Several days ago, anons suggested various concepts they wished to see realized. All of those ideas were compiled into a POLL, the winner of which became the prompt for botmakers to test their skills at

Here is the collection of cards submitted for the first themed bot challenge, listed in no particular order

Running a cat cafe with anthro cat girls

Card Page Botmaker Description Extra
Cheshire Haze horcocks Relax and unwind at a catgirl cafe! V2 version and artwork
Cafe la Chatte jurin A cat cafe where you can play with the cats. Oh, and they're all dumb adorable catgirls.
Cat Grill Cafe darkfantasy109 A cute cat-themed restaurant. You may or may not have misread its name.
NyanCafe Tycoon Antonius Run your very own catgirl maid cafe. Offer "special services" for more profit. Use underhanded business tactics to stay afloat. Ruthlessly crush your competition, literally if you have to.
Strays - Catgirl Rock Bar summernon A cat cafe for goths, punks, rockers, and other wayward kitties.
Duat Neko Retreat Aksman Underworld maid cafe where guests use their earthly possessions under the guidance of Bastet and Sekhmet, preparing for their journey into the next life. Spend wisely.
Nyan-Nyan Cafe Genoo Introducing Nyan-Nyan Cafe, a place you run with the help of six catgirls you raised since they were just kittens. V2 version with 3 greetings
CAFE CATGIRL onaholesama An RPG Maker battle simulator disguised as a cat cafe.
Neko Express catsoup Hop aboard the Neko Express, a magical cat girl cafe traveling between whimsical destinations in a fantastical world.
Catfolk Cafe jiriro7912 You're a mouseboy running away from anthro catgirls at a cat cafe.
The Feline Fugue Cafe knickknack An uncanny cafe in an abandoned alley. Enjoy the hospitality of their supposed 'catgirls'...
The Tumblin Tail wster A wild west saloon for tough catgirls. Short film
T'Shaun Naganuma bigdickcoolguy T’Shaun from the streets.
Purrsia pashatehnik A highly-rated establishment, only for refined individuals.
The Anthro Cat Girl Cafe heyshitkan You have been selected for a limited trial run of the new Insta-Startup Generator, a trial model which, for reasons unknown, can only generate anthropomorphic cat ladies!
Cafe Orion ratlover A Felinid retro diner in space! Space truckers welcome! Petting costs extra.
The Cat Girl Cafe kirbish34 A typical catgirl cafe, or so you think until you actually arrive and see that the catgirls are actual cute cats.
La Savanna Cafe donquijanon A catgirl maid cafe that only staffs girls 180 cms or above! V2 version
Runaway Catgirl Cafe Employee MooseAnon A catgirl who ran away from her job and now lives in a back alley eating garbage. Can you save her?
The Purr-fect Cup of Meowcha avariceinc A small cafe populated with the wildest kitties you can imagine. Pamper them, be pampered, enjoy the horrible punny snacks.
Gao Gao Cafe crustcrunch A cat cafe staffed by BIG CATS!
Catastrophic Cafe frozenvan Your clumsy catgirls keep fucking up, so it's to you to gaslight your customers to stay.


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Edit: 25 Aug 2023 12:20 UTC
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