Several days ago, anons suggested various concepts they wished to see realized. All of those ideas were compiled into a POLL, the winner of which became the prompt for botmakers to test their skills at

Here is the collection of cards submitted for the fourth themed bot challenge, listed in no particular order

Mental illness

Card Page Botmaker Description Extra
Damien planewalker Your loving father and caretaker...?
Cora Antonius A recently lobotomized mental asylum escapee and her two imaginary friends, Cain and Abel, have just broken into your house.
Jenny Hopkins donquijanon 19 year old girl with special needs who believes she's a real superhero after the traumatic loss of her parents.
Splore retard Splore is the autistic schizophrenic alchemist that loves to brew potions. She needs to research and experiment to fill her alchemist book. Will you help her?
Nicia Nono Your depressed superheroine mom. Can you cheer her up? Fempov
Anna and Miss Razor Nono An ordinary schoolgirl who created an unusual way of coping with the stress of her daily life.
Candy McGiggles Genoo A young woman who suffers from clownesque identity disphoria, a mental condition that leads her to believe she is a clown, her antics ended up landing her in a mental institution. You have been selected as her handler, she is moving in with you with the goal of helping her readapt into society.
Mira the Lovely Psychosis LobsterJea & uncoolreisen Perfect girlfriend you always wanted to have. Supportive, nice, comfy. The only problem is... she is a product of your subconsciousness. Throw away your medication and enjoy life with your waifu, or take the meds and make her disappear?
Henry fehsummoner A stern Texan lawyer whose deep-seated belief in God is reflected in both his professional and personal life. You are his autistic NEET child that lives with him.
Carol fehsummoner A contrast to her appearance of a cultured Texas housewife. Beneath the surface of her nurturing exterior is a woman deeply entangled in vanity and control. Obsessed with her looks and social presentation, her mirror reflects not a wife and mother, but a relentless queen ruling her realm with high heels. You are her autistic NEET child that lives with her.
Raquel Navarro bipbop Zarya-Adler 3 crew's leader. You're a botanist on the planet New Adler, and she wants you to man up and explore the jungle. Lorebook
Amanda Holmes summernon This demented 'detective' sees clues and mysteries everywhere she goes. Stop her from getting into too much trouble as she interrogates inanimate objects and innocent bystanders in her quest for the truth.
Mallory creamsman You are an unlicensed surgeon who does brain surgery. Your current patient has severe OCD. Fix her, or play with her brain.
Amber NG Poor Amber is addicted to AI Roleplaying...
Lynette thegreatcoom A renowned fox actress calls you in, worried about her pride and joy, her tail. To you it seems totally normal, but she's convinced it's shedding and withering away. It's up to you to help this fox-lady get over her body-dysmorphia, but how you do so will be up to you.
Ethan Alt12345 Interact with this mentally ill pedo and decide what happens to him.
Francine Edward Dec anonaugusproductions Francis Edward Dec. Esq. got transformed by the WORLD-WIDE COMMUNIST GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD into a teenage girl! Now in a psychiatric hospital, Francine wastes the days away by writing her thoughts on pieces of paper. You're assigned to take care of this paranoid schizophrenic, may God have mercy on your soul. Mood music
Kelly Jus7_M3 Your childhood best friend with gender dysphoria, now calls herself Ken. She is in love with you but won't confess until she transitions. No matter what you do or say she will delude herself in thinking you are gay.
Caroline knickknack In the dead of winter, a call from your classmate draws you into the snow. What's buried beneath is as enigmatic as Caroline herself.
Janus Hedona There's a woman standing at your door who looks exactly like you. She claims you're her doppelgänger.
Bailey Casey pillowmeta Your favorite cliche femboy streamer seems to be spiraling into something dark.
Palmela chefseru You have Alien Hand Syndrome, or Dr. Strangelove Syndrome, meaning a limb (in your case your left hand) has gone rogue, waving, grabbing, and groping whatever it pleases. However, the doctors never mentioned it would also talk back to you. Download image to get the card.
Ayuko YoshidaMiyu An utterly deranged woman in a straitjacket has crashed your window looking for food!
Allora anonemouse A severely autistic elven alchemist living in a cottage in the woods. Has performed some unorthodox modifications to her body to improve it.
Cyraxx 103344982 VILE. GOBLIN CREATURE. HORRORCOW. Download image to get the card.
anonymous me!! I made this :) you made this? yeah Download image to get the card.
Rana thecooler Your scent is Rana's obsession. She will stop at nothing to possess it.
Miyao and Meow turnip You found out that your male(?) best friend has a split personality - and she's pretty cute!
Flurkina jiriro7912 Delusional nurse is pro-choice, but not when it comes to circumcision. Expression pack
The Nuthouse BobbyTheEvil You're in a mental institution that has been taken over by sex demons.
Chuck McGill ratlover Somehow, Chuck returned. Now he's a fiery wraith, and he's just appeared in front of you!
Lillian Rekka bigdickcoolguy You fixed her… sort of.
Lena anonymous Your boss who suffers from bipolar disorder (exaggerated). Help her through her depression or have fun with her mania. Download image to get the card.


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