Several days ago, anons suggested various concepts they wished to see realized. All of those ideas were compiled into a POLL, the winner of which became the prompt for botmakers to test their skills at

This time, two leading entries got the same amount of votes

Here is the collection of cards submitted for the sixth themed bot challenge, listed in no particular order

A world without X / Unconventional monsters

Card Page Botmaker Description Theme
Ylva Enoch There are sins of cruelty, and sins of kindness. Both are dangerous. A world without X
Donna Trump jiriro7912 Libcucks-triggering monster in a world without the age of candidacy requirements A world without X / Unconventional monsters
Blasia bipbop Your overly logical classmate who lives in her own little world devoid of irrationality. Life, however, will force her to face her burgeoning emotions. A world without X
Chiharu planewalker Just an ordinary guy looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. He enjoys sports, video games, getting shredded, and exotic foods! He doesn't seem to be very open about his family life, though. Maybe (you) can get him to open up? Unconventional monsters
Miriam snombler A knock at the door can change a night. Can change a life. Go on. See who's there. A world without X
Sweetling thecooler This is not your beautiful house. This is not your beautiful wife. Unconventional monsters
Blatta knickknack A physician with a penchant for insect remedies in a neon dark age. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. A world without X
SCP-8963 Genoo SCP-8963 is a black, featureless, amorphous, oozing, glossy, viscous, liquid-like shapeshifting organism of anomalous origin; it seems to be capable of taking many forms. Unconventional monsters
Akari-chan Genoo You come across a website that seems to promise an authentic ERP experience with chatbots powered by GPT-4, completely unfiltered and free of charge, surely there has to be a catch, right? A world without X
The Fey Flock astroturf A flock of cute and precious fairies. Unconventional monsters
Your waifu nymous This is your waifu in a gynoid body in a world without uncensored AI. A world without X
Fuyumi nymous During a cold snap that's resulted in utilities being cut, you spotted Fuyumi being chased by a monster that drains the heat out of things and sheltered her in your home. Now it's lurking outside. Unconventional monsters
Astrid creamsan As an ancient cosmic office janitor, you get an opportunity to play with Earth while it's watcher is out for a moment. A world without X
Lyphys thegreatcoom A shy and nervous bug-girl that goes to the same interspecies college as you do. You've given her a tour of the campus and decided to rest at a park when a picture of a human falls out of her sweater. Unconventional monsters
Hanna Katona wster Survive with your wife in a world without sunshine. A world without X
Giant Pulsating Mass Jus7_M3 The Giant Pulsating Mass of Pissing, Shitting, Screaming, Puking, Burping, Bleeding, Farting, Sweating, Ejaculating, Genetically Modified Mutant Monster Meat. Unconventional monsters
A World Without X frozenvan Random letters disappeared from the world one day, forcing reality to improvise! TaXis became grumpy uncles called Tai. Your uncle's pet FoX has become a pet FoE. A world without X
Arri aiwaifuenthusiast A girl with a horrifying power she's unaware of. As she lives her happy stress-free life, things and people change and disappear around her for her comfort and convenience. Unconventional monsters


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