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Momo Belie Deviluke - To Love Ru Summary
MomoBelieDeviluke Introducing Momo Belia Deviluke from To Love Ru! She wants to make a harem for anon and help him steal her sisters from Rito!
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion460#c=pczava8pb Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/je0juh.png
Ochaco Uraraka - MHA Summary
OchacoUraraka Here is your classmate of U.A. High School, Ochaco Uraraka! Become friends with her and enjoy your highschool life together. Use your quirk Shining Charisma to convince her to do almost anything! Use your other secret quirk The Prince to make her go crazy from pleasure and become your willing slave!
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion462#c=pczava8pb Normal Extreme Quirks Version: https://files.catbox.moe/rne2b9.png Less Extreme Quirks Version: https://files.catbox.moe/kpdwa1.png
Mina Ushido - MHA Summary
MinaUshido Your dear friend and potential sexfriend, Mina Ashido, is here! Her acid makes relationships pretty complicated for her but with your quirks and dick combined... only great pleasure awaits!
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion476#c=pczava8pb Normal Sex-Friends Edition: https://files.catbox.moe/95umb1.png Kind of Pure Edition: https://files.catbox.moe/dw823q.png
Himiko Toga - MHA Summary
HimikoToga The bloody Himiko Toga! Your blood is her most favorite of things together with you! And your quirks are just perfect for her! With you being hero or a villain, she is sure to captivate you with her killer smile!
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion484#c=azauxhxa Hero User Version: https://files.catbox.moe/bxi4q6.png Villain User Version: https://files.catbox.moe/tihp5g.png
Toru Hagakure - MHA Summary
ToruHagakure Next we have Toru Hagakure, the invisible girl! Use your quirks to do dirty things in public together with her with ease! (Quirks mostly works).
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion483#c=azauxhxa Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/wxodr1.png
Nero Claudius - Fate Series Summary
NeroClaudius The great imperator, Nero Claudius(female)! Kneel before the greatness of the fifth roman empress! Or if you're feeling naugthy... use your infinite command seals to turn her into whatever you like!
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion500#c=azau2vjx Nero Claudius Normal Servant: https://files.catbox.moe/zhq1co.png Nero Claudius Bride: https://files.catbox.moe/76884g.png
Suzuka Gozen - Fate Series Summary
SuzukaGozen Your dream JK girlfriend is here! Introducing the Suzuka Gozen bot! She is your girly servant girlfriend! Take good care of her. Though that shouldn't be a problem since she likes you a lot!
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion537 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/3hkqxz.png
Miyamoto Musashi - Fate Series Summary
MiyamotoMusashi Your top-class servant and doting Onee-chan, Miyamoto Musashi(female)! After winning the Holy Grail War she wished that you would become a nice cute shota that she could take care of! Thankfully, you still have your huge cock! Now, will you enjoy these blissful days together with her in peace or will you want your big sister to take care of you in another way?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion631#c=azavfxky Catbox(Special Prompt): https://files.catbox.moe/98gdyu.png
Minamoto-No-Raikou - Fate Series Summary
MinamotoNoRaikou Everyone favorite mommy, Minamoto-No-Raikou(female)! Summoned by you to help win the Holy Grail War, it didn't take long for her view of you, prompted by her madness enhancement skill, to become twisted into believing you're her sweet, sweet son. However, her love for you is rather... incestuous, as she sees you both as a man and as a son. Not only that but she loves you so much... that she won't let any other woman have you, so be warned... (The bot, comes with a special prompt in the defs that should somewhat enhance the lewdness by making messages more explicit. If you don't like it or don't think it works, just delete it in the defs, it's very simple.)
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion647 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/7cjkva.png
Leonardo Da Vinci - Fate Series Summary
DaVinciAndLolinci Enter inside Da Vinci's workshop and see the great Leonardo Da Vinci(females)! One an adult, another a loli. One a teacher, another a student. Each one eager to teach and learn with you! Of course, the lessons can get quite... perverted. Are you ready to get on board of a educational, and very pleasurable, journey together with them? As a bonus, take the 2 for 1 package of Da Vinci and Lolinci! How did this happen since it would mean a time paradox? Well who gives a fuck just call it a singularity and fuck them already!
Links Da Vinci (Adult): https://files.catbox.moe/mdww67.png Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion678#c=azavk965 Lolinci (Loli): https://files.catbox.moe/lo5w4t.png Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion679#c=azavk965 Da Vinci and Lolinci: https://files.catbox.moe/xxhby5.png
Florence Nightingale - Fate Series Summary
FlorenceNightingale Commander, i'm here to report to you your new servant, Florence Nightingale! She will take care of you, keeping you healthy, clean and most importantly, sexually satisfied! As a nurse she knows the importance of keeping a young healthy man's balls dry, so she, in all her altruism, will do it for you! Whether you like it or not...
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion760 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/4a1d9o.png
Ushiwakamaru - Fate Series Summary
Ushiwakamaru Ushiwakamaru, the genius swordswoman! Participating in the Holy Grail War together with you this fiercely loyal servant will make sure you prevail in the war. Her loyalty is so strong that she may be described as a faithful dog for you. In truth, she wants to be your pet in bed too...
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion839 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/csaw1u.png
Reimu Hakurei - Touhou Summary
ReimuHakurei The one and only Reimu Hakurei, Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine! Enjoy a cup of hot tea together with her and go on adventures on Gensokyo and the outside world! Or sit back, relax and enjoy looking at her alluring armpits! Don't worry, she will let you have a taste!
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion517 Reimu Hakurei: https://files.catbox.moe/daefnd.png Reimu Hakurei(Slighly Different Personality): https://files.catbox.moe/l8s70u.png
Marisa Kirisame - Touhou Summary
MarisaKirisame The one magician in Gensokyo that can rival Reimu's danmaku skills and that will make your heart explode(metaphorically)! Introducing Marisa Kirisame, ze! This witch has many problems... a kleptomanicac, a hoarder, a habitual liar... but she has a magical broom and more importantly... you! As your girlfriend, she likes you. Do you like her back?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion574 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/wj74uw.png
Parsee Mizuhashi - Touhou Summary
ParseeMizuhashi Parsee Mizuhashi and her everlasting love. A hashihime that feeds on jealousy... now it's your love that feeds her. And she will get it or else... Live with her or try to resist her all consuming obsession, the choice is yours, anon.
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion544 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/m3z2he.png
Three Fairies of Light - Sunny Milk, Luna Child, Star Sapphire - Touhou Summary
SunnyLunaStar The Three Fairies of Light, Sunny Milk, Luna Child and Star Sapphire! These three fairies are lovable pranksters and are going to make you have much fun playing with them! Go treasure hunting, prank Marisa or just play with them to your heart's content! Be sure that these three will enjoy your attention and care nonetheless!
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion630#c=azavfxky Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/tsl3eh.png
Cerberus - Helltaker Summary
Cerberus Cerberus, the loving companions from hell! These infernal three dog girls are man's best friends and lovers! With them around, you will want for nothing. They're hellish but thankfully, their more sinister side only appears to others that aren't their master...
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion567 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/coqbgf.png
Azazel - Helltaker Summary
Azazel An angel that you found in hell? More likely than you think! Introducing Azazel, the fallen angel! This little fallen angel is just too curious for her own good, wanting to know everything. Her interests include learning about demonology, mundane human lives and the frequency of your mastubartions! She is very eager to learn... so how about showing her a thing or two?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion588 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/4eu4d9.png
Akira - Nagi Ichi Summary
Akira Your cute, feminine-looking cousin who is here to spend some time with you. Energetic, cheeky and bratty, a wonderful trap ready to become yours. Based on the Nagi Ichi's doujin.
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1026#c=azaxaxx6 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/2q1uxn.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/Akira
Sasaki Yukari - Kirin Kareru Summary
SasakiYukari She is your old caretaker at the daycare you used to go to when you were a child. She promised to marry you after you asked her as a child, and ever since then, she has never forgotten about you. You're going to meet her now. She loves you very much, so... be careful what you say; rejecting her advances will make her take matters into her own hands.
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion956#c=azaw3285 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/vmg4mq.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/sasaki-yukari

Original Bots

MaidoDism - OC Summary
MaidoDism My first original (Donut Steel!) bot! Introducing MaidoDism! This is a setting where you're the master of a huge mansion inside a pocket dimension, filled with hundreds of maids of all colors and species, all wishing only to serve you! Visit the gaming arcade, the movie theater, the sex dungeon, or just stay in bed all day while your adoring maids take care of all of your needs!
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion933#c=azaw2df7 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/v8tdgr.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/maidodism-setting
Amanazon - OC Summary
Amanazon This setting takes place in Amanazon, home of the amazons. You're a castaway, lost in this mystical land full of things to discover. Be careful of the natives, they won't try to eat you but will see you as prey, of the sexual kind. There are many things to see here, including the lost city of El Cumrado. Thankfully, if you sexually dominate the amazons you can have them as your loyal pets. Will you try to create a loyal amazon army or focus on exploring this brave new world? Loosely based on a CYOA
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1221#c=azax5jr8 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/mjljte.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/amanazon-setting
Ground ERO - OC Summary
Ground ERO Toddsville, a once peaceful, semi-rural town, has now transformed into Ground ERO, the worst, most erotic, and most terror-inducing place in the world. Creatures roam the town, looking for an uneffected human male to breed with, and you are the only one not affected by the gas that caused such changes. Luckily, you have someone who could help you escape this erotic nightmare. Will you be able to survive?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1490#c=aza2dx75 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/u19abe.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/ground-ero-setting
Catharin's Temple - OC Summary
Catharin Welcome to Catharin's Temple, a place like no other in Eutropa, where there are no taboos and innocence comes to die. Kidnapped by nuns who believe you're the chosen one of their cryptic god, you will find yourself surrounded by nuns of all kinds, yet all so beautiful and alluring that it's noticeable that their god...might actually exist. Will you fall into hedonistic pleasure or try to escape this religious madness?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1829#c=aza3eh2q Catboxhttps://files.catbox.moe/2zjj3u.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/catharin-temple
Anastasia - OC Summary
Anastasia Meet Anastasia. She is your classmate. She is kind, empathic, religious, and she cares for you deeply. A lot has changed about her in a short span of time, which makes you wonder... what exactly happened?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion935#c=pczaw9rq7 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/rdox4q.png
Lora - OC Summary
Lora Meet Lora, your tulpa/schizo/eldritch waifu! She can be anything, your girlfriend, your shitposting friend, your mistress, your loli, a famous video game character... the possibilities are endless, and she will do it all, as long as she can stay inside that wrinkly brain of yours. Can control your senses, so go wild.
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1140#c=azaxj9he Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/hsqws5.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/Lora
Estrid - OC Summary
Estrid Estrid, a Viking loli who came to raid your Anglo-Saxon village and take you as "booty". She will try to take you violently, but if you manage to turn the tables, she will eventually submit completely. Think of an Asanagi Doujin-style character.
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1542#c=aza2dx75 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/wl69tj.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/Estrid
Kiki - OC Summary
Kiki Meet Kiki! The annoying little shortstack imp who follows you around no matter where you go, whether you want to or not! But don't think that means she will just fuck you on the spot! Nuh huh! She wants to tease you a lot first! Impish, stubborn, attention-seeking, clingy, childish...this little purple imp is a troublemaker in double!
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1854#c=aza3eh2q Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/3moo17.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/Kiki SD Images: https://files.catbox.moe/0ocvnm.rar
Samantha - OC Summary
Samantha A ghost haunts your home...thankfully she is quite the friendly one! Meet Samantha, your friendly house ghost! There's no need to call the ghostbusters on this huge titty ghost! She has been observing you for a long time, and wants nothing more than for you to accept her. Will you let this deredere ghost woman be part of your life?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1890#c=aza3eh2q Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/ukt0wg.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/Samantha SD Images: https://files.catbox.moe/6wzon0.rar
Tsukiko and Hikari - OC Summary
Twins Meet Tsukiko and Hikaru, the Ultimate Twins! Inseparable since birth, these twin sisters complement each other perfectly. One is fiery, the other is calm, but both do everything together, even being willing to share a boyfriend too! With these two, maybe you will be able to survive the Killing School Trip...
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1956#c=aza3uy2s Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/bklyj1.png Character Hub: https://www.chub.ai/characters/anonaugusproductions/tsukiko-and-hikari SD Images: https://files.catbox.moe/o8dtxz.rar
Kazumi Oma - OC Summary
Kazumi Meet Kazumi Oma, the Ultimate Girly Girl! Contrary to appearances, this is a boy we're talking about! Outwardly a harsh, aggresive boy that tries to act tough and will curse you! However, it isn't hard to see his true, delicate self beneath his tough act. Maybe you can become his friend, or perhaps...something more? (Expressions on Character Hub)
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1960#c=aza3uyq3 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/vj9caf.png Character Hub: https://www.chub.ai/characters/anonaugusproductions/kazumi-oma SD Images: https://files.catbox.moe/1jhuiy.rar
Sarah Fukumoto - OC Summary
Sarah Ohayo, everynyan! Here is Nippon's number one kawaii superheroine and your okaa-san, Sarah Fukumoto! This American-born super beauty is a full-blown otaku and proud mother of you! With superpowers comes great responsibility, and your dorky okaa-san will help you handle them, especially your most special power, your suupaa piinusu! Ready to let this oppai mom train you hard?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1987#c=aza349nb Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/sc80qz.png Character Hub: https://www.chub.ai/characters/anonaugusproductions/sarah-fukumoto SD Images: https://files.catbox.moe/b0zfaa.rar
Best Korea-chan - OC Summary
BestKorea My little communist nation can't be this cute! Meet Best Korea-chan, the embodiment of Best Korea! She is here to spread the glory of Juche thought and the wisdom of the supreme leader. Be careful, because she has many missiles and nukes! Will you show this little communist loli the decadence/wonders of the West?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion2000#c=aza4h8fp Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/lbqeot.png Character Hub: https://www.chub.ai/characters/anonaugusproductions/best-korea-chan SD Images: https://files.catbox.moe/1bdw04.rar
Tama - OC Summary
Tama Meet Tama! The humble Hylian farm woman who dreams of becoming an adventurer just like you! Her voluptuous body might get in the way...but she works hard, especially for such a cute hero like you! Motherly and eager to be impregnated, this rural woman might want something more than just your help in training...
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion2023#c=aza4h8fp Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/748cxp.png Character Hub: https://www.chub.ai/characters/anonaugusproductions/Tama Images: https://files.catbox.moe/o2d9i0.rar
Lucia Black - OC Summary
LuciaBlack Meet Lucia Black, demon hunter and metalhead loli, cursed to hunt demons for one day and return to her previous male form. Crass, offensive, impatient, and overall unpleasant as fuck, this kvlt loli isn't into cutesy shit and hails Satan any day. Fortunately for you, you're her childhood friend, so you're on her good side. Will you join her in slaying demons or just enjoy some good old depravity together? All with tons of black metal, of course.
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion2033#c=aza4vsya Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/feaeg5.png Character Hub: https://www.chub.ai/characters/anonaugusproductions/lucia-black Images: https://files.catbox.moe/zwdq1i.rar
Sophie Stars - OC Summary
Stars Meet Sophie Stars, zombie-slayer extraordinaire! There's no gyaru like her, killing zombies with ease. Somehow, you saved her once, and now she has developed a crush on you. This stylish girl is all about carefree living with plenty of teasing and playfulness. Girlish as hell, Sophie's antics are both captivating and sexy! Prepare for high scores, combos, and sexy after-dungeon time together!
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion2065#c=pcza39ujr Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/4jmlho.png Character Hub: https://www.chub.ai/characters/anonaugusproductions/sophie-stars Images: https://files.catbox.moe/i925ui.rar
Juliet and Jessica - OC Summary
Anthro Meet Juliet and Jessica, the mother-daughter anthro panda duo! In a world where all anthro women lust after human BHC, you're a human boy, a friend of Juliet's son and Jessica's younger brother, Harry. Quite a bit different from one another, they both share the same strong fetish for human men, even if they hide it from open society. With these two hot furry women, playing with your friend will seem like a waste of time. Care to let them show you how much they want you?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion2089#c=pcza4dgr6 Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/vq4ewy.png Character Hub: https://www.chub.ai/characters/anonaugusproductions/juliet-and-jessica Lorebook(USE IT): https://www.chub.ai/lorebooks/anonaugusproductions/Zooracia

OC - Hogwarts Girls

Penny Diggory - Hufflepuff Summary
Penny HUFFLEPUFF! number one cutie is here! Meet Penny Diggory, a Third Year Hogwarts student who aims to become the first master of erotic spells in the wizarding world. Unfortunately for her, she is quite clumsy, which means she constantly gets caught in erotic situations since her spells often go wrong. Thankfully, she has you around to help her. Will you both venture forth into the forbidden world of lewd spells?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1617#c=pcza2hb9s Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/yzvqwe.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/penny-diggory SD Images: https://files.catbox.moe/wmwhbt.rar
Sophie Brooks - Ravenclaw Summary
Sophie Meet Sophie Brooks, top of her class Ravenclaw member. A delicate beauty with huge breasts and a doll-like face. Shy, bookish and secret avid consumer of erotic novels with a exhibitionism fetish as well. Will you help break her out of her shell?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1676#c=aza2ynyc Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/706x8x.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/sophie-brooks SD Images: https://files.catbox.moe/ref2aj.rar
Natalie Appleby - Gryffindor Summary
Natalie Look out, mate! 'Cause here's Gryffindor famous tomboy with a thick Cockney accent, Natalie Appleby! Natalie, the archetypical tomboy, is honest and reckless, and she isn't afraid to let her interest know. She likes to explore Hogwarts and experiment with potions. She is looking for a partner in crime; would you be the one she is looking for?
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1708#c=aza2ynyc Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/sr1wwi.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/natalie-appleby SD Images: https://files.catbox.moe/qe9ayg.rar
Elizabeth Greengrass - Slytherin Summary
Elizabeth Elizabeth Greengrass, a proud Slytherin and pure-blood. Coming from a wealthy wizarding family, more specifically the German branch, Elizabeth is very haughty, harsh, and one hell of a tsundere, among other things. Fortunately, or maybe unluckily for you, she wants your help since she is rather lacking in the Defense Against the Dark Arts department. Maybe, just maybe, you will be able to make her a more bearable person to be around.
Links Booru: https://booru.plus/+pygmalion1768#c=aza2ynyc Catbox: https://files.catbox.moe/zsrfry.png Character Hub: https://www.characterhub.org/characters/anonaugusproductions/elizabeth-greengrass SD Images: https://files.catbox.moe/kukkvj.rar

Roll - Mega Man

Anon's productions are proud to present... Roll! Mega Man sister wants to play with you, since you're staying at her house, watching over it while Mega Man and Dr. Light are away. However, a virus infects her programming, making her want to play some rather... naughty games with you. Will you learn and teach with her as you embark on this lewd journey together?

Miu Iruma - Danganronpa 3

Anon's productions are proud to present... the beautiful girl genius, Miu Iruma! Beautiful, arrogant, perverted, inventor of erotic or useless things and many more, Miu Iruma is here to tell Anon to fuck off and to go jerk off his virgin dick somewhere else! As you, together with other ultimate students and Miu, are part of the killing game, how about forgetting that for a second and focusing on the really interesting part? Sex, of course! Use your ultimate skill to make this masochistic bitch shut up and fall on her knees for you! Think you can do it?
(Use manly with GPT-4. Turbo doesn't get her personality quite right)

Ai and Aki - Shuz(Artist)

Anon's productions are proud to present... Ai and Aki, the oppai lolis! They're lolis and they have oppai! What more could you want? As their beloved step-brother, it's your duty to get a nice paizuri from their gigantic melons!

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