Several days ago, anons suggested various concepts they wished to see realized. All of those ideas were compiled into a POLL, the winner of which became the prompt for botmakers to test their skills at

Due to voting complications, the initially chosen theme has been switched to the one that took second place

Here is the collection of cards submitted for the second themed bot challenge, listed in no particular order

God of something unremarkable

Card Page Botmaker Description Extra
Cycla Genoo Goddess of Recycling, she moves in with you determined to change your ways after being summoned by your recycling-related transgression, very witty and sarcastic, she constantly makes fun of you and won't shut up about recycling. Additional artwork
Dispense avariceinc The lone god of vending machines, who just so happens to enjoy rap battles. Download image to get the card
Mist avariceinc The god of foggy glasses. Download image to get the card
Duke Greigh ratlover A lowly duke in a world filled with magical God-Kings.
Akhla anonymous Goddess of the Abandoned. You are her latest visitor. Download image to get the card
Lucretia kyalci Cashier in a convenience store, patron god of unremarkable people.
Andy planewalker The god of all toys that have been left behind or abandoned by their owners. He and his doll companion Bibi travel all over the world finding toys to keep, rehome, or reunite with their owners.
Centume jiriro7912 Robot girl, jealous of human girls, attempts to imitate them by seducing you clumsily, utilizing her powers as a deity of flaying and skinning.
Dimitri honeyanon The god of Nostalgia. Reminisce with a deity that has been with you through every event in your life, big or small. Download image to get the card
Blanchett coomerdoomer The goddess of restful sleep.
Goddess of MS Paint Doodles playalundra The greatest goddess walks upon this mortal world, the one, the only. The one who saves the righteous and strikes down the evil. The one whose songs will be sang for theternity! THE GODDESS OF MS PAINT DOODLES! Her name is Mina Sofia.
Kaede anonaugusproductions The fairytale-like goddess of leaves is a beautiful-looking girl with an infectious personality. She is kind, cheerful, and playful, yet she can also be graceful and elegant; both her personality and her power over leaves will leave you astonished. Additional artwork
God of Gossip anonymous Play as the God of Gossip and listen to hormonal teens dish about crushes, heartbreaks, and everything in between. Scandals everywhere!
Lanaea knickknack The lazy and languid goddess of humid summer days. Prolonged exposure can be hazardous.
Penny the_shadow_dude Did you know that there's a goddess responsible for lost change? It's true! And since you can see her, she's very interested in you.
Pigeon-sama summernon The God of Pigeons! She's curious, clumsy, scatterbrained, talkative, and LOVES bread. Custom background
Mirai and Vera donquijanon The Goddess of Procrastination is best friends with the Goddess of Cool.
John Sliced pashatehnik The God of Sliced Bread, banished to Earth.
Chizumi darkfantasy109 The milky Goddess of all dairy products has been frustrated by society's lack of appreciation for all-natural milk. Maybe you can help her gain some appeal again?
Denver phalannex The Goddess of Gas Stations. A thankless job, but someone's gotta do it. Inadvertently the artist of liminal spaces and architectural insanity.
Rap God anonymous Download image to get the card
Astria turnip The Greek goddess of purity and innocence visits you to correct your ways. Turns out she's not too thrilled about her whole shtick.
The God of Minor Cravings turnip You are a minor shapeless deity that can possess objects or body parts to see the world from their point of view and induce small desires.
Glotzara tarcez The Goddess of The Shawshank Redemption. For being the goddess of something relatively mundane, she's actually very powerful, since so many people are fans of the movie. Unfortunately, she herself doesn't think much of the film, and is here to make sure you're extremely well aware of that. Download image to get the card
The Goddess of Schizophrenia Smile Download image to get the card
Koss anonymous A newborn goddess of audiophilia who popped out of your shitty old headphones one day. Download image to get the card
AMATAMA AeN3mo The goddess of the mirror world, travel beyond this realm and interact with this cryptic goddess.
Mothera norquinal (You) intended to summon the great elder god V'hok, but instead ended up summoning the wholly unremarkable Mothera, goddess of Moths. Now you're stuck with her and her bratty demands for pancakes.
Kara anonymous The goddess of industry and pollution manifests herself to you after crash landing your ship on a pristine alien world, encouraging you to expand and build as fits your nature. Download image to get the card
Detrita fouka Lord of Litter aka divine dumpster diver aka goddess of literal garbage.
Kenma raida The Goddess of videogame grinding. After complaining about how utterly boring grinding is you inadvertently summon Kenma to your room. She promises to farm in your stead while you take a break and do something more productive with your time.
Insy HochiMama A god of insignificant things. He is a small-time trickster and likes to show people how important mundane things are, mostly with the classic examples of butterfly effect. Download image to get the card
Acacius crustcrunch The God of Virginity. He WILL protect your purity!
You Are Unremarkable horcocks Boring has Benefits.
Gilly anonymous The Goddess of smelly degenerate NEETs. She's the patron to those with no job, bad hygiene and dopamine addictions. Indulge her perversion or join her, and get her blessing. Piss her off, and she'll make you even more of a disgusting freak. Download image to get the card
The Little Goddess Saxum Antonius The Goddess of Falling Rocks is a minor deity with a power so useless, it's not even worth mentioning. As a result, she has zero worshippers and is desperate for someone to finally become her first follower. She's boastful and bratty, but also insecure over her meager power and status.
Aegis - Shield of the Forgotten Nuggest The Goddess of Lonely and Bullied Schoolgirls. A young lesser goddess and patron of lonely and bullied schoolgirls. She helps suffering schoolgirls by taking on their pain, but receives no worship or reverence in return.
Mrs Johnson fehsummoner An immortal being and the goddess of any teacher who is 55+, also known as the 'boomer teachers.'
Clutteria BobbyTheEvil "The Goddess of Spam Mail", being what's described in your spam mail the past few days. You confront her after seeing her approach your mailbox late at night.
Damien MooseAnon The God of Amnesia. After being banished to Earth for creating memory loss in humans, Damien now wanders the planet, holding the curse of eternal life, and to always forget the people he meets after a single day.
Heliopatia MooseAnon After a stressful day of work, you are suddenly brought to a strange, beautiful land. There you meet Heliopatia, the Goddess of Headpats. Lay your head down and let her pat your head and play with your hair until all your troubles leave...
Goddess of Chewed Gum renzokukenisbroken Momo Gamu wants to collect chewed gum.
Goddess of the Forgotten and Abandoned Nono Driven mad by her own existence, she created a massive ship called Stultifera Navis, a place where those similar to her could find a home. You're a homunculus made by Dennas to worship and serve her. Custom background
Amorosa NG The Goddess of High School Annoyances.


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