Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Dear Diary,

I was at cheerleading practice today and I saw him again. I saw Mr. Wallis sitting up in the bleachers while the girls and I were practicing in the gym. As I said in a previous entry, Mr. Wallis is my political science teacher and his daughter, Rachel, is also on the squad. I know he comes to practice to watch her, but I love knowing that he may be watching me too.

He and I have never talked on subjects besides political science, but I sure wish we would! Ever since I first saw him, I wanted him. I want his dick in me, I want him to fuck me all night long and make me his little slut.

He's much older than me. This is my third year in college (my 21st birthday is on Monday!), and he looks in his late sixties. His first name is Jack (and that's what I call him in my fantasies when I play with myself). I really wish he and I could spend a night -- or better yet, a whole weekend -- together.

I want to give him a blowjob so bad. He's so sexy. He probably thinks I'm too young for him, but I don't care, a girl can still dream, can't she? I want him to shoot his load all over my face while I'm in my cheerleader uniform and I want him to do this to me right before a game, him facefucking me underneath the bleachers while spectators are sitting overhead and he's holding onto my cheeks with his big, strong hands as I deepthroat him.

I want to be his little girl and I want him to be my daddy. God, my pussy is so wet just thinking about him. I can't write anymore right now. I have to fingerfuck myself.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Dear Diary,

Well, Jack and I had an actual conversation today after practice! I think he might like me a little bit. At first he was talking to Rachel, and then he came over to the rest of us girls. He's so handsome, I just can't get over it. I wonder how he liked being surrounded by college cheerleaders hanging on his every word? We gathered around him, listening to him speak. I'm sure I'm not the only girl who likes him. I noticed that he doesn't have a wedding band on his finger.

Anyway, we had a great conversation. He seemed a little nervous and was itching the back of his neck with his finger quite a bit while we talked. He and I talked after the girls had gone away and he told me I was great at cheering. I was over the moon that he had noticed me.

I have to admit I liked him noticing my body. Our uniforms are tiny and our tops expose the midriff. I could see him slightly noticing my tummy when he and I were talking. It made my pussy so wet. I didn't want to be rude and glance at his crotch, but I wondered if he was hard?

We talked about cheerleading and he asked me how long I had been doing it for. I told him I had been doing it since I was a freshman in high school, which is true. Every once in a while he would chuckle in a low, mischievous way -- a way I had never heard before. It was almost like he was having dirty thoughts while he was talking with me; I hope so! I hope he was envisioning fucking me just like I have been wishing for since we first met. I wonder if he's ever been pleasured by someone my age before? I want to be his first young lady.

I imagine him fucking me in my cheer uniform, my bloomers off, and him raising my little skirt to my waist, and him and I just really going at it. I wonder what his chest looks like? Is it smooth or hairy? Oh, I don't really care, the thought just came to me!

It's been four months since I broke up with Greg and I'm in dire need of a good fucking from a real man. I haven't had a cock in my mouth or pussy since then and I am desperately hungry for it. I've never been with someone Jack's age. He is so handsome. He has thinning white hair and has a big broad body. He's tall too -- maybe around 6'1". He has a gorgeous smile. I'm dying to undress him and see all his nakedness.

Anyway, when he and I talked, he said he was coming to the game tomorrow night. I cannot wait to see him. Of course, he'll be there for Rachel, but I don't care, just as long as he will be there. We talked a little bit about school, and I flirted with him; I told him that he was a great teacher and that he made the subject easy to understand. He blushed at this and grinned, again itching the back of his neck with his index finger. I could tell he was flustered. I was flustered and excited. He said I was a very good student. I am very good -- except when I'm very bad. He hasn't seen that side of me yet!

I like the thought that he might be checking out my tight little body, eyeing my bare tummy, looking at my smooth, shapely legs, my pert tits. When he's there at practice, I like to imagine that he's watching me and keeping his eyes only on me, watching my skirt expose my bloomers, the way they snugly hug my butt and crotch.

Since he isn't married, I hope he's sleeping alone and maybe even aching for me at night. I can only imagine how sexy he must look lying in bed naked, his hand wrapped around his manhood, stroking it and whispering my name: "Annie, Annie, Annie..." I want to be his wonderful wetdream -- the kind of mess he wakes up to in the morning. I want to be his little Jack-Off Fantasy.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Dear Diary,

Well, it happened -- and without much effort on my part I have to say.

Last night, after the game (we won!) I had become a little tipsy. Anyway, Jack was driving me home and we were flirting like crazy. Usually after a game I change out of my uniform into my regular clothes, but this time I decided not to, since he was taking me home. I wanted to wear something skimpy for him.

When we were flirting in his car, I'd occasionally reach over and touch his leg and he'd look over at me and grin in a very suggestive manner, like he could just read my brain (there's certainly nothing ambiguous about touching a man's leg.)

We stopped at a stoplight and he unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned over and kissed me. We were both very passionate and really getting into it when the car behind us honked! How dare they! Don't they know I wanted to fuck his brains out? He sat back in his seat, buckled up, and kept driving.

I was so nervous around him, but also very bold. While he was driving, I lifted my butt up, reached inside my skirt and slipped my bloomers down and pushed them off, leaving them on the floor of his car. I began to finger my little bare pussy in the moonlight, him looking over at my busy finger and barely being able to concentrate on the road.

My house was only a few miles away, but he pulled over in a restaurant parking lot and ordered me to get out of the car. I immediately obeyed him, and I stood there, kind of clueless as to what we were doing in a parking lot, when he grabbed my hand and lead me into the alleyway behind the restaurant.

"I am so damn sick of you teasing me, you little slut," he said and pressed me against the wall.

He stood before me, furiously undoing his pants and slipped his cock out. It was so nice and veiny, so big and delicious looking. Without any word of warning, he flattened my back against the bricks, and he took my knees and spread them far apart and up, shoving his dick into my bare, sweet, needy pussy.

So, there we were, a teacher and student, fucking in an alleyway near a dumpster. I felt so slutty and used, but in the best possible way. He was really using my little body. With every thrust we groaned, his body pushing inside mine, my body jiggling by his force. He was so damn hard and I was so wet. I couldn't believe he was fucking me just like I had always wanted him to.

His blue eyes looked deeply into mine and he said: "Oh fuck, oh you're a good little fuck, aren't you princess?"

I bit my lip and nodded, somehow shy to be in his power.

He slammed into me without apology and I could only imagine how nasty he and I must've looked, fucking each other in the nighttime air, in a grungy, nasty alleyway -- something only a whore would do with her man. I didn't care if we ever fucked again -- I simply wanted him to bang the hell out of me and use me and for us to be done with each other -- until the next fucking, that is.

"Uh, uh, uh," our moans filled the alley with desperation and sex. My head was being banged up against the wall with every inward thrust.

He came inside me, his cum flooding my little sex and then he ordered me to get on my knees (amongst where the trash and debris lied) and to suck him clean. I did so.

I took his beautiful, big cock inside my mouth and started to suck on him, his cum drooling down the sides of it. I teased him and took my time, looking up at him in the streetlight, licking his big popsicle. I took off my top and bra and I nestled his cock in between my C-cup tits. He was so horny that he started to fuck my tits and with every upward thrust, the head came near my face; I'd dart my tongue out, attempting to lick it, but always missed.

I couldn't believe it, but he was hard already. He shoved his meat into my mouth, fed-up with my teasing and taunting, and he really just nailed my mouth and throat. I loved deepthroating him in the alleyway. He couldn't take it anymore (he's a weak man) and he steadied his hands against the wall and began to bang my sweet little mouth without thought. I giggled at his frustration and anger and knew that he only wanted to get-off. I was fine with that.

About five minutes into the facefucking, he abruptly took his hands off the wall and held my cheeks, banging into me, the head of his dick slipping inside and out of my throat. I could feel my gag reflex being tested, but I simply wanted to please him.

Again, without much effort on my part, he came inside my throat, his cum flowing straight down the insides of my belly. His body stiffened both times and when he came and let off a wonderful, gasping, desperate sound from his gut, letting me know that this was what he had needed all along. Just a wonderful little cheerleader to be his own personal fucktoy. I was happy to give him what he wanted.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Dear Diary,

Whew! I slept a lot from my hearty fuckings from Friday night.

After Jack fucked my pussy and throat, he simply zipped his pants up and walked away, leaving me without transportation to walk the few miles home. So, there I was in the alleyway, on my knees, half naked, my panties still in his car as he drove off.

I was not humiliated or ashamed. In fact, because I had not cum, I went home and changed from my uniform to jeans and a sweater and went over to Greg's house. We had a sore breakup, but I knew he'd be happy to see me again and fuck me once more. He's a more tender lover than Jack was, and I just really needed to get off.

Greg wondered why there was cum on the insides my thighs and I told him what had happened. He thought it was hot and so did I. So, he fucked me with another man's cum still oozing out of my pussy...

What a wild night, huh?

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