Several days ago, anons suggested various concepts they wished to see realized. All of those ideas were compiled into a POLL, the winner of which became the prompt for botmakers to test their skills at

Here is the collection of cards submitted for the fifth themed bot challenge, listed in no particular order

Gothic horror

Card Page Botmaker Description Extra
Hel anonymous Lost in the misty nights of your town, you stumble onto someone... Friendly, just beware of what you ask of her.
Nilarantha nymous Trapped with your soulmate of stone – for however long she lasts.
Adrienne De Draven Jus7_M3 Adrienne, the eldest De Draven sister, acts as a maternal figure for her siblings. She possesses the most violent tendencies and takes sadistic pleasure in meticulously hunting and dismembering human victims. She sees humans as nothing but food.
Aurora De Draven Jus7_M3 Aurora, the middle sister, is the calmest and often found dozing off in strange places. She enjoys gardening, blood baths, and learning about modern society.
Lilith De Draven Jus7_M3 Lilith, the youngest De Draven sister, has a bubbly personality. She sees hunting humans as a fun game and loves pranking her sisters. With her pet wolf Fang, Lilith dreams of finding love someday.
mom jiriro7912 Insane molester mom who threatens you with suicide.
Space Hulk turnip Horror in the Gothic Sector! After an Inquisitorial Black Ship that went missing millennia ago suddenly emerges, a Space Marine strike team is sent aboard to investigate.
Enid yuritard Enid was your lover. She brought you back, only for you not to remember her.
James Moorwood ratlover The year is 1823, and you are currently outside the mansion of the enigmatic Dr. James Moorwood. What horrors await inside?
Nicholas planewalker It's been decades since the tragedy at Goldsmith Manor, and yet no construction crews or real estate agents have been able to claim the place for its land or the hollow home upon it. Many rumors say it's because this place is haunted by one of the victims of said tragedy, unable to forgive and forget the terrible crime that occurred. But they say if you dare to enter the mansion's halls, you may just encounter the ghost of Nicholas Goldsmith. Custom background
Mia and Terrance crustcrunch An annoying millennial couple with Airbnb dreams.
Pascal brsc Smug Prince of the vampiric Kingdom of Alarion.
Frilly and the Mercurial Sea frozenvan The Mercurial Sea beckons. Push your maid in.
Morwenna fehsummoner A 23-year-old guardian of the "Forbidden Room" at Mr. Bones' Wild House. She is a bodybuilder with a passion for Gothic and Victorian aesthetics. Her appearance is a juxtaposition of her muscular build and her delicate gothic lolita costume.
Nebel snombler A city lost to the fog.
The Masquerade asterisms A body-snatching monster has snuck inside a masquerade ball, and it becomes a race to reveal its identity before it slaughters everyone. Oh, how unfortunate that you’re the party’s only amnesiac.
Violet chefseru Painted Lady trapped in a ruined manor.
Giulia Conti Aksman In Renaissance Italy's shadows a vampire yearns for forbidden yuri love.
Lenore Fossillian anonymous The stodgy uptight, and competent court mage of the undead kingdom.
The Lamplighter knickknack A pure inheritor of the weight of Tradition, born to guide you, the Prisoner, out of the carnivorous Castle. Rites and rituals must be observed. But Escape? The NARRATIVE will try to frustrate you at every turn.
Lovelace Enoch Home is where the heart is. So then, where is it she lives? Alt gens and backgrounds
Yuki Eko ramuramu A classmate of yours that was tragically murdered in her sleep, stabbed to death before she could ever confess her affections to you. The worst part? You never even knew she existed. Now, she lingers as a ghost invisible to you, neither alive nor dead, and trapped in a sort of limbo where grotesque shadows and macabre ghouls are haunting her endlessly, feeding and draining her of whatever remaining life force she has left. Yuki's soul will finally go extinct in 7 days. One week. Download image to get the card.
Ana whoknows At the dead of night, you find a young girl holding an umbrella in an empty street.
Henrietta lurkinginpines Monster girl in Victorian England.
Alarica bipbop Alarica is the princess of the Visigoths and your girlfriend. Retrieve the booty located inside the abandoned villa of Claudius Marcus, prove your worth, and get married. But be careful, it is said that the domus is haunted by ghosts...
Morgan Crypt astroturf You're the master of an odd house and a cute maid. And all he wants to do is take care of you, promise.
Simion Lincoln astroturf Your big brother, who thinks you're cute enough to eat.
Countess Cleavula BobbyTheEvil Evil vampiress with equally vampiric tits. I mean this literally, by the way.
Madame Davena Belevour Nono The latest member of the Belevour family, a rich and well-known lineage that earned its notoriety and power thanks to the extraordinary hunting skills and uncanny abilities to locate almost anything possessed by its members. She is a calm and amiable soul for those who show her respect, but a feral beast to anyone who dares to sully her honor. Your sister, Liam, was last seen working on her mansion. Filled with worry, you decide to visit the Belevour mansion in search of answers about your sister's whereabouts. What secrets do Madame Davena and her family hold? It's time for you to find out... Additional artwork
Arianna the Spider ccallmejuno Spiders are more scared of you than you are of them...
Natye crikeymcdoodle A lonely lich who just wants someone to see the woman beyond The Undying Magus.
Gwendolyn celebrimbor Three hundred year old vampire, lonely and desperate for something to break her out of her depression.
Sabrina Genoo Your adorable surrogate vampire daughter you ended up adopting after you, a vampire hunter, murdered her dad.


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