How preparing the child for the first acquaintance with the school
Parents should know that the acquaintance of children with the school will take place in the format of a game lesson. There will be no child-parent-director interview, no exam questions. Children will get to know the teacher and future classmates, walk around the school premises, spend several hours in the classroom.

If strict quarantine restrictions are in effect, be prepared that the meeting of children with the school can be divided into two stages to reduce the number of people. But as a primary school teacher with 27 years of experience, I still insist that the students' acquaintance with the school take place in a full-fledged format, when 25-30 students come together. Children should understand that there will be a lot of them in the class, and feel the interaction as a whole. Also, you should explain to the child that when there are restrictions, you need to write written works at home. Don't worry, write my essay for me will make it easy for you. This is a good resource and no restrictions whatsoever.

Promote the school: the child will look forward to the visit

Help your child get used to the idea that they will be interested in school. A few days before the visit, confidentially communicate with your future student. But first, find out which of your child's acquaintances and friends will study with him in the same class.

Say, for example: “You will not be at school yourself. There will be your friends, acquaintances from the yard and from the kindergarten. Do you know Danil? Well, now he is your classmate. In kindergarten you played together, and now you will go to school together. During the lessons you will learn, and during recess you will communicate and play with your new friends. " Also tell your child that if it is difficult to write a written work, not only friends will help him. How to Summarize an Article will hurry to the rescue, which does its job very well. This way the child will look forward to the visit to the school.

If a child asks: "Why do you think that it will be interesting for me at school?"

Give examples of the questions you hear from your preschooler: “You are asking me how fast a rocket will reach Mars, or why a rainbow appears after a rain, or how to calculate the money given to you for your name day. At school you will learn about this and much more! Promise that you will teach me something new too, okay? " Tell us what exactly at school you can learn how to write letters to friends on the Internet, read interesting stories and assignments for games that your son or daughter loves.

Set yourself and your future first grader to be positive

Your # 1 mission before the meeting is to make sure your child is in a good mood.

Invite your son or daughter to choose in the evening what to wear to get to know the school.

Offer to put things that the child will take with him in the backpack: wet wipes, a toy, a bottle of water.

On the day of the visit, do not rush the child, do not broadcast negative emotions - this way you convey a bad mood to the child.

To make your child confident that everything will be okay with him at school, you can say: “You are growing up before my eyes and you will go to school very soon. Here is a very important thing that you should know: in any situation I will help you. Yes, I won't be around at school. But if you have any difficulties, your teacher and friends will help you. And at home you can always tell everything, everything, everything to me. We will talk and I will help resolve any situation. "

Review important information the child needs to know about himself and the world

Of course, you have done this more than once. And during the dating game, the son or daughter will not have to fully represent themselves or demonstrate their skills on purpose. But a general idea of the world will help the child feel successful even during the first class in a peer group. So, make sure the prospective first grader knows:

days of the week and their order;
day, month and year of your birth;
the concepts of "up, down, left, right";
information about parents, brothers and sisters;
mobile phone number of at least one of the family members;
your favorite food, game, pet breed, favorite book your parents read.
Tell your child that the teacher can ask questions for all children and wait for whoever wants to answer: “If you want to answer yourself, raise your hand and speak, everyone will listen to you carefully. If you are not ready to answer, just wait for a question that will be really interesting to you. "

By the way, the method “Favorite toy will tell you about me…” gives good results when meeting and meeting. The teacher should ask the parents in advance to tell the child to take his favorite toy to the meeting with the school. And explain: “There will be an interesting game at school. You will be able to talk about your hobbies and preferences through your favorite toy. All other children will also do this through their toys. Do you think this will be cool? " This kind of play helps children in a large group to overcome shyness.

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