My boyfriend Dave and I have been going to this real sleazy and dirty porno shop real late at night when we're playing our sexy games. I remember the first time I walked into the place a couple of months back, I couldn't take it and ran back out to the car within five minutes. It was just too much, too sudden I think. I was dressed in a short skirt and sweater with heels, and all those men turning to me at the same time while they looked at magazines and videos of naked girls having sex...I felt like a deer in the headlights.

But now, I'm kind of a "regular" in the place. We have done some pretty kinky things in there and the owner doesn't protest, probably because I've let him feel me up and I've even kissed him once! What we enjoy the most, is playing with BBC's. Usually Dave will go talk to the owner or sometimes he'll even go outside for a few minutes and leave me alone with all the sleazy perverts to tease and flirt with them like crazy! The most we have done (so far) is I've jerked off 2 huge black cocks (at different times!) inside a video room and I've sucked on 1 BBC in the backseat of our car in the parking lot. So hot!!

Last Saturday night, we were back at the porn shop really late(like 2 or 3 in the morning)and Dave was out by the back door with the owner talking, and I was in rare form inside, playing with the only two customers (black men!) there. I was in a short skirt and somehow I let them talk me into showing off what I had on under my skirt. I kept saying no but they kept begging and complmenting me so I did it! I took a couple steps forward and turned from them and slowly lifted the back of my skirt! They couldn't believe their eyes!

Right then, the bell from the front door sounded, announcing a new customer coming in so I quickly pulled my skirt down. I can hear someone new but I was too involved with these two old black guys to really care. One of the men got up behind me saying, "Lets dance!" and started rubbing his crotch against my butt!! I could feel his hard on and it made me so horny!! Or, hornier! It felt huge! I wanted both of those black guys to take me right there!

If Dave doesn't come in quick, I don't think I can stop myself! I started rubbing my butt back at him when they said that someone was coming up the aisle. It must be that customer who just got there. I got even more turned on thinking what this stranger must have seen. The three of us stepped aside and acted as if nothing was going on when I felt the person stop right in front of me and put an arm around my waist. I was shocked and looked up at him and to my surprise, it was Dave's dealer and our friend Tory, also black!

I was so happy to see a familiar face that when he hugged me, I jumped into his arms, wrapping my legs around him. He carried me away from the two men I was playing with and asked me where Dave was. I told him and he asked me if I wanted to go to a video booth with him and smoke a little. I said hell yes and he carried me to the back where the video rooms are as the two guys started to voice their anger and we just laughed.

We went inside and there was only one chair in front of the screen, so he sat down pulling me on his lap. Handing me a pipe and a lighter, he tells me that he saw what I was doing with those two old black men and he couldn't believe his eyes! But I could tell how much he must have enjoyed watching because something was growing and thickening right under me! I told him he better not tell anybody and that its our little secret and how we play sometimes. He asked me what I would be doing right now if he didn't show up and take me away from those two. "Uh...I'd probably be on my knees... in one of these rooms...jerking on both of their black cocks till they shoot all over me... or... I'd be in the backseat of our the parking lot... sucking on a big black cock till it shoots in my mouth!"

He asked me if that was what usually happens when we come here and I just nodded yes. He says, "Goddamn Kathy. I had no idea. But I'll tell you this... I've never seen a finer slut for black cock in my life" as he re-arranged us in the chair real quick, dropping me back down onto his now, massive hard cock right under my ass. "Do you feel that baby?" he said. I answered by reaching down and grabbing him through his pants. He felt so huge! In another quick move, he pulled his cock out for me to see and when I caught a glimpse of it, I went crazy!

I reached down and grabbed it in my hand and started jerking on it hard and fast! He loved that as he called me the finest slut again. I loved that! He grabbed the back of my head in one hand and pulled my face to his. His mouth was on mine and his tongue started wrestling with mine! The fact that Dave kind of frowns on me kissing guys, and I'm here doing just that...with his friend... almost had me cumming!

His other hand went under my skirt and started playing with my hot, aching wet pussy! How hot is this? I'm masturbating him as he's masturbating me! His black cock felt incredible in my hand! It was so hot.. and so thick! I wanted more! I turned slightly in his lap and spread my legs wider so my pussy was rubbing on his beautiful big black cock! I kept jerking on him then at the same time, rubbed his huge mushroom head against my slick slit, sometimes even slapping it down hard on my clit!

It was too much and I started to climax! It was so good! Intense! I tried to keep the noise level down but I don't know if I did. He kept telling me to put it in but I couldn't. Not without Dave here I told him. I wanted to, but I shouldn't. There still are rules...I kept jerking him and rubbing him all over my soaked pantied pussy and he started to tremble and I watched as he shot his hot, huge cum load all over my panties and skirt! It was so sexy! He came so much that I could feel its heat through the material!

"Now you're going to take me out to your car and do what you do with those other black hear me?" I just smiled and stood up and led him out the door hand in hand. Dave was waiting just outside the video rooms and asked me what was up and if I was ok. Then he saw Tory and had the most shocked and surprised look on his face. We haven't really played around with people we know, another rule of ours, but it was obvious that I broke that rule.

"He popped up by coincidence and we smoked a little and kind of got a little carried away... that's all. He found out about the kinky things we do here so...I showed him a little and now I'm going to show him a little more in our backseat... if that's ok?" Dave and Tory said hello to each other and Tory handed him a little baggy. I didn't even wait for a response. I led Tory to the parking lot and into our SUV. I quickly got between his legs on the floorboard and tugged his pants down to his ankles. I couldn't believe what greeted me. His most beautiful black cock was still rock hard and huge! If Dave would have cum that much, he'd be down for days! Not Tory. I grabbed his cock with both hands at its base and shook it for a second, just admiring it.

Tory asked me if I wanted to smoke some more but I declined, telling him I have more urgent things I need right now, and I began licking the sides of his hard cock. Then I licked his big black balls as I jerked on his fat shaft. Smoke was being blown at my face as he was getting high and watching me. This scene got me so hot! A black guy smoking while a young white girl pleases his black cock from down on her knees... from inside a car in a dark parking lot. A hand of mine slipped under my skirt where my panties were still a sticky mess. I pulled them off and used his cum as slick lube on his cock as I jerked and sucked! I got my first taste of his cum and it was like everything else so far...delicious! I came within seconds. The most powerful orgasm probably ever! Just with my fingers and that fat black cock in my mouth! A few seconds after that, Tory exploded down my throat. Wow, twice within a half hour! And his cock was still hard and ready for more! And so was I.

We both jumped at the sudden noise from the front door opening as Dave jumps in the car and says our pipe is in the car and he grabs it and the three of us start to smoke. It's awkward at first but after a minute, that feeling is gone. I jump up to the front seat with my boyfriend and I make Tory promise not to tell a soul about tonight and he says, " As long as I keep getting some more of what I got tonight...Shit...I'll take this to my grave! No foolin!"

"Yeah, well we'll see. We gotta talk first cuz a few rules were broken and we all are pretty don't know." Dave says. Tory and I look at each other with the same disappointed look. It took about a month for Dave to "talk about it" though it was brought up every night while we played and role played about it. I'll be as patient as I have to be to get another shot at that beautiful black cock.

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