Ms Vereshchuk said that although she would like Ukrainians to return in the spring, it was important to refrain from returning for now because "the situation will only get worse". "That is why we want peace and security in Ukraine so that its brave people can be safe at home again." But there has also been criticism of the government's handling of the issue. After the debate, Fetterman's campaign quickly seized on the "local political leaders" part. Tamsin Baxter, executive director of external affairs at the Refugee Council, praised the public's "truly inspiring" generosity, but said the schemes had been beset by delays and bureaucracy. Oz wants 'local political leaders' to be involved in determining when women can have abortions Fetterman's performance reinforced questions about his recovery from a May stroke It announced last month that councils and registered social landlords will be able to apply for funding to bring properties into use and increase the supply of housing for Ukrainian refugees. On Friday Mr Zelensky accused Russia of planting mines at a hydroelectric dam in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine, which is under the control of Moscow's forces. - ItbG2e <h3 class="md:inline-block mt-3 md:mt-0 text-2xl text-gray-600 font-light leading-1.3">

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