The Quest for the Best Online Pharmacy in Indonesia

With the growth of online shopping rate in Indonesia, there are more variants of products sold in the market these days. Consumers can purchase fashion items, daily goods, and even medicines virtually. Buying medicines is a sensitive issue because it relates to one’s well-being. If you are not obtaining medicines from reputable vendor, you are risking your own health. Instead of getting better, your condition will take downward turn. Too bad, most online pharmacies out there will dub themselves as “The Best Online Pharmacy”.

1. provide prescribed drugs

As a consumer, how can you decide if an online pharmacy promotes a reputable practice and worthy of the “best” title? If you look closely, good online pharmacies share several desirable characteristics. The first and foremost, a reputable online pharmacy will only provide prescribed drugs upon request. It is not going to sell highly potent drugs without prescription from licensed doctor. In Indonesia, this issue is regulated by law. Delinquent pharmacy will receive penalty if it endangers consumers in that manner.

2. licensed pharmacist

Another sign of a reputable online pharmacy is having licensed pharmacist and, for larger practices, pharmacy technicians. A pharmacist is bounded by professional code to conduct pharmaceutical tasks appropriately. The code guides pharmacist in ensuring that all drugs and other health products sold in the pharmacy are handled in accepted way to prevent contamination. In the process of concocting the drugs, pharmacist will be very careful because even slight miscalculation can be dangerous. Pharmacist can also differentiate legal and non-legal prescription. A good pharmacist must refuse to sell drugs without legal prescription.

3. great customer support

Some online pharmacies will display their team members on the website and you can check whether the pharmacists are registered. In the case where the company does not do that, you can try to contact its customer service. Normally, such service is provided for free. Customer support team in reputable online pharmacy would be helpful people who are knowledgeable about this field. If the customer service of an online pharmacy is not able to answer your questions satisfyingly, you should be cautious about proceeding with further transaction. It is likely that you will not receive resolution should there be any issue in the future.

Indonesia Best Online Pharmacy

When dealing with online pharmacy, you also need to make sure that it is reachable. It means that you will be able to contact the pharmacy easily. As an example, Lifepack apotek online provides two main contact numbers that customer can reach at certain hours. Other than ease of contact, another important thing is that customer should be able to check the pharmacy’s background. If the pharmacy is affiliated with another company, such information must be presented on its website page. And when the compacy is traced, customer can find enough information about it.
Good pricing is another thing that reputable pharmacy will have. As expected, price of drugs bought at online pharmacy will be cheaper than ones bought on traditional pharmacy for certain reasons. Illegitimate online pharmacy also offers such benefit, by selling drugs at really low price, sometimes even too low for the market. If you encounter such issue, you should be cautious. A good pharmacy should be able to explain their price through the invoice.

Pub: 01 Aug 2020 08:38 UTC
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