The Alterhuman Glossary: Meant to list the basics of all (common) alterhuman terms. It's intentionally minimalist so that it can be accessible and simple on the eyes. Links provided on terms that have a solid post, wiki entry, or otherwise. Not everything on this list neatly falls into alterhuman, but they will be provided anyways if they're common enough in those spaces. This is a constant WIP so it will be edited a lot. ────────────────────


  • Alterhuman: An umbrella term for those who do not fit the traditional norm of what is considered human.
  • Nonhuman: An umbrella term for those who are partly or fully not a human being.


  • Altervexo: Identifying as alterhuman, or rejecting humanity, out of spite.
  • Copinglink: A subterm of otherlink, in which someone creates an alterhuman identity as a coping mechanism.
  • Constelic: In which someone takes on or adopts an alterhuman identity.
  • Otherhearted: A term for those who identify with something, but do not identify as it. It may feel like brethren or family, a deep connection, or resonance/relatability.
  • Otherkind: Someone who is wholly or partially nonhuman, or something atypical to human norms.
  • Otherlink: Someone who intentionally creates an alterhuman identity. May need to be maintained by the linker.
  • Synpath: Someone who feels a strong resonance with something, and identifies with it as a result. Similar to otherhearted.
  • Therianthrope: Someone who identifies as, or experiences being, some kind of animal. Sometimes considered a part of otherkind, but not always.


  • Endel: Someone whose alterhuman identity is influenced or caused by delusions.
  • Kosian: A term for those who have an alterhuman identity influenced or caused by psychosis, or any symptom of it.
  • Obscend: Someone whose alterhuman identity is influenced or caused by OCD.
  • Xenreve: Someone whose alterhuman identity is influencedor caused by maladaptive daydreaming or neuronarrating.


  • Phoenixal: A term for someone who experiences past lives, feeling as though they were born again into this one.


  • Extranthrope: A nonhuman member of a system.
  • Plural: Being more than one person, state, or consciousness within a body. An opt-in label that not every system uses.
  • System: A term for those with multiple people, states, or consciousnesses in one body.


  • Auxbeing: Someone who appears as or imitates humanity, but isn't truly human.
  • Erstian: Someone who initially had a chosen alterhuman identity, which then later became unchosen.
  • Inexian: An umbrella term for those with an alterhuman identity that cannot be named, described, or understood by others.
  • Othervague: Someone who either has confusion between which identity they are, or is intentionally vague as they do not like clear or rigid definitions.
  • Polymorph: Someone who occurs in several different forms.

Further understanding

  • There is the common idea of identifying with versus identifying as; this is what distinguishes otherkind from otherhearted and synpath, for instance. The best way to understand this is by imagining some kind of entity or animal in your head. If you feel strongly connected to it and resonate with it, but do not consider yourself to be the same as it, that would be identifying with. If you consider yourself to be that entity, or a member of the same species, that is identifying as. In another instance, think about how many gender identities are differentiated. For some, "stargender" is when your gender feels like a star, or resonates closely with it, and for others, their gender is a star.
  • Therianthropy is sometimes mistakenly said to be only for real, earthen animals, and does not include mythical animals or otherwise. This is not the case, and is instead a more recent opinion that has formulated in some therian spaces.
  • This is a non-exhaustive list of alterhuman terms, and is not intending to be an incredibly in-depth resource. This is meant for simplicity, sort of like a cheat sheat you can quickly look at, rather than being highly detailed and including every single term.
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