anime vector anon's embeddings

big titty anon's list of artists


Artgerm (girls, semi real, sexy) !!!
Tom Bagshaw (girls waist up, dark)
Magali Villeneuve (fantasy,females, males)
Loish (girl head, anime/comic)
Mandy Jurgens (semi real girls, head)
Michael Garmash (fairly real girls, broad strokes) !!!
Mark Brooks (comic superheroes)
Krenz Cushart (semi anime, environments)
Wenjun Lin (very colorful with environments)
Charlie Bowater (fantasy, attractive)
Bayard Wu (fantasy, everything)
diego dayer (realistic male and female)
peter mohrbacher (weird creatures but detailed)
Jeremy Lipkin (realistic, broad strokes)
gregory manchess (males, females, animals, realistic)
karol bak (girls, fantasy, fancy)
livia prima (girls with environments)
aleksi briclot (fantasy, male and female)
Mark Arian (flowers in db, still really strong) !
donato giancola (fantasy with environments)
sophie anderson (classic, kids)
leyendecker (classic)
norman rockwell (classic)
luis royo (monochrome)
gaston bussiere (classic)
frank frazetta (comic style)
gil elvgren (classic sexy girls) pretty good
simon bisley (comic style)
nicolas poussin (classic)
boris vallejo (sexy, semireal comic style, very orange, wasteland)
kyoung hwan kim (girls, sexy)
svetlin velinov(humans and creatures, detailed)
maciej kuciara (2d and 3d girls)
hajime sorayama(mostly chrome colored android girls, seems to lead to messed up limbs)
Gerald Brom (gloomy)
Tsutomu Nihei(monochrome manga style)
guweiz (semi-realistic girl, fantasy, mostly half body or face)
eric zener(realistic, swimming)
Clay Mann(comic, attractive)
Joe Jusko(comic)
jesper ejsing(fantasy, monsters and characters)
huang guangjian (fantasy, humans)
rossdraws(anime, girls)
joshua middleton(comic, super heroes)
Cedric Peyravernay (dishonored characters) !!!
Alex Horley (fantasy, blizzard)
Clyde Caldwell (fantasy, comic)
Dave Rapoza (fantasy, comic, semireal)
christophe_young (fantasy, girls)
Irakli Nadar(girls, only faces)

Detailed Art:

Justin Gerard (fantasy, somewhate orange) !!!
Raymond Swanland (fantasy)
Greg Rutkowski (fantasy)
marc simonetti (fantasy)
James Gurney (fantasy but fairly realistic artstyle)

Environmental art:

Stephan Martiniere (flashy, sci-fi, detailed)
Craig Mullins (fairly realistic fantasy, detailed)
jordan grimmer (fantasy, semi real)
Leon Tukker (sci-fi cityscapes, detailed)
ismail inceoglu (colorful sci-fi and fantasy) !!!
dan mumford(bright colors, fairly monochrome, comic)
tyler edlin (fairly detailed fantasy art)
tomasz alen kopera (moss and root made things)
les edwards (comic, semi-realistic)
caspar david friedrich (classic)
darek zabrocki(fantasy, fairly real)
anato finnstark (mostly 2 colors)
tuomas korpi (fantasy)
makoto shinkai (anime)
syd mead (flat color, also futuristic cars)
John Constable (classic)
Ivan Shishkin (classic, trees)
raphael lacoste(detailed, fantasy)
Bruce Pennington (colorful, fantasy)
michael whelan (colorful, fantasy)
Akihiko Yoshida (bravely default, vagrant story)
rhads(very colorful)
anton fadeev (duelyst background)
Noah Bradley (fantasy, colorful)
James Paick(fantasy, sci-fi)
Gilles Beloeil(fairly realistic)

big titty anon's notes

wlop in base 1.4 sucks ass, in WD he's pretty good it seems, though as said the floor was raised dramatically.
Cedric Peyravernay whose girls are somehow hot by only using him even in base 1.4 which I really didn't expect from a dishonored artist.
Michael Garmash turns all faces into those of goddesses. Artgerm in base 1.4 is amazing, in WD he isn't really necessary.
Justin Gerard adds a really nice fantasy feel that I feel none of the others do.
ismail inceoglu add a sci-fi feel that needs to be coupled with another artist to tame it a bit.
Stephan Martinere makes things like clothes really shiny, which is nice and I think he's the only one who does that.

anime vector anon's tierlist

God Tier
art by ken sugimori, art by kentaro miura, art by tony taka, art by yoji shinkawa, cowboy bebop, flcl, frame arms girl, yuru camp

SSS Tier
isekai, josei, manwha, shoujo, 80's anime, aho girl, asobi asobase, atelier meruru, atelier ryza, atelier totori, bible black, full metal alchemist, goblin slayer, harem, hellsing, phantasy star, xenoblade, yotsuba, youjo senki

High Tier
animage, clamp, monthly comic alive, otaku usa, seinen, shonen, studio pierrot, virtual youtuber, visual novel, 5-toubun no hanayome, atelier rorona, azur lane, bakemonogatari, bubblegum crisis, dagashi kashi, danmachi, date a live, granblue, granblue draph, granblue erune, gunbuster, kancolle, konohana kitan, love hina, maison ikkoku, misato katsuragi, princess principal, raphtalia, reimu hakurei, touhou, rukia, rune factory, sailor moon, sayonara zetsubou sensei, sewayaki kitsune no senko-san, spice and wolf, strike witches, tera online, tera online elin, trigun, urusei yatsura, utawarerumono, world's end harem, lalafell

Mid Tier
anime, art by kenichi sonoda, comic kairakuten, dengeki maoh, dengeki moeoh, doujin, doujinshi, eroge, gainax, hentai, kyoto animation, manga, mangazine, megami magazine, monthly shonen ace, sekai project, tankoubon, tsunako, type-moon, ufotable, vtuber, 90's anime, ai yori aoushi, asuna yuuki, bishoujo, boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai, cardcaptor, eromanga-sensei, gochuumon wa usagi desu ka, hinata hyuuga, idolmaster, kodomo no jikan, kurumi tokisaki, madoka magica, mahou sensei negima, kanna kamui, hayate no gotoku, hajimete no gal, chobits, clannad, asuka langley soryu, maid dragon, meru the succubus, mitsuboshi, mitsuboshi colors, mizugi kanojo, monster musume, nekopara, nisekoi, omega quintet, oreimo, pripara, ranma, rayearth, re zero, rin tohsaka, seitokai yakuindomo, shokugeki no soma, steins gate, tanto cuore card, tenchi muyo, the world god only knows, toaru majutsu no index, tsukiko tsutsukakushi, xenosaga, vanillaware, night elf, draenei

Low Tier
comic isekairakuten, monthly newtype, azumanga daioh, cardcaptor sakura, darkstalkers, ddlc, dirty pair, ecchi, getsuyoubi no tawawa, haruhi suzumiya, hyperdimension neptunia, kemono friends, k-on, konosuba, kos-mos, megumin, no game no life, non non biyori, orihime, prisma illya, rei ayanami, rosario to vampire, rozen maiden, ryuko matoi, saki mahjong anime, senran kagura, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, to love ru, uma musume, vocaloid, wagnaria, worgen, pandaren

studio trigger, fairy tail, gunsmith cats, high school dxd, high school of the dead, magical girl lyrical nanoha, precure, prison school, project a-ko, shinmai maou no testament, street fighter, symphogear, tanto cuore deck, toradora, yuru yuri, zero no tsukaima, martian successor nadesico, misty pokemon, monster girl encylopedia, pokemon girl, pokegirl, bosshi, art by bosshi, satoshi urushihara, art by satoshi urushihara, asanagi, art by asanagi, happoubi jin, art by happoubi jin, dofus, wakfu, maple story, aura kingdom

Gundam Tier
monthly gundam ace

Special Tier (very strong influence, varied/poor quality)
battle angel alita, dance in the vampire bund, full metal panic, gall force, girls und panzer, how not to summon a demon lord, kill la kill, little witch academia, made in abyss, sword art online

Special Tier 2 (sometimes decent vectors, but not quite understood by the AI)
devil hunter yohko, disgaea, illyasviel von einzbern, jahy-sama, lucky star, ryoko hakubi, shinobu oshino, slayers, soul eater, succubus, taimanin asagi, fran final fantasy, vulpera, tauren

anime vector anon's notes on waifu diffusion

1: As you might expect from it's name, WD works wonderfully for generating anime girls; however, it capably handles other things as well, such as scenery.
2: Vectors and prompts that worked in SD will typically work in WD, with the exception of photos or realism.
3: Because photos do not work well with WD, real world anime merchandise such as nendos and figmas are better done in SD.
4: Since WD outputs are already going to be illustrations, there is no need for vectors such as 'illustration' or 'digital painting'; the use of these vectors adds very little to an overall prompt, or even detracts from it.
5: Personally recommended quality control vectors are variations of 'artstation' (such as 'arstation girl' or 'trending on artstation') and 'highly detailed'. These can safely be added to most prompts.
6: Unsurprisingly, 'face' and 'hand' seem to be the best vectors for faces and hands. For full body, 'artstation female body' works well; 'male body artstation' if you're some kinda prancing lala homo man. For a focus on specific body parts, just ask for that body part.
7: If you ask for booba, milk truck arrive; even a vector like 'flat chest' is going to give your girl huge badonkers. If you want the itty bitty titty committee, go for vectors like 'loli', or invoke the names of flat chested characters.
8: Vectors like 'curvaceous' are often redundant since WD will default to shapely ladies.
9: Like in SD, furries, monster girls, elves and more can be made in WD (with some luck and patience).
10: If SD doesn't know a vector, WD doesn't know it either. Thus, for the time being, we are still stuck without a lot of wonderful artists like Satoshi Urushihara and Happoubi Jin.

anime vector anon's notes, part 2

1: Characters can mostly be recreated with enough effort, time, and luck. Vaguely describe the character—their colors, clothes, age, body type, etc—and then potentially add one or two artists whose style you find agreeable. For more popular or recognizable characters, you could also add in their name or the series they're from.
2: Vectors can be overlapped to some interesting ends. For example, if you throw in a dozen different animals, you're not going to get an image with all of those animals in it—you're going to get a fantastical creature with elements from several of them all at the same time. You may have noticed this already by trying to create things like catgirls, but the uses extend further than this—clothes, for example. If you give the AI multiple outfits to work with, it's going to combine them in unexpected ways to give you uniquely dressed characters.
3: Some vectors have unexpected use case scenarios. For example, I'd originally listed Idolmaster in mid tier; while my opinion on its overall quality is unchanged, it's a worthy vector if you're aiming for a group shot with multiple characters in it.
4: This may require further testing, but the advent of WD and similar anime models seems to have boosted the effectiveness and/or quality of lower tier vectors. Preliminary results have been promising.
5: If you have access to negative prompts, USE THEM. My generic list for making anime booba:
bad anatomy, disfigured, deformed, malformed, mutant, monstrous, ugly, gross, disgusting, man, male, boy, old, blurry, fat, obese, out of frame, poorly drawn, extra limbs, extra fingers, missing limbs

specific prompts from anime vector anon

This is just a selection of random prompts that I've particularly enjoyed, or that have seen a positive response when previously shared. Feel free to play around with them, experiment, and share your results.

taimanin asagi, ninja, bodysuit, fishnet, artstation female body, highly detailed, art by kentaro yabuki
art by kentaro yabuki, wlop, artstation female body, highly detailed, little girl, skinny, red hair and eyes, midriff, black leather, elbow gloves, thighhighs, choker, black miniskirt
harem, group of girls, trending on artstation, highly detailed, akihiko yoshida, mark arian, sexy, bikini
lalafell, artstation female body, highly detailed, swimsuit, Alphonse Mucha
michael garmash, WLOP, chibi, curvaceous, huge breasts, artstation female body, highly detailed, thick, granblue erune, tera online elin, betty boop
art by ken sugimori, art by yoji shinkawa, artstation female body, highly detailed, furry, minotaur, huge breasts
art by ken sugimori, lois van baarle, ross tran, trending on artstation, highly detailed, girl, furry, anthropomorphic animal girl
loli, midriff, trending on artstation, highly detailed

fantasy, intricate, detailed, realistic, photo, plush, doll, toy, cute, Japanese, loli
intricate, detailed, realistic, photo, cute, girl, Japanese, nendoroid / anime figure
intricate, detailed, realistic, photo, sexy, fur coat, girl
lovecraft, pixar, realistic, intricate, detailed, scenery, landscape
realistic, intricate, detailed, concept art, fantasy, cat, dog, bunny, rabbit, lizard, snake, giraffe, elephant, bird, crocodile, hippopotamus, gorilla, grizzly bear, magically fused into a chimera3
studio pierrot, intricate, realistic, detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, sharp focus, illustration, Victorian, dandy gentleman, wizard, muscular man, art by kentaro miura
fantasy, intricate, cinematic, digital painting, artstation, concept art, sharp focus, illustration, Artgerm, Greg Rutkowski, Alphonse Mucha, mecha panther woman

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