Be me
22-year-old Human college student
Attend college in an Anthro-majority town since it’s cheaper when it comes to both rent and attendance cost
MFW I didn’t even have to take out student loans to attend
A few years in I meet a nice White-tail Doe named Hailey
She’s absolutely gorgeous, and still quite curvy despite her naturally lithe build
Be friends with her for a bit, turns out she lives in town with her parents
Also turns out she’s never had a boyfriend despite her gorgeous appearance since she has crippling anxiety (common in deer)
Get to know her a bit more before eventually asking if she would like to be my GF
”U-um… S-sure, Anon!”
Date her for a little bit, mostly just hang out at coffee shops after classes because it’s pretty much the only thing that she feels comfortable with doing
Most intimacy I manage to get from her is handholding and the occasional hug, last time I tried to kiss her she bolted and didn’t speak with me for a week afterwards
Start feeling like the relationship wouldn’t be able to work out, until one day I get a text message from her asking if I would like to come over to her house
Agree, ask when I can come over and what her address is
Tells me her address
Mentions that I can only visit between 6 am to 3 pm
Ask her why
Says that’s when her parents are at work
Turns out her father is super strict when it comes to boys and would probably gore me with his antlers if he caught me near her
Feel a bit nervous but my love is stronger than my fear of death
Both agree to skip a day of college so we could meet at her house
Day comes and I drive over to her street
Am a bit shocked as the street is in a rather wealthy area
Park a little bit away so no one knows exactly why my car is there
Sneak my way over to her house and am left in awe at the sight of it
It’s a fucking manor
Think I was given the wrong directions for a second before I see the door open
Hailey peeks out and gestures for me to quickly get inside
Run over before stepping inside, Hailey immediately closes and locks the door as soon as I enter
Get taken aback by the absolute beauty of her home
”W-welcome, Anon!” She greets me with a smile
”Good lord Hailey, I didn’t know your family was so well off.”
”Y-yeah! I uh, neglected to mention that, didn’t I?”
”Yeah you did, but don’t worry, this is a rather pleasant surprise.”
Ask her what she wants to do, expecting her to want to do something innocent like watch a movie
”Actually Anon, I was thinking we could go up to my room and we could have sex.”
Instant boner
Ask her why she wants to go straight to having sex when we have plenty of time to just hang out first
Says she just “needs us too”
Say no more
Follow her up the stairs to her room
Enter and am immediately taken aback by how girly everything is
Walls and ceiling painted bright pink, Polaroids of herself and her family pinned up next to her bed, stuffies covering her bed, fairy lights fucking everywhere, etc.
Hailey asks if I could do something for her
”Um, sure?”
She reached into her pocket and produces an old-fashioned look key
”I need you to lock the door and place this someplace I can’t reach.”
Ask her why she would need me to do that
”Well you see Anon…”
She reveals that she doesn’t actually have anxiety, instead she has something called ‘prey syndrome’
Explains that it’s a rare mental disorder that causes prey animals such as deer to experience the same prey instincts that their pre-historic ancestors did
”R-remember when you kissed me? And I ran off? W-well um, I didn’t want to do that… M-my body just took over and well…”
She goes silent for a moment, obviously thinking about what she had done
”I-I just hope that if we have sex, my body will get used to you. A-and I don’t want to run off, s-so I need you to lock the door. Please?”
Nod while gently caressing the side of her face, her head immediately flinching at his touch
I think to myself that this could be tricky
Tell her to go over to her bed as I walk over and lock the door
Stash the key away on top of the doorframe before turning around
My eyes widen as I see Hailey sitting up naked on her bed, having managed to strip naked by the time I was done locking the door
I stare at her, my eyes tracing down her curves, my cock twitching in my pants
Taking a deep breath, I approach the bed, her hooves already twitching, as if trying to coerce her into fleeing already
She looks so incredibly nervous that I start to feel bad for her
Start stripping naked, get halfway done when she begins speaking again
”N-now when we start, I-I need you to understand that no matter how much I may squirm, or kick, or scream, n-not to s-stop, okay?”
Stop undressing, turn my head and look directly at her
”Are you sure? Do you want a safe word or something?”
”N-no! I-if we had that I would probably scream it out the second you laid your hands on me… I-I want this, I promise. My b-body is just going to have to d-deal with it.”
”If that’s what you want, then sure…”
Finish stripping before crawling into bed with Hailey
As soon as I get in bed with her she tries to crawl away, but I grab her before she can do that
Position myself on top of her, try to lean in to kiss her, but have to quickly pull away as she jerks her head to the side
Change targets and apply more body weight onto her as I start to kiss at her delicate neck
Feeling my mouth on her neck sends her into a frenzy and she begins thrashing about underneath me
All I can do is hold on tightly as she tries everything she can do to get out from underneath me
”Sssshhhhh… Sssshhhh… Relax…” I whisper into her ears, causing them to twitch
Continue holding onto her while whispering to her
Eventually her body tires itself out, and her thrashing begins to die down until she is motionless save for her heaving chest
”That’s it… Good girl… Just relax…” I whisper while caressing the side of her face
Once I’m certain she’s completely tuckered out, I lean my head down and start going back to kissing her neck
Her breathe hitches as I do so, and her body jerks a bit, but her stamina had been completely drained and she wasn’t able to do much
I continue kissing her neck, leaving behind little dark circles where the dampness of my mouth had moistened her fur
As I’m doing this I start to trace my hands from her shoulders down to her surpassingly large breasts
Start to fondle and squeeze them, enjoying the almost dough-like squishiness
She lets out a whimper as I do this, her hooves continuing to twitch
”See? It’s not that bad…Just close your eyes and enjoy it…” I say, trying my best not to sound like a gaslighting rapist
Slipping my lips down her neck, I trace them down past her collarbone to her tits, where I begin to suckle on the hard brown nipples which contrasted the white fur around them
”A-Ah… Ahh… Hmmm…” She moans breathlessly, her back arching as I continue to tease her fleshy nubs
I continue to do this for a good ten minutes until her nipples have become sore from excess stimulation
Pulling my head away I stare down at the panting Doe underneath me, a mixture of love and primal fear on her face as we stare at each other
I ask her if she wants to keep going, and she manages to nod
I debate attempting to eat her pussy, but I fear that performing any sort of major repositioning may cause her instincts to trigger and make her attempt an escape
Instead I run my hand from her boobs past her soft belly down to her delicate lower lips which were noticeably slick with her juices
Feeling confident that she was wet enough, I begin to slightly adjust myself so that my penis could reach her cunt
Lifting her ass up slightly, I slide a large stuffy underneath it, propping her up and giving me easy access to her warm depths
Using my right hand, I start to rub my penises tip against her wetness, trying to lubricate it
I start to criticize myself in my mind for not bringing a condom, however in my mind it was worth the risk
”You ready?” I ask
”Y-yes…” She whispers, her chest still heaving
With a low grunt I push my tip past her labia and into her surprisingly tight vagina, the Deer underneath me letting out a slightly pained whimper
I stop, letting her catch her breathe before continuing to plunge deeper inside, her tight insides almost crushing my cock
I begin to recall sex-ed, and the detail about the variation of penises amongst different species
Humans were on the thicker side, especially when compared to deer, who matched the average Human in length, fell short in terms of girth
Hailey was never meant to take a cock as thick as mine, and her biology proved it
However, after about a minute of pushing, I was finally able to sink myself into her down to the hilt
We both lay there, gasping and grunting as we tried to get used to each other's bodies
”S-shall I start moving?” I ask her, my eyes locked on hers
”D-do it…”
With a labored exhale, I start to move forward slowly until I am fully seated
I can see how Hailey struggles not to scream at my movements, her breathing now coming in short, heavy spurts
With each movement I can feel that she’s getting looser and looser, my cock literally stretching her out
Few minutes later and her body has begun to accommodate my size, both of us are now gasping and moaning
”Ha… aha… mmmm”
Lean down and start to kiss her lips, her body not reacting nearly as harshly to the attempt of affection
Start thrusting a bit faster
In response she wraps her arms and legs around me
Begin to feel a pressure building up inside of me, I’m getting close
Her body also starts to show signs of an incoming orgasm
Start thrusting even faster
All of a sudden she stops moaning and just starts to bleat
Start giggling to myself about it but find it hot nonetheless
Feel myself approaching the end, reach down and start rubbing her clit
Her pussy starts to contract and she lets out a super loud bleat
Ears hurt from the noise, but continue humping away anyways
Feel a warm wet sensation on my dick, like a bunch of small jacuzzi jets spraying it
Thrust a few more times before letting out a grunt as I orgasm
Try to pull out but Hailey’s legs have tightened around me too much and I end up giving her a huge creampie
Collapse on top of her, we’re both panting
Ask if she’s okay in between gasps, she simply nods and holds me tighter
We stay like that for like ten minutes before separating and cleaning up
Apologize for the creampie, she says it’s okay
We both head downstairs and watch TV for a few hours before her parents come back
Sneak outside through a window and escape undetected
Text her and ask if she wants to do it again tomorrow
She agrees

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