platforms, software, and values in time where those who control the internet want the exact opposite. The open web's greatest strength has always been community: infighting, drama, and other personal squabbles take that away. Treat everyone with respect, and keep your issues off-server. Focus on constructively discussing ideas rather than attacking people based on their identity.

2. Avoid controversial topics such as politics or religion.
Of course there's a political element to software, and it's fine to discuss topics that are of direct relevance to our efforts, but at the same time that does not mean that every political issue under the sun is best discussed here. Chances are there are going to be people with differing views here, and as long as they act respectfully towards fellow members, the issues need not be brought up.

3. This is not a Web3 community.
There already exists plenty of spaces for technologies such as NFTs, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies. As it stands, the vision of Web3 is greatly different from the vision of the open web, as it merely provides an alternative form of commercialization rather than challenging the phenomenon on a fundamental level. Part of the purpose of this server is to lay a groundwork for an alternative ecosystem to FAAMG independent of Web3. Promotion and discussion of Web3 projects aren't allowed.

4. Respect boundaries.
Don't go out of your way to make others uncomfortable or provoke them. If someone asks you to leave them alone, leave them alone.

5. Make meaningful contributions.
Blatant spam/NSFW content is obviously not tolerated. If you wish to self-promote or look for collaborators, make sure you put in what you expect to get out. Participate rather than dropping in and dropping out just as quickly.


If you're joining via Element, you'll have to use the Spaces feature to see the other channels. I'd highly recommend joining them all in order to keep up to date with the various aspects of the community.

Fediverse Strategy: Channel which is for discussing ideas on how to promote open ecosystems, content, software, and values. Focused moreso on broader strategy and initiatives.
Looking for Feedback: A sort of "self-promotion"-esque channel which allows people to post stuff they've made in exchange for feedback and gives other users an opportunity to explore the content posted and offer feedback. If you have time and you see someone's posted something, take a few minutes to offer your thoughts. It goes a long way.
Looking for Collaborators: Have an idea or a project? Have some skills you'd like to put to use but have no idea where? Make a post here describing either what you're working on or what you have to offer and others can respond.
Server Meta: This room is for discussing stuff related to OWP itself and the logistics of organization.
Off-Topic: For discussing anything which doesn't fit in the other channels.

Last updated: 2/18/2022

The server is entirely bridged, you can join either by Matrix or Discord and still get posts from the other platform:

Link to Discord
Link to Matrix
Matrix link if previous one doesn't work

In addition, we are partnered with /c/fedivangelism, a Lemmy community dedicated to the same cause.

In addition, some server members are currently running unofficial Telegram and IRC bridges. If you would like to join by one of those platforms, let us know.

Contact Tomat0 if you have any questions.

Credits for server icons can be found here.

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